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  1. He's the special teams of coach of KC, there are rumors surrounding him moving up to a head coach position, and if he was being looked at for that, Ballard would be the dude with the inside track having worked with him before.
  2. This isn't some slam dunk steal. Banner is the definition of boom or bust . He's either going to be an all pro or out of the league in 3 years. Ballard and Philbin are taking a gamble on the huge ceiling, but it still needs to be mentioned his floor is rock bottom. This is the risky pick of the draft class.
  3. it's extremely popular amongst Colts fans. 1st and 2nd round steals in the secondary will do that for a defense hungry team. Banner is a project and probably the least popular pick, where as Marlon Mack in the 4th gets probably as much love as Hooker in the 1st. Very good draft overall.
  4. Have you seen Hooker play? Like at all? He beats out the competition. You're playing devil's advocate to suggest he's anything but a day 1 starter. Easily a full tier above any other safety on the roster.
  5. That's basically the scouting report. Utterly average pass blocker, destroyer of worlds in run blocking. The big concern is can he get his weight under control and transition to more athletic play at the next level? It's in Philbin's hands now.
  6. There's no logical reason beyond misunderstanding how the draft works anyone should be against this draft. Multiple starters on defense, including a projected top 5 talent, a player that will contribute on offense, and a few high ceiling projects at the end. Hooker was the right pick. When he fell to 15 it was always going to be Hooker. The only way it wasn't Hooker is if you magically went back in time and convinced another team to take him before us. also, salt is slang for irritation/anger at something you dislike. I can smell your salt from here.
  7. I don't think he's good enough in the power game to be a 3 down back. Which is fine, most RB positions are done by committee these days with specialists. Let's not go crazy with expectations on a late 4th round running back.
  8. I think him playing over Butler just being a flex DB that plays either the extra safety or CB (whichever is needed) is pie in the sky year one. I think ultimately he's Butler's replacement, but he'll need at least a year on ST duty while sitting in the DB room before he's truly ready.
  9. Probably because his mobility and athleticism have been hindered by his extra swole. They are looking at what he did after he packed on the extra muscle, and not what he did before. If dude trims down it's a steal, if not he's just going to go the way of Laron Landry, but with far less money and effort lost.
  10. Also keep in mind 350 is his combine weight, he actually lost a bunch of weight heading in to the draft, and was playing around 400 during the Rose Bowl. Dude was massively overweight.
  11. Barring some camp breakout story, I don't see how this is wrong. The only thing is they might cut Hunt and keep McGill as a 3rd down DT, but that might be a bit too light on the DE's
  12. nono, you have to do it like they would Booooooooooooooo! (PS: Philly continues to be the most honest city in America, letting Goodell know how we all really feel)
  13. Banner seems to be self aware of his weight issues and has already cut 50 lbs since the Rose Bowl, and reports are that he's basically a gift to Joe Philbin who was really high on him. Stewart isn't a traditional weight issue so much as it's a swole issue. The key will be keeping him out of the gym lmao. Still it's a valid concern on both counts, but I can see it working either way. I'm not about to tear up over taking some flyers on boom or bust picks in the mid-late 4th and the end of the 5th though.
  14. Where they drafted him and what they gave suggests yes. What their GM and Coach are saying suggests hell naw. For at least the first game we play them, the Texans QB will be Savage.
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