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  1. Jacoby 23-31 208 yards 2 tds 1 Int 35 rushing yards Marlon Mack 18 attempts 70 yards 1 TD TY Hilton 6 receptions 80 yards 1 TD Deon Cain 1 TD Vinny goes 2/2 and 3/3 on xp. Falcons 35- Colts 27
  2. Another close one but I have the Titans winning 28-24.
  3. Honestly i think id consider trading TY. Some team might give up a 2nd rounder for him. Let Jacoby walk after the season. Then trot out Walker for 2020 in a blatant tank for Lawrence. Roster would be loaded with talent and ready to compete for the new franchise QB.
  4. 5-11 Jacoby Brissett 3100 yards 16TDs 17 Ints. Benched by week 12.
  5. So the Colts can go from 6 wins to 7? Zeke isnt going to help the qb situation. If anything I think they should move TY and get a pick while he still has value. Also lol at anyone wanting Struggle Wilson.
  6. Jacoby leading this team to a top 3 pick again.
  7. Top 3 draft pick. Jacoby is mediocre at best.
  8. Man this is just crushing. I became a Colts fan in 2000 because of Peyton Manning and was loyal ever since. I have no ties to Indianapolis but stayed loyal because I was such a big Luck fan. I just cant see myself rooting for this team anymore especially since I think Jacoby is trash. I wish you guys the best of..... L**k in the coming seasons. Farewell #ColtsNation
  9. Jacoby sucks, but he wont suck enough for Lawrence.
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