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  1. I enjoyed that. Love Edge. Drinkin cranberry juice at the clerb.
  2. That's disgusting. Put him in a cell with Darren Sharper and throw away the key.
  3. That's awesome! Where are they? Is that the canal? I'm happy for them. She seems great. I hope he's a Colt for a long time, and I hope their marriage lasts many times longer!
  4. I wonder if the Raiders will do the same thing with Gruden. A ten-year $100-million contract? That's crazy. Not even Belichick gets 10-year contracts from Bobby Kraft.
  5. The "me" attitude. The money. The drama. The headache. The development of the younger WRs. The chemistry that's already been built over the last six months. If Ballard signs AB, and it actually works out, great. But IMO, it's not worth the time or energy. And I highly doubt he's going to return to his '14-'18 form. He's 32. His best days are behind him. Hopefully his worst are as well, for his sake.
  6. How much time and energy do you put into making posts critical of the Colts organization, its' coaches, its' players, etc.? 5 posts today. 40-freakin-6 posts Sunday. And the overwhelming majority of your posts are critical of the Colts in some form or fashion. But hey, it's your time and energy. Spend it however you want.
  7. Neither of you know that he didn't reach out or "pounce"... It's possible Ballard offered more than the Ravens, but Ngakoue wanted to go to Bmore. If Yannick flat-out said "I'd rather play with Lamar Jackson than Philip Rivers", then it's completely out of Ballards' hands. We'll never know, nor should we. This sort of cloak-n-dagger stuff is going on behind the scenes all year long in the NFL, and we'll never be privy to it. It is what it is. Making ridiculous "Ballard should have" statements like the above is a waste of your time and energy.
  8. Ok... are you going to play this card both ways? On one hand, he wasn't given opportunities to keep his QB1 job, and was replaced because he's black, according to you. On the other hand, he WAS given the opportunity TWICE to be QB1 for the Colts, when the Colts could have given that opportunity to a white QB. He was embraced by the organization and loved by his teammates. He had many supporters in the fanbase (including me) until it became very clear that he isn't the playmaker you need in the NFL. He was retained at a very high price to be the primary backup, and ha
  9. That's not what he said at all. He said he was jealous and resentful of JB winning over his teammates with his fun/happy attitude. Never said he didn't like him, and never said he was afraid of losing his job to JB.
  10. I admit it. Happily. I'm a homer and an optimist. And I'd rather be a happy homer than a grumpy "realist" critic. I'd rather root for 19-0 and be let down than beat the "we're an 8-8 team" drum all season and then brag about how I was right... I think it's more fun that way, and isn't that the whole point? This is supposed to be fun. It's just a game. We shouldn't be getting frustrated and upset because our team doesn't do as well as we want them to... just enjoy the ride!
  11. I knew it was something like that as I watched it happen. It looked more serious than just getting the wind knocked out of him. The hit was to his side where those small ribs are. I figured he was done after that play. I couldn't believe he kept playing.
  12. I could hold so many numbers in reverence. I don't want to see anyone else wearing 88 because Harrison is right up there with Manning for me. I didn't like seeing Walden wearing 93. I don't like seeing Hines wearing 21. But logistically, we need all the numbers. Even 18. I wouldn't be mad to see some rookie WR wearing 18. I wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't be mad about it. And I'm not mad about Harris wearing 12. It's still Lucks' number in my mind, so I don't like it, but I'm not mad about it.
  13. @MacDee1975, @MPStack, and @Thunderbolt also had a lot to say when the Colts were losing in the 1st quarter of the game earlier. How did that work out? Did the Colts win today? Maybe it's time for some of our esteemed forum members to "go"?
  14. Calling it now: this thread is/will be cursed. I'll believe in the downfall of the Patriots when their franchise is dead and buried under 40 seasons of mediocrity raining down upon the poor souls unfortunate enough to live in the northeastern United States. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Belichick pulled off some Noah-esque feat of hoarding pairs of role-players in a boat off the coast until the time came for him to repopulate the Pats roster with cheap FAs and made another run at 5 SBs in 10 years at the ripe old age of 110 years old.
  15. Just curious. How much attention do you pay to other coaches and their in-game decisions compared to Reich? Obviously Belichick is in a league of his own (regardless of cheating), but a number of "darlings" like McVay for the Rams, Shanahan for the 49ers, or Payton for the Saints have made some more-than-questionable calls recently. Even annual contenders like Andy Reid, Mike Tomlin, Pete Carroll, John Harbaugh, etc. have had their fair share of head-scratchers. I assume every fanbase outside of NE is quick to "run out of chalk" when they're not
  16. Hopefully I live long enough to regret these words... I have no problem whatsoever with anyone wearing numbers from the Baltimore days. 19. 82. 89. Wasn't 88 John Mackey? I don't care. It was before my time so it really has no significance to me. 18 is the only number I hold in any sort of reverence, and if I live long enough, 18 may not even be sacrosanct eventually. (and shouldn't be) They're just numbers. We have to assign numbers 1-99 to 90+ players every year, so it's kind of a stupid thing to get hung up on, isn't it? Retiring numbers is just
  17. This was definitely your best post so far, now with that said... 1) You're trying to save face 2) A lot of your posts come after a loss. 3) When you do post something positive about Rivers, it always comes with a caveat. I have serious doubts that your posts are going to age well, but this one was a nice post for you today.
  18. I hear ya @Four2itus, it's like some of these people just live to complain, no matter what. And it's the usual suspects like @Moosejawcolt, @Thunderbolt, @JPFolks, @coming on strong, etc. They think they know better than actual football professionals, and it's like they can't just enjoy the game of football unless it goes exactly the way they want it to... We're fans. We're not players. We're not coaches. We're not the GM. We're not the owner. But the way some people post, it's like they think they're all of the above and a bag of chips! But it's whatever. I rememb
  19. What else do you hate? Noisy children? Barking dogs? Teenagers? The Devils music?
  20. I think it's a mastiff of some kind, but Boxers are the best. We've had boxers in my family since I was a kid.
  21. You mess with the grammar police, you get the
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