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  1. Reich should put Rivers on one of those retractable leashes. And Ballard should put Reich on one as well.
  2. It's not an argument. It's an OPINION. Regardless of injury, I think Claypool is a better athlete. And I'm a Notre Dame fan, so of course I would prefer a ND player over a USC player. Stop quoting me about it. Geez.
  3. I'm not trying to prove anything. I just gave my opinion that I wish we had Claypool instead of Pittman. You threw out the hypothetical that Claypool would probably be injured if he was a Colt...
  4. Ah yes, the predictable post-loss thread from @JPFolks... Hate? "Deserved hate"?!? Did you mean to say "blame"? Ugh, whatever, on to Cincinnati. Have a good day!
  5. Ugh. Posts like this... You and @Grigson's Gaffes should start a club... I hope the Colts win out just for the simple fact that I won't have to see anymore "I was right!" posts from you two after a loss... it's the most obnoxious thing a person can do on a forum like this.
  6. That's rich, coming from you. What? That makes no sense. Would Pittman have had 4 TDs yesterday if he was a Steeler? Doubt it.
  7. I wanted Claypool back then, and after yesterday, I really REALLY wish we had taken Claypool instead of Pittman.
  8. HAHAHAHAHA!!! You mentioned me in not one, but two threads... you've just been waiting for a bad game from Rivers to get back at me, haven't you? (just curious, are you the angry short redhead or the cross-dressing bunny in the above scenario? ) Well, you got your wish, Rivers had two bad throws for picks, so now you can go back to trashing him if you want. But that's really your only leg to stand on, 2 bad decisions. The safety was going to be a safety whether he threw it or not, so why not throw it and hope the refs let it slide? Rivers was pressured all day by
  9. That's your opinion. That's fine. And I can respectfully disagree without calling you a "mouthbreather", "delusional", or insulting your football intelligence.
  10. What facts and what numbers? I haven't seen any relating to his velocity... just box score stats. Never said that. I actually said he doesn't have the same zip as the elite guys like Rodgers and Mahomes. I thought was your original point was that he lost velocity and won't get it back? Now your point is about stats? Again, neither opponent nor stats have anything to do with his velocity throwing the football. Quit trying to change your point. He still has velocity. It's not elite, but it didn't fall off a cliff
  11. Yeah, when I reread his post, that makes sense. Although Clark and Green have a decent amount of experience between them. And Pinter has seemed solid when he's come in on heavy packages.
  12. Personal attack? Let's focus on my opinions and posts, bud. Can you support this argument with facts? Because the eye-test says he still has plenty of velocity. If there really is any loss of velocity, it is to be expected as he ages anyway, and seems so minimal as to be irrelevant. Another personal attack? Didn't you also call your fellow members "mouthbreathers" in a previous post... Do you always lash out with personal attacks when your opinion is challenged? Strange. But anyway, back on topic: nobody has said he has the same
  13. Apparently, he can't. He can't even make a practice squad... He definitely needs to go through progressions. This is the NFL, not your backyard. Do you not remember Tebow "winging it"?!? There was a reason it made his coaches (and everyone else) mad. It was awful. He was an NFL fullback with half an arm. Again, this is the NFL, not your backyard. There's a reason Tebow didn't last, and there's a reason Kelly hasn't even gotten the chance. That's not to say that Kelly is done. He may put it all together and become a star
  14. Sounds familiar... Wasn't there another QB that went to school on the west coast that was drafted to be the franchise, but inadequate coaching, a different OC every year, horrible drafting and FA signings by the GM, I think that GM even traded away a 1st round pick for Trent-freaking-Richardson... What was his name? He played behind the worst OLine in football for years and got beat up so bad he had to retire early. Best QB prospect coming out of college since Elway... it's on the tip of my tongue, just can't remember his name... But yeah, same boat as Darnold. Gott
  15. There are a number of facts that could be stated, and still not be the cause, like you're implying about Hooker and Rock. More man-to-man at the LOS. Lining up in a way that forces 1-on-1 matchups with Buckner. Muhammad getting increased snap-counts each week. Okereke going from 19 snap-count in wk 1, to 46 in wk 2, and then 52 in the last game. So what you're saying is that the secondary has looked better because Muhammad providing more pressure from the DLine and Okereke providing better pass-coverage at LB has made it easier for the secondary to do their job over
  16. Yeah it is. You chiming in on multiple threads weeks ago about Rivers noodle-arm started your narrative that Rivers hasn't had zip going back to last season. I can go back and pull receipts if you like. @ me. The stats are irrelevant. So is the opponent. This is about Rivers arm-strength, which you have been saying for the last few weeks is gone . Anyone watching the game can see with their own eyes that Rivers still has zip. Don't try to change your argument like it has anything to do with stats or the opponent. Rivers can still sling it
  17. What makes you say the OLine is inexperienced? Their age? Nelson and Smith are only 24, but have started every game for 2+ seasons. Kelly (27), Glow (28) and Castonzo (32) provide a ton of experience. We have a really good mix of age/experience. I thought I heard a stat that the Colts OLine has started 19 straight games together, and the next-longest streak of a starting five all playing together was only like 3 games. I feel like that makes the Colts the OLine unit with the most experience in the league.
  18. I disagree with this opinion. Which OLines are playing better than the Colts? As far as I can tell, there are only 2 teams (Chiefs and Packers) whose OLines have allowed fewer sacks while blocking for an offense that has more rushing and passing yds. And both of those teams have quite a bit invested in their OLines...
  19. I didn't say that, nor did anyone else. He doesn't have the zip he did as a 24 year old. None of us do. I am. Are you? Ok... there's no way to know that we were the only team, and it's "preposterous" to think otherwise. We just had two impressive home wins in a row. Solid defense. Solid run game. Effective offense on the ground and through the air (short, medium, and long balls). I'm not sure what it would take for Rivers to change your mind, but I think it's gonna be a good year, maybe because of Rivers, may
  20. Are you changing your argument about Rivers? You've been saying he doesn't have the arm strength to zip passes downfield. Now that he's done that, your argument is that he doesn't have the arm strength to zip out routes to the flat? He's been zipping out routes to the flat since week 1. Your argument is invalid. He's proven you wrong within the first month of the season. Let's see if he goes the entire season without making any precision passes with speed, then you can start gloating about your preposterous preseason predictions...
  21. Hope the kid proves himself. But Clankenship is by far the best built-in name for if he starts missing kicks. I love it. We might need to hold a weekly betting arena in here for if he hits the uprights or crossbar during a game!
  22. I'm also pulling stats from like 3 different sites because no two can seem to agree on the exact stats... Either way, the Colts look good on paper... But are they good? This feels like deja vu from the mid-2000s when the Colts defense would look good on paper, and then allow 375 rushing yds to Jax in Jax...
  23. That's my bad, that was 396 total pass yds after 3 games, so 132 pass yds/gm. So we're #1 before the #2 team (Balt) has even allowed a third games worth of yardage.
  24. Yeah, this thread might be a little premature considering who we've played the first 3 weeks. But it's not quite as premature as the "hot seat" or "convince me to keep watching" threads after week 1!!! Once we see how Balt plays KC tonight, and then how we play Balt after the bye, then we'll have a better feel for this team.
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