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  1. Did it regress because of playcalling, or because of team injuries? You're placing a lot on Brissett's shoulders that was out of his control. Ebron quitting on the team, Hilton being injured and Campbell being a non-factor late was a big part of that too. Check my guess, but I'm assuming something like 12-13 of those TDs were to those guys. I do remember Jack Doyle having one, and maybe Chester Rogers, but it's been a year now. I'm not saying by any measure that Brissett was putting up 40 TDs last year, but 29-31 if he was healthy and the team stayed healthy wasn't out of the ques
  2. Also, had Vinatieri not been a liability, Week 1 is ours. Even the dismal Destroyer still got Vinatieri'd at Pittsburgh and Miami. (As ugly as the Miami game was, Vinny missing that XP means we have to go for a TD instead of a FG at the end of the game. Brissett is better than a lot of people on this forum give him credit for. Not to mention losing Ebron, Mack, Hilton and even his own knee injury derailed the season. Through week four or five of last year, Brissett was tied for the league lead in TD passes too.
  3. Probably more likely that they start with a college photo, then edit the colors and uniform from there. On the JT photo, you can see the edits to the sleeves of the jersey. It's not a super great edit, but it gets the point across.
  4. Chris Ballard sets the record for 40-time sprinting to turn in picks.
  5. I like this pick. Anyone else notice how fast the Colts turned their pick in? They knew exactly who they were drafting.
  6. The secondary logo is awesome. I'd like to see it on a helmet at some point.
  7. Its only a few years too late. I remember gearing up for him to be in Colts Blue in 2013, only to hear Bjoern Werner called. Ballard is stacking this defense.
  8. I'm totally fine with this. Brissett has potential, and I'm fine with keeping him around to see if we can unlock it.
  9. He won't make 6 mil next year. He's 32. He's going to be in the neighborhood of 1.5-2.5mil for this year. Yeah he had a 1000 yard season, but age is catching up to him. I'd be ok with going Gore-Bradshaw-Herron as our 3 RBs with Gore taking over Richardson's duties in the same rotation that we had this year.
  10. We could sign him to 4/16m and you could change your name to FGoreWasaSteal
  11. how many of our rbs had 70 yard games and rushed for 4 tds this year?
  12. Well, hopefully he has NT, ILB and S on his board instead of "Perceiving them as needs".
  13. http://blog.thenewstribune.com/seahawks/2013/10/03/sherman-on-luck-hes-an-incredibly-perspicacious-guy/ That's... nothing but respect for Luck and the Colts.
  14. He's 9/10 for 119 and 2 TDs, and is the only quarterback that played for significant time that hasn't thrown an INT. Could happen!
  15. UFA Nicks- starting to develop rapport with Luck. A little continuity can't hurt with the receiver corps, especially with Wayne on the way out. Still, an upgrade over Avery and Heyward-Bey even if he's 3rd on the Depth Chart behind Moncrief and Hilton Bradshaw- Fantastic player when healthy. Not an every-down back, but someone who is a playmaker Butler- best nickel corner in football Brown- Solid backup and fantastic ST player Adams- He's a stopgap player, had a great year this year. Give him one more year to help solidify our secondary with the incoming youngsters RFA Freeman- Nothing wrong
  16. Good god, 0.8? you would be dead! That's a 80% BAC!
  17. Well, I wasn't sure how to put in the contracts, because I thought if I selected a $21 Mil contract with 5 years, then that 21mil would be spread over five years. Nope. I'm paying Rolando McClain 21mill a year for 5 years. Derp.
  18. Heh, 22 year old making a couple hundred thousand a year playing pro football, he's going to be stupid. Crap happens. Remember, our punter got drunk and took a swim in the Broad Ripple Canal. Jackson didn't hurt anyone, and he he will serve his time. So long as he doesn't do anything like this in the future, I don't have an issue with the Colts giving him a second chance. Now if he got violent and resisted arrest, yelling "you can't arrest me, I'm an Indianapolis Colt!" I'd be different.
  19. So just a few names drafted after Bjoern Werner: Kiko Alonso Alec Ogletree Le'Veon Bell Eddie Lacy Matt Elam Travis Frederick Yeah, home run...
  20. Indy's Wish List Rolando McClain Yeah, that's about it. Re-Sign Nicks Bradshaw (should be cheap) Sergio Butler Adams We really need to build a D-Line, but I don't see free agency being that path to building a dominant front seven. McClain would be a great addition next to Freeman and give D'Qwell time off on passing downs. We are going to have to invest at least a 2nd round draft pick into a NT. If Tevin Coleman falls to round 3 or 4, I would be all for drafting him, but our #1 pick should be a ball-hawk safety.
  21. Not at all. Look back at the Patriots running game though- it wasn't exotic. It was just basic football. Most of Blount's runs came right up the middle. All of the deception, all of the shenanigans and Belichek comes out with the newest type of offense. A run between the tackles. That is humiliating. Especially when Blount and Jonas Gray are not superstar running backs. If Peterson, McCoy or Jamaal Charles ran for 160 and four Touchdowns, I'd chalk it up to them being some of the best runners in the NFL, and that's normal for them. But this is Blount and Gray, a guy who can't stick with t
  22. Yeah, that may be. It's flat out irritating though, to hear all the talk by the players and the team and media all week, then to fall flat like that on Sunday. It's rough.
  23. You're right, they must have prepared. They stopped the Patriots from getting 200 yards and four rushing touchdowns again. They only gave up 160 to Blount and 3 rushing tds. PROGRESS!
  24. Oh I understand that, and I couldn't be happier about the quick turnaround. That being said, I knew what the Patriots were going to do yesterday. You knew, it seems that everyone save Manusky and Pagano knew what was going to happen with Blount. What did we do to stop it? Absolutely nothing. That's what got me riled up- the Coaching staff and the defense were completely unprepared for a ground assault for the third time in a row and the second time this season. You know the saying "Fool me once...." What happens on the third time?
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