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  1. ^^ THIS!!! ^^ If there's anything we learned last season, it's that nothing is guaranteed in this league. We may lose our best player two weeks before kickoff, and guess what? we have to deal with it and move on. I think the Luck retirement opened Ballards' eyes that he has to treat each season like it might be his last. He can plan for the future, but he has to focus on winning NOW. So I think we're going to see a more aggressive Ballard from now on, because it's been shown to work with all the recent SB teams that made splashes in free agency before their SB season
  2. I'm a biased ND fan, so I love it when former Irish end up with the Colts. So, similar to two years ago when OL was our biggest need and Nelson from ND was there for us, our biggest need this year is probably pass catchers, and a few good ones from ND should be available for us. Cole Kmet - TE Chase Claypool - WR/TE Chris Finke - WR Assuming Kmet and Claypool aren't snatched up early, all three of these guys could potentially be Colts. Kmet as a true TE, Claypool as a hybrid matchup nightmare, and Finke as a slot-machine/returner. Kmet
  3. If you were Cincinnati, you'd be a queen famous for salty chili. Pick a better city to be.
  4. "Honey! Get off the phone! I'm trying to make my draft pick!" ... *(dial-up modem noises)*
  5. I think he's more talented. Hurts is probably the only QB with better legs, but Kelly probably has a better arm than any of them. Although Gordon has exceptional ball-placement, and if that's your primary skill for evaluating QBs, then Gordon would be better than Kelly.
  6. Ballard trying to convince his wife that Pepe Silvia is a great fit for the Colts:
  7. True. Even Luck kinda fell into that category, always holding onto the ball too long and using his legs to try and make a play. Makes you wonder how long guys like Wilson, Mahomes, and Jackson will be able to keep it up.
  8. 1st round - Werner Non-1st round - either Mike Pollak or Benjamin Ijalana I wanted defensive playmakers with those picks to help balance out those Colts teams when we still had Manning...
  9. Vick was faster and had a quicker release. I think he threw a prettier ball than Cam and was better in the open field. Cam is a much better goalline threat due to his size and strength. I'd say Cam is a bigger version of Vick, not necessarily better. But I'm kinda biased. I think Vick may have been the most athletically gifted QB ever. He just didn't have the common sense and football IQ of a Peyton Manning to go with it.
  10. Proofread your posts. Every single post of yours seems to have at least one typo, and I usually don't care, but this post had at least SIX that I bolded for you. It's not a big deal unless it makes a statement unintelligible. What does "show them slot" mean? Please, please, please do us all a favor and proofread your posts.
  11. Title of the thread threw me off. I thought this was going to be a story about how Cam wasted all his money and his home was being repossessed or something... I feel click-baited!!!
  12. Excellent excellent post! I seriously doubt any of the other 31 NFL GMs (much less some joe-schmoe know-it-all from this forum) would have done as well as Ballard making numerous tough decisions in real-time over the last three years. Ballard has made a few mistakes, but pretty much anyone else in his shoes would have made more mistakes and put the Colts in a worse situation than they are now.
  13. Hope vs scared is different than smart vs reckless. You need to separate the two. People can be smart and have hope that this will be over sooner rather than later. But saying "this will be over in a month" isn't smart, it's reckless. And on the flip side, saying "this might take 12-18 months" isn't being scared, it's being smart. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
  14. Hope you aren't married with kids. If you are, I feel sorry for them.
  15. Just think of it as "vintage". Then all the young hipster fans will be jealous of your old school threads. You'll be the coolest cat on the scene.
  16. I feel like I'm living in a real-life a conspiracy theory... I overheard a person on the phone today saying humans brought this on themselves by naming themselves "kings of the earth" and "sitting on the throne of Gods' kingdom". I've heard people talking about "the government trying to cull the population with corona" or other countries "attacking the US with corona". I've read a number of fictional books in the past where the villain tries to revert humans back to animals with an airborne pathogen or releases nanobots into the atmosphere to attack all the other r
  17. New facemasks to be worn under the normal helmet:
  18. You're usually a good poster. But I lost a lot of respect for you with this post.
  19. But not as good as Ballard made himself look with that 2018 draft that landed him the GM of the Year in only his second year. Two rookie All-Pros in Nelson and Leonard. I believe he's only the second GM in NFL history to do that, and half the armchair GMs in this forum hated those picks in real time. So I'm gonna say that Ballard is definitely not "just meh".
  20. Oh fudge! Heck Yeah! Gol-ly! Dangit, I'm hyped! Shoot, this friggin move is pretty stinkin good IMO, dag-gummit! I've had a personal dislike for that son of a gun as an opponent for years every since he got into it with Colts fans in that playoff game in Indy. But I love him as a Colt. He has the kind of competitive fire I want in my QB. And his approach to cussing and trash-talking is just phenomenal.
  21. Won't every team in the NFL have to deal with their main core of players being over 30 in 5 years? And won't every team in the NFL have to deal with the QB position over the next 5 years one way or another? Trying to look 5 years ahead in the NFL is as useless as * on a bull. It's like you're talking a lot, but not really saying anything... your point is pointless.
  22. Useless projection. Please don't come back when the Colts are winning.
  23. First of all... no offense... but geez, capitalization and punctuation are your friends. I feel like I have to retrain my brain to be able to read your posts... Second, again, you're projecting unnecessarily. It's literally day 2 of Free Agency. Breath. Relax. The 2020 roster is far from finalized. You're looking too far into the past and into the future. September is when the rubber meets the road. All this other stuff about the last 20 years or the next 5 years is irrelevant. The focus should be on making continual improvements to the roster leading up to Se
  24. I just realized that I might be more active in this forum in the month of March than many other months combined. This is the month of hot-takes. The month of overreactions. The month of know-it-all armchair GMs. The month where SBs are apparently won and lost. This is... MARCH MADNESS!!! I see a lot of people going to extremes on both ends of the spectrum: one FA signing on day 1 of FA = , or not signing/signing certain FAs = NFL Purgatory. I find myself spending quite a bit of time trying to bring people back to the reasonable middle-ground. Some moves make it seem like t
  25. You're projecting after only one day of free agency. Extremely premature. Ballard just started building his 2020 roster, literally, yesterday. And he has a history of turning the teams' biggest weakness into a strength, ie Nelson transforming the OLine, Leonard energizing the LBs, Ebron becoming the best weapon on our offense, now Buckner becoming arguably the best player on our defense at arguably our weakest position on defense. Don't be surprised if Ballard addresses our biggest offensive weaknesses (QB and WR) in the next couple months. Wait until you know the en
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