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  1. I agree he is passing the buck. I see it all the time in my day job. managers using the "well the numbers suggest", "the data shows" and my favorite "based on what the data analyst shared with me" excuses make me sick; its a way for them not to take full responsibility for their decisions. I see the same with Reich's canned answer.
  2. i dont know what to say to this even though i feel like i want to say something. got me in the feels. all the best to you.
  3. he may mean that he is done playing, but will go into broadcasting. Im not sure if thats in Phil's future because he has a HS coaching gig lined up. Although i think the broadcasting gig will pay more.
  4. i hope he comes back because there probably isnt a better option in free agency. And with how young this team is, it never hurts to have a coach on the field.
  5. the difference is he was in the game to do his job. the two times i pointed out he wasnt (and thats a coaching decision) . get my point?
  6. It was two bad coaching decisions. not taking the 3 points in the redzone and kicking the point after instead of going for 2. 3 + 1 = 4 . we lost by 3.
  7. im with you, i dont want Frank fired, but i do want him to see the error of his ways. fans and Colts management coddling him is not the answer.
  8. you just pointed out the two reasons why we lost the game.
  9. statistics probably told them they had a better than not chance of scoring from inside the 5, but didn't tell them whether or not it was needed at that point in the game. same with the 2 point conversion.
  10. starting to feel way too Pagano-esque. Frank Reich cost us 4 points. with that four points we woudlve won.
  11. That is some real talk right there. Reich is a nice guy, but i don't think he is our long term answer at HC.
  12. I agree. Why get in to get embarrassed?
  13. This has to be a first in the NFL. As a Poly I'm proud, but I will route against the hometown kid (Tua) and hope for a Raiders win to help The Colts. For The Shoe.
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