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  1. Thanks. Oddly I was just asking my wife about this yesterday, and we didn't locate any. I thought the horseshoe was perfect for it's natural smile. Edit: Eh, not the way those are made, though... shoot.
  2. One more reason to practice social distancing.
  3. Marlins? Why? I thought when you're close to go for it, not bake sale it.
  4. buccolts

    Jags Drama

    He'll be a Jag forever. One way or another.
  5. Could be worse. It could be the Brady Bunch.
  6. What was their evidence? Something more than "it must be " I'd hope.
  7. So far, the only comment he's made regarding drafting a QB is that 'you can't force it'. That's still dependent on who he likes and where they are. It's all about 'value'. He may over spend a bit if the right guy is available, but it's still about the value.
  8. After we picked up Rivers I saw a quote where he suggested he'd have liked a 2 year deal with us, so I think we're playing it year to year until we find a situation for the long term. I could actually see us going with vet signings until a younger guy is found. Isn't this Carr's last year? Foles? Who else? Plus there'll be so many young QBs entering the league in the next couple of years, it could open up some vet opportunities. Guys that are good, but no longer the shiny new penny. Who knows.
  9. Dropping back from 34 doesn't mean he isn't taking the WR position seriously. Let's wait to see what happens before judging. Even then, it's fruitless.
  10. The only thing I know is that we don't know what you suggest we know. All we have are out opinions until the draft is over.
  11. I saw where a score of 20 could be considered average, and based on that, Mahomes is above average, where Marino is well below. HOWEVER, though there are outliers, as there are with anything, the vast majority of successful QBs had at least average wonderlic scores, and the vast majority of QBs with lower than average wonderlic scores were not successful. You can be a genius, but you do need talent. It'd seem to take a lot of talent to overcome an inability to out think your opponent. But it's more than just physical ability and intelligence. I'd think maturity plays a
  12. Perhaps, but I think it'd be a pretty bad look for a QB.
  13. Ha! So it was the kicker we were checking out at Utah State.
  14. I don't doubt this for one second. There's plenty of guys who are not a lock to fall where our mocks, and the critisizm they attract, are popular. And with that, there'll be guys we thought would be first rounders who drop to late 2, or more, and we'll think they're steals, when in reality, maybe not so much. I think it's going to happen more this year than in past years. Edit: The steal of this draft may be Buckner.
  15. Yeah, and that'd make sense unless the Vikings DO pick up OBJ, and make the Texans Off Season odd. Dump one, grab another? Just draft one.
  16. BTW, I cant' tell you how much I look forward to cutting the grass these days. I'm kinda tired of being cooped up in the house.
  17. Yes, we've been fine. I'm lucky enough to have been working remotely from home for about 10 years now. And it's in the import industry, so unless they close borders, and shut down imports, I'll have work as long as I want it. No one else in the house is working right now, so I'm lucky to have a stable working situation right now. I'm also coming to retirement age, but don't want to retire until 70 for my daughter's sake. So, I'm REALLY lucky right now.
  18. Yeah, but you gotta be thankful you're still working. There's plenty of people supporting families who aren't working right now. I know there's going to be a lot of 'why are you putting people at risk' and/or 'all you care about is wall street' banter, but they need to get the economy going again, as soon as possible.
  19. And he hasn't really lit up the league for someone with all the talent people claim he has.
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