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  1. I'm out. Just remember you rooted against your team. "Fan". ;)
  2. The missed field goal earlier. It's not just one thing. We still have a chance
  3. Yeah. Its just old. Go root for another team if this one just makes you so angry. I hear Kansas City is pretty good these days.
  4. Cool. It's a win-win with all the negative posters on here. I'm not even sure there are Colts fans that come here any more.
  5. Because it's self fulfilling prophecy of complaint. "Im ok with going for it" Turns into either "See, I was right!" Or "FRANK SUCKS!"
  6. I.... Love this optimism. Let's go with this.
  7. Will you "fans" just shut up? Our Rookie RB just broke franchise records and you have nothing to feel good about? We just made the playoffs, and potentially the division winner. Jesus christ, what will it take to make you happy?
  8. How are these early blocks on the screens not being called? They're making contact before the ball is thrown.
  9. What is going on with this officiating? There's constant DPI against the colts, but no OPI call? Outstanding.
  10. Luck had a better supporting cast in the early years; mainly from the Polian days. Wayne was basically a guaranteed 1st down. Mathis was a sack monster. Vinatieri was reliable. Vontae Davis came in and balled out. JJ Watt has been great, but he alone can't help much when Bill OBrien sliced Houston off at the knees by trading Hopkins and mortgaging their future for Tunsil I would say they're similar, Luck gets the edge IMHO.
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