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  1. They tell me that the about me used to be it's own page and now it is not.  That may be why.  But not sure


    well i just added  the below to the about me section to see the difference and dont see any


    , all i know is it is right where it was, on top of the community stats section, Before u just went to profile page there it was & scrolled down all my info and when it was done u got to community stats just like now save that my about me was quite long


    also if they defined it somehow as going from own page to not





    Currently I added this  see below ( & by the way, though u can make bold , u cant change text size nor color as I tried each of those editing features it shows, I wanted to make the same words blue as below, when didn't work I tried changing size & again didnt work in about me editor )


    or go here to see my profile




    About Me


      since original sites format , and threw all the transitions, my pain stakenly put together huge body of work in the  about me section Re  Colt info,  pictures, links, &  videos that was  moved with each site change to site change    was all lost on this sites Dec 14, 2012 software update without any advance notice.


    NOTE - this was not the moderators fault, they had no idea this could even occur or were warned in any way ,shape or form, Moderators are great and no ill will is held against them for the loss of all my years of accumulated work 


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  2. would love to have been a fly on that plane



    Report: Redskins already out on Peyton Manning chase

    NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk -- a former teammate of Manning's in Indy -- stated emphatically on Wednesday that Manning will never play in the same conference, let alone division, as his brother.

    "We need to see a Manning Super Bowl, that's what they want, this family wants it," said Faulk, who shares the same first name as one of Manning's sons. "He will not upstage his brother and knock him out of going to the Super Bowl by being in the NFC."


  3. I posted this 5 am, It lists salient points nicely & has 2nd article




    Encase lost on direct colts, u never know

    2 Articles Pagano New Colt Vision & -Colts Plan To Keep "game-wreckers" Freeney and Mathis,, transition to 3/4, certain positions will get bigger players, Wants Saturday to return, Praises Luck

    From Pagano:

    • Called Freeney and Mathis "game-wreckers"
    • The Colts will transition to a 3-4 defensive scheme
    • The Colts system of smaller players has worked in the past, but team will get bigger at specific need positions
    • The transition will be hard, but not impossible
    • Colts system will work well with players the Colts will bring to camp
    • Pagano has spoken to Jeff Saturday, who is pondering retirement. Pagano wants him to stay
    • Pagano had high praise for Andrew Luck
    • When asked about Peyton Manning, Pagano said Manning will do everything to play again


    Chuck Pagano has a different vision for the Indianapolis Colts

    The Manning Colts were built on speed on both sides of the ball. Built to throw first, with precision and timing.

    Pagano sees the future a little differently.

    it's a big-man's game," Pagano said. "That doesn't discount having little fast guys. You've got to have a good mixture of them."

    Asked what specifically that would mean to an offense that has been among the most pass-first affairs in the league, and Pagano said:

    "You watch the Steelers play, haven't you? I've always said this and I learned this from my dad growing up, you've got to run the football and you've got to stop the run to be successful, at any level.

    "We want to be explosive, we want to be physical, we want to be tough,

    we want to dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball."

    That means Pagano has plenty of work to do to both mold the roster that way as well as be the face of a franchise set to embark on historic change, moving on from one of its greatest players.

    It means when the Colts make their picks in April, power will be on the agenda, especially up front in the offensive line. Where the Colts have been relatively small up front, they will now have a far different profile a team once again built around its quarterback, except this time the guy's name will be Andrew. ( assumed by author )

    Read more:Chuck Pagano has a different vision for the Indianapolis Colts - Th...http://www.denverpos...s#ixzz1nJsRmM9V

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  4. I can not tell u the # of gang related attacks I fought off due to being Jewish

    Gangs back then never kicked u when u were down and often it would be u Vs 1 of them so fare chance to win

    also when growing up there was a family, no one knew hoiw many existed , in order to play in the schoolyard u or 1 of your friends had to fight 1 from that family, not need to say the family background or the gangs in question background

    anyway was always a 1 on 1 fare fight , u win u win right to play , u lose that family gets the schoolyard that day

    Now if u win , just had to know the next day the next bigger one of that family would be waiting to fight u or a friend

    They never wanted to play with us and quite frankly we were just happy it was a 1 on 1 fight u often won till a size came along that well, destroyed u or your friend

