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  1. Bam this chemo kicked my butt in the dirt since last Wednesday. Finally able to eat a sandwich today my health team is looking after me 24/7. Radiation everyday of the week and more chemo in14 days.

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    2. Nadine


      good to hear from you. How much longer for this chemo/radiation?

    3. southwest1


      You are a fighter FC. Some treatment days are good & some are not so good, but I admire your tenacity & I know you will overcome this ordeal. Hang tough FC. I'm just glad you can vent here whenever you feel the need to do so.

    4. Franklin County

      Franklin County

      Eating is getting a little better now. 31 more days of radiation and 2 more chemo blasts. Cisplatin is the chemo drug they are using on me, nasty stuff. My throat is going to be unable to feed me do to the radiation to that area. So I have a G tube to liquid feed myself when the time gets here. Should have a week or maybe 2 left before that happens. Hope all is well with your families and friends.

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