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  1. Had my yearly trip ( only 2nd 1 )  to my Brother and sister in law ( where i stayed ) ,&  both nephews, and 1 with 3 kids that is 2 great nieces and 1 great nephew- all live close to each other


    TERRIFIC TIME , only to short due to my issues and took  all could handle and the kids can run u ragged


    Ate at some great restaurants in and around Richmond, Va , this 1 Chinese place run by & called Peter Chang's who was cook at the Chinese Embassy in DC for like 5 years so u know it was good . He was hand picked  from China to be the cook a stayed here


    I could go on was truly fantastic and worth every effort- No way will i let those little ones grow up without them knowing me in person and also spoiling them a bit


    The hugs they gave me on arrival alone were so long they were dragging me down to the floor and that alone was worth the trip



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    2. alawai


      Good going Barry!  I have somewhat of a bottomless pit and love most (lol not all) food!  Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, French, Portugese, Greek and on and on and on!  I'm in heaven!

    3. bayone




      Italian Dinner dessert  was Ice cream Naples Italian Special version   Gelato with  combination of 1. white chocolate, Oreo's & peanut butter  type with 2.  Chocolate Decadence


      & when first got to brothers house they had already bought ( knowing how much i loved this from last year ) a great large  layered chocolate cake with various icing layers & cake itself so moist & good alone yet  from some famous desert place that has lines around the block where can eat in or , its annex at corner can take out.  I must have had 3/4 th's of the thing by the time I left , every bite  better than the previous one


      I insisted on paying for the Seafood dinner as was my brothers birthday - This may have been first time i was with him on his birthday since childhood with each of us in med school, then practice and me disabled and he first retired end of last summer while commuting across half the country to work as he had  moved east when grand kids born yet worked in west ohio

    4. alawai


      Chocolate! White chocolate! Peanut Butter!  I'm already in heaven!

  2. well i just added the below to the about me section to see the difference and dont see any , all i know is it is right where it was, on top of the community stats section, Before u just went to profile page there it was & scrolled down all my info and when it was done u got to community stats just like now save that my about me was quite long also if they defined it somehow as going from own page to not WHY DIDNT THEY JUST MOVE IT RATHER THAN DELETE MY INFO ????? GOOD QUESTION - TO ME AT LEAST Currently I added this see below ( & by the way, though u can make bold , u cant
  3. did we ever figure out why i lost my profile about me section
  4. This is true, see article, the paragraph just above item # 1 on tale of 2 picks which is about Jax & Texans, just before that is this In the weeks leading up to the 2012 draft, one team called Indianapolis and actually told it to name its price, to come up with a package it wanted in return for the No. 1 pick. That team was willing to ship off all its picks, plus players, for the chance to draft Luck. It would surrender one of the richest, if not the richest, packages in NFL history. B...

    1. bayone


      if not the richest, packages in NFL history. But Indianapolis never even responded with a proposal. It wanted Luck.

      From Schefter on Espn.com


    2. COLTS7


      dooooooooooooooooooooooont get me started again lol I give up, finally realized you can't fix stupid

  5. otherwise the grip., the left hand finger spread , eyes down-field etc all the same
  6. otherwise the grip., the left hand finger spread , eyes down-field etc all the same
  7. only the canera angle is different from Indy photo
  8. only the canera angle is different from Indy photo
  9. only the canera angle is different otherwise the grip., the left hand finger spread , eyes down-field etc all the same
  10. bayone

    Inside the Mind Of Peyton Manning

    Peyton Manning's brain graces the cover of Wednesday's Broncos/NFL preview section in The Denver Post. 9-5-2012
  11. Unitas is Holy & given the fact they were only 12 game seasons and were ruff & tumble not passer happy football he was out some games so that streak occurred over alot of years started 12/9/56 & ended with no td on 12/11/1960 , last td game 12/4/60 & during that time had many 3 & 4 TD games, unheard of for then
  12. Greatest Game Ever Played - Ticket Stub Friend called to say its on ebay for 1600 to buy now, If I Only Could Spare it, The momeories
  13. From the album: Greatest Game Ever Played - Ticket Stub

    Friend called to say its for sale on ebay for about $ 1600. I would if could afford it, Oh the memories, Wll all my slabbed and graded cards of the colts from that team and their previous rookie year or post year cards will have to suffice. Of Course I still have my of 500 Unitas signed & inscribed football official NFL Football , # 137 of 500 says Johnny Unitas 47 consecutive game TD passes, Hope Brees doesn't pass it this year
  14. copyright laws as it states when u try , many links on my homepage no longer work, tons of photos as once Peyton Left Colts sites removed. many do its all trial & error though & thats a pain
  15. Description: Winning First Place at the 2005 Mercedes Natiional Show Called The " GEMUTLICHKEIT " event, which basically means to have fun. ++ NOTE photo was readded as was requested to be in the Memorabilia & Collectibles group pictures , this may happen again with othr pictures already posted if requested This particular show in the past was held hear every 4 years near me but hasnt been since 2005 and my disabilities prevent me from taking it elsewhere to show. It won 1st before as well and many varying awards for driving on test track at professional r
  16. would love to have been a fly on that plane ------------------ read Report: Redskins already out on Peyton Manning chase NFL Network analyst Marshall Faulk -- a former teammate of Manning's in Indy -- stated emphatically on Wednesday that Manning will never play in the same conference, let alone division, as his brother. "We need to see a Manning Super Bowl, that's what they want, this family wants it," said Faulk, who shares the same first name as one of Manning's sons. "He will not upstage his brother and knock him out of going to the Super Bowl by being in the NFC." http://direct.colts....
  17. Like above from blog with same Video southwest1Yesterday, 06:07 PM Surgical precision, an Arial assault through the air, impeccable wide receiver route running, & the beaming smile of a world class Superbowl Champion...Ah yes, the glory days of yesteryear...Poetry in motion if I ever saw it. Thank you Barry. I needed this especially today.
  18. MIColtsFan Yesterday, 02:19 PM Incredible.. sniff, pass the tissue great shots of Clark, Collie and Reggie too! Love this
  19. Copy & Paste This URL,or click on Photo or Detail Link & has link below Photo ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Great 8 minute video With Title Same As Album ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HFxmNgWR7RY
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