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  1. Probably more likely that they start with a college photo, then edit the colors and uniform from there. On the JT photo, you can see the edits to the sleeves of the jersey. It's not a super great edit, but it gets the point across.
  2. Chris Ballard sets the record for 40-time sprinting to turn in picks.
  3. I like this pick. Anyone else notice how fast the Colts turned their pick in? They knew exactly who they were drafting.
  4. The secondary logo is awesome. I'd like to see it on a helmet at some point.
  5. Its only a few years too late. I remember gearing up for him to be in Colts Blue in 2013, only to hear Bjoern Werner called. Ballard is stacking this defense.
  6. I'm totally fine with this. Brissett has potential, and I'm fine with keeping him around to see if we can unlock it.
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