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  1. This is insane talk. Ballards first draft brought us Hooker and Mack. We also have Walker (7th round pick) and Wilson starting considerable time. Not to mention we got a two year rental out of Hairston at the cost of one round in the draft. (Drafted 5th, traded for 6th) Home run? Nah, but serviceable draft. Hookers injury bug cant really be blamed on the GM. That one handed interception was insane. 2018- 2 all pro rookies, another above average guard, a handful of solid players as well. I would say this draft class is better than 2012, in all honesty. May be high praise, but we will see how this pans out. 2019- how, in all of the earth can you even make a decision about the rookies this far? The defense, while far from consistent is still one one of the least penalized defenses in the league (#3 per NFL.com)
  2. Again, you completely miss the point I'm making for sake of some "Um... Actually..." rulebook quoting argument. The ball never touched the ground. If Ebron did not slide out of bounds, that would have been called a catch. That's the issue. If it's a catch on the 20 yard line, it should be a catch in the endzone. It has nothing to do with the endzone, it has nothing to do with any rule you quote about leaving your feet. The rules are applied inconsistently. That's the point I'm making, the same point that I have continued to make, and the point that you continue to miss at every turn. If at any point you have possession of the football and the football breaks the plane of the endzone, it should be a touchdown. Its applied that way for runners entering the endzone. Otherwise keep the rule the same, but make runners have to have two feet or a foot and a body part in the endzone and maintain possession to the ground. Consistency.
  3. It. Absolutely. Does. But hey, if you want to be a condescending smart butt, go nuts. If Ebron had caught that ball in the field of play, or hadn't slid out of bounds it would be called a catch. Ball didnt touch the ground, it's still live. However, because theres a change in the consistency of the rules (a player running towards the endzone and diving across the pylon doesnt have to maintain possession to the ground) but a player that catches the ball doesnt immediately score a touchdown when the ball crosses the plane of the endzone in possession. The rules are different depending on where you are on the field regarding catches and its silly.
  4. The thing that bugs me the most, is the lack of consistency across the rules depending on "where" you are on the field. If he caught that inbounds, it's a catch. If he were in the field of play, the ground cant cause a fumble. The TY dive where the nose of the football goes in the endzone is a touchdown, even if he doesnt control the ball to the ground, because the "instant" the ball breaks the plane in possession, it's a touchdown. For the Ebron call, one foot, one elbow and possession- but because he doesnt control it all the way to the ground they call incomplete. It's a bit ludicrous for me, and they need to fix the rules to be consistent.
  5. This feels a lot like the Matt Hasslebeck signing a few years ago. Veteran QB towards the end of his career, Young up and comer in Indy. Does Kelly's skillset lend him to something like the kid in New Orleans? Hill? If so, I can see us running 3 qbs on roster.
  6. Draft grades dont really mean anything. As mentioned before, Brady was a 6th round pick. Russell Wilson was also a 3rd round pick, and that turned out pretty okay for Seattle. As for Luck vs Jacoby, the dude came into Indy like... 3 days before the season started. He was attempting to develop chemistry with receivers on the fly, and there weren't many games that we were completely out of that year. Indy knows what they have in JB. Rosen would be an unknown, and so close to the season start it would be difficult for him to acclimate to the team. Opinions are like, well... you know. But I am in the camp that sticking with JB and keeping our picks for next year. You dont need an Elite QB to win titles, having an elite defense can get you there as well.
  7. I'm not saying that I wouldnt be, but this feels a lot like losing Oladipo for the year last year. "Oh, hey, our best player is gone. Well... cool."
  8. And of those 52 guys, theres one guy on defense who is a generational talent like Luck was. We just went from Super Bowl contenders to maaaaaaybe winning the division. Can we win games? Sure. Will we beat teams like KC or NE? Not a chance.
  9. Booing is how a crowd shows displeasure, it's not a direct attack on Luck himself. Granted, I think that Luck just unseated Paul George as the most unpopular guy in Indy. I'm pretty upset at how he handled this. I'm irritated at the situation too. Had I been in LOS tonight, I would've booed too. The timing is awful, especially now the season is pretty much over for the Colts 2 weeks before it begins.
  10. Guys. Let's all take a breath, let the man work. Ballard is not playing for this year, for next year or any one single year in a vacuum. Consistency and longevity are key. "But a 2nd rounder next year isnt as valuable as a pick this year!" In 12 months, those same people are going to say "Wow! 2 2nd rounders! Thanks Ballard!" Or something less cheesy.
  11. Guys… let's all just calm down. We all know how Ballard was going to approach free agency. He has been more than crystal clear about it. Just a year ago, this team was a dumpster fire. Bad coach, new GM, poor scheme, not much talent, injured QB. We were a team that everyone expected to get 5-6 wins against bottom of the barrel teams. We didnt know if Luck would be back, we didnt know what an offensive line looked like. Then we went to the playoffs. We didn't get there with any of Grigson's high profile free agent signings like Andre Johnson, Frank Gore, Trent Cole or others that flamed out after a couple years and left the team in a worse position than they found it. We got there on the backs of two rookies who made all-pro honors. We did it after Ballard drafted a guard. A GUARD!?!? With his 1st round pick. We got there because Ballard took a flier on some no-name kid playing for South Carolina that had the right attitude and drive to be a Maniac on the field. Gone are the days of mortgaging the future for a win-now attitude. Gone are the days of “winning free agency” and trying to buy a super bowl. Ballard is looking to create a team that is sustainable through multiple years, dare I say the genesis of a dynasty? This big stink about Antionio Brown and Le'Veon Bell is nonsense. Both players have shown attitude problems when they don't get their way. What makes you think Indy will stop that kind of behavior? What happens in two years when one of them is unhappy and posts a tirade on Instagram about Indianapolis and chases off potential FA pickups because they bring our integrity and credibility into doubt? They've done it once, they'll do it again. What does this mean for the Colts? A couple low profile FA pickups, a draft that calls Ballard into question for “reaching” or whatever other terminology the forum uses, another trip to the playoffs, a few all-pro players we grew here at home, and a division champion. The cycle will start again in February- and we will be that much closer to adding Lombardis in Indy. Let the man do his job.
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