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  1. jeepnkal

    I do not like Luck as receiver

    I dont believe you.
  2. I think it puts him at unnecessary risk. He is too valuable to this team to be running plays like that during the regular season.
  3. jeepnkal

    Are we seeing the end of Vinatieri?

    It looks like it. After one of the first PA attempts he immediately grabbed his groin.
  4. jeepnkal

    Patriots predictions

    I know that they will target Phillip Dorsett and he will end up with a huge game then to add salt to the wound, Dwayne Allen will catch two touchdowns. Any other former Colt on the Pats roster will also have a great game too.
  5. jeepnkal

    Final Play Call

    Someone needs to explain to Fernando Antonio and Frank Reich how math works.
  6. jeepnkal

    Final Play Call

    This is the first thing since the end of the game that put a smile on my face.
  7. jeepnkal

    Patriots predictions

    Their Head Coach, Quarterback and Offensive Coordinator are going unleash hell on us and unfortunately we wont be able to stop them. And afterwards they are are gonna point out our GM and laugh at him and say "rivalry?!.... bwahahaha".
  8. jeepnkal

    Patriots predictions

    Pats - 108 Colts - 3
  9. jeepnkal

    Reich's Pagano moment

    I still cant believe it.
  10. jeepnkal

    Final Play Call

    I cant believe what i just saw. I am off the Reich train. wth was that. Pure stupidity. This guy is our head coach?!