    This family had a reputation and lived in the principal office in three different schools from grade school threw high school, as they were often left back , may have been same grade as u but usually years older, esp as I & friends skipped grades based on a NY STATE standardized test u take in grade school

    u know i miss those days, u knew your place in the world


    some things being said regarding LINN are just so obnoxious even without reading blog, I heard & read plenty



    Was firing 1 reporter & putting another one a 1 month leave without pay appropriate? Nothing will stop discrimination, no punishment at all, only when one becomes enlightened, as said being a minority Jewish Kid U learn about it first hand , it is then once u know what it means that u learn better

    Great Movie to teach it

    Gentlemans aagreement staring the legendary Gregory Peck

    For a newspaper article he is to write on discrimination he tells everyone his real last name is Greene and that he is Jewish, he then is stunned how friends attitudes and social outings etc etfc etc suddenly are overly against him in all he tries

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  5. This fixed it for me for aol, I dont know what service u use but do simalr for that service

    make sure u white list the forum e-maiil address, sometimes that helps , I just did that by simply adding it to ones address book, when comes as spam its not done automatically by aol

    AOL's standard whitelist protects mail from some, but not all, of AOL's spam filters from link below


    I got in my regular aol inbox for first time not in spam after

    white listing that someone replied to a personal conversation to me & got many more since that 1st one and all in regular aol inbox, none in spam

    The notice of your copmment to my blog also was NOT in spam but in regular aol inbox

    Hopefully it will continue to work

  6. ? 4 u

    if i copy my profile over & can and all photos will just be urls instead of the photo for 1 to click on, and if explain what to do., & when u click on the URL u can get a huge georous picture on some

    do u think peole will mind that save for the championship section, its mostly a site dedicated to Peyton, esp of peyuton not resigned

    Would like your opinion

  7. I may be able to help, note just back from shopping, will be leaving again after writing this

    This was the info as of 2 years ago & may still work

    First tell all to make sure they white list the forum e-maiil address, sometimes that helps , I just did that by simply adding it to ones address book, when comes as spam its not done automatically

    AOL's standard whitelist protects mail from some, but not all, of AOL's spam filters from link below

    Your IT people have to go here http://postmaster.aol.com/

    I suggest they contact aol & let them know they are legitamate senders, using that link

    look at upper left for link -- Open a Postmaster support request

    this may give the details needed

    as it brings u to a page

    For Internet Senders (non-AOL members):

    If you are an email service provider, an email administrator, or a non-AOL entity having trouble sending email to AOL Members please select the most appropriate option below. Please note the following forms are NOT intended for AOL Member use. If you are an AOL Member having trouble sending email please visit one of the above links for more information.

    Non-AOL Members, please make the most appropriate selection from the drop down menu below and click "Next" to continue. DYN:T1 Error Code HVU: Error Codes RTR/RLY/DNS Error Codes Feedback Loop Request Whitelist Request Other Issues

    Know in past was way to call them direct and somewhere on the various pages from 1st link u may find that,


    also somewhere as checking out links from main page , led me to this one may help


    Bulk Sender Best Practices

    If you are experiencing email delivery issues to AOL, chances are you need to improve your IP's reputation. For more about reputation, please read our article "IP Reputation, The Whitelist, and Inbox Delivery at AOL". The best way to ensure you have a good reputation is to send timely and relevant email to an active and engaged audience. The following are some suggested best practices for sending mail to AOL. While each of these best practices should help improve your sender reputation, they do not guarantee whitelisting or email delivery.

    If you are interested in a broader and more technical exploration of the AOL email guidelines, we have published some more in depth information as well.

    The link to the page above page, well this page


    also has a section on

    Spam complaints As well as other topics

    U have to play with original link & that support links and somehow in past it worked with other companies

    I cant find a direct phone # , u your IT people may but they somehow have to contact AOL postmaster as u say other users not just me are experiencing problems

    wish I could be more help but this is a place for IT people to start

  8. just a side comment with AOL & Spam

    every notification with direct colts regarding something ii did / follow / message to me etc always went into my aol inbox no problem

    Every one from this / forum side, blog comments followed , even messages / friend notifications all go into spam, when this site 1st went up last year none went into spam, something has changed

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