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  1. Well, he DID kinda run like a rolling block of butcher knives. Problem is, we needed a rolling BALL of butcher knives.
  2. No thanks. Who would?
  3. And 23 teams passed on him. That wouldn't happen in a redraft
  4. And yet, the Colts found it necessary to keep him off the PS at some point, for some reason. And then there's always the old counter arguments of Rogers, Brady, Unitas, etc, etc, etc. I'm not a Kelly home boy, but I don't think he should be discounted either. Right now it's just a competition, and it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.
  5. To have a 1 - 2 punch, do they both have to be drafted in the same round? What's the allowable tolerance? No more than 1 round apart? BTW, what's the expectation of a 1 - 2 punch? Within how many carries of each other?
  6. Exactly, everyone knows you only trade down for a QB.
  7. Well, he'd be the first to know if he didn't have any indication.
  8. I'd really like Higgins off the board before our pick.
  9. I believe you. I felt the same way. I was expecting this off season to be out of box than what we'd seen in the past, but I didn't see this trade coming, AT ALL. You're right 'just because we hadn't done it before didn't mean he'd never to it'. I just thought this seemed to be the year to break out a little.
  10. We don't really know that the Jags aren't interested in a QB upgrade, do we?
  11. Every player with 'The Indianapolis Colts select' in front of their name.
  12. There's only so many round 1 ranked players on any given board, and it'd be typically smaller than 32. Second round rankings is a larger pool. You look at trade up possibilities in case there's someone YOU have with a round one grade that drops enough for you to consider making the trade to move up for him. I think it's silly to say you NEVER trade up for position xxxxx. There's a lot that'd go into the decision than just what position it is.
  13. Since threads about any QB is really about ALL QBs, regarding Fromm: I'm all that concerned about play making ability. Without it, I'm fine with the ability to throw the ball away, when appropriate, and live to see another play, and trust the offense executes. THAT rather than scrambling around trying to create something, throwing it up for a WR to make a play and taking the INT (Hurts?).
  14. Beyond Burrow, you can have pause on ANY of the other QBs in this draft. It's then up to what you think is a successful QB, and what you're willing to gamble on (health, maturity, mechanics, etc). But that's just what we think, individually. The FO thinks differently, and I'm interested as heck to see what transpires tomorrow. Edit:... Well, over the next few days.
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