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  1. Guys. Let's all take a breath, let the man work. Ballard is not playing for this year, for next year or any one single year in a vacuum. Consistency and longevity are key. "But a 2nd rounder next year isnt as valuable as a pick this year!" In 12 months, those same people are going to say "Wow! 2 2nd rounders! Thanks Ballard!" Or something less cheesy.
  2. You reference the Chiefs, where Ballard helped build the roster... using the same technique he is using now in Indy. #WeAreFine
  3. Considering you're advocating that we trade for a guy who was drafted in the sixth round...
  4. Hankins was gone last year Simon was gone last year Mingo was gone last year Did... you miss 2018?
  5. I dont think it fits into the boom or bust category. Most other WRs are getting about 9 a year, we went 10 with 3 in incentives, but we didnt lock ourselves into a Cole Beasley contract where they guaranteed 14.5 on a 4 year contract.
  6. I did just check Google, theres $10 mil in base salary and $3 mil in incentives. Dont know guaranteed amounts. Cole Beasley got 4yr/29 mil, but $14.4 guaranteed John Brown got 3/27 so $9 a year Amendola 1yr/4.5 with incentives to 5.75mil Josh Bellamy (who?) 2 yr/7mil Jamison Crowder 3/28.5 with $17 guaranteed. Adam Humphries 4/36. Did we get fleeced? I dont think so. Other than Amendola who is an outlier on the above, and Josh Bellamy who I dont recognize the name everyone is about 9mil a year. I'm not a cap/contract expert like Superman is. If he says the contract sucks, then I'm inclined to believe him.
  7. Do we even know the terms of the contract yet? Not being combative, just curious. I know there are incentives, but what are they?
  8. Guys… let's all just calm down. We all know how Ballard was going to approach free agency. He has been more than crystal clear about it. Just a year ago, this team was a dumpster fire. Bad coach, new GM, poor scheme, not much talent, injured QB. We were a team that everyone expected to get 5-6 wins against bottom of the barrel teams. We didnt know if Luck would be back, we didnt know what an offensive line looked like. Then we went to the playoffs. We didn't get there with any of Grigson's high profile free agent signings like Andre Johnson, Frank Gore, Trent Cole or others that flamed out after a couple years and left the team in a worse position than they found it. We got there on the backs of two rookies who made all-pro honors. We did it after Ballard drafted a guard. A GUARD!?!? With his 1st round pick. We got there because Ballard took a flier on some no-name kid playing for South Carolina that had the right attitude and drive to be a Maniac on the field. Gone are the days of mortgaging the future for a win-now attitude. Gone are the days of “winning free agency” and trying to buy a super bowl. Ballard is looking to create a team that is sustainable through multiple years, dare I say the genesis of a dynasty? This big stink about Antionio Brown and Le'Veon Bell is nonsense. Both players have shown attitude problems when they don't get their way. What makes you think Indy will stop that kind of behavior? What happens in two years when one of them is unhappy and posts a tirade on Instagram about Indianapolis and chases off potential FA pickups because they bring our integrity and credibility into doubt? They've done it once, they'll do it again. What does this mean for the Colts? A couple low profile FA pickups, a draft that calls Ballard into question for “reaching” or whatever other terminology the forum uses, another trip to the playoffs, a few all-pro players we grew here at home, and a division champion. The cycle will start again in February- and we will be that much closer to adding Lombardis in Indy. Let the man do his job.
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