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How will the roster shape up (TE-OL)



TE: Allen-Fleener-Cunningham-Saunders

Allen is on the verge of stardom after a great rookie season........Fleener wasn't a big factor as a rookie , but has the abilty to make this group one of the leagues best and should be a major contributer this year......Cunningham brings oustanding blocking and can be a factor in the passing game, at times

grade: B

T: Costonzo-Cherlius-Ijalana-Linkenbach

Costonzo has gotten better each year and may never be elite, but is a quality player............Cherlius is one of the best right tackles in the league..............hard to tell how the roles will play out, I would love to see Ijalana playing inside (and stay healthy) but is listed at tackle,even though they are expected to be versatile and play different positions..........Linkenback may not be a full season starter type , but his versatility makes him valuable

G: Thomas-Reitz-McGlynn-Thortan-Anderson

Don"t know much about Thomas, but it's at least a step in the right direction...........always liked Reitz and wasn't sold on McGlynn, although he does bring some other qualities to the group, that are valuable, Thortan could push for a starting spot with a good camp....Anderson has great size and could be a factor, but as of now don't see him making the team

C: Satele-Holmes

I liked the signing of Satele at first, but didn't see the type of play I was expecting....Wouldn't be surprised to see Holmes starting, at the latest...next season

grade: C

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Of all mentioned I'd like to see Ijalana shake the injury bug.  Some draftniks had him with a much better upside than AC.  If Ijalana comes along our line will be solid!

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we are ok at tackle, center..???? and guard..??? lots of body's, hopefully 2 will step up

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Think Ijalana was initially penciled in as a RT or G but if he can shake that injury bug he may be a possibility at G.  Got to see if he can play in cramped quarters or needs to be on the outside.  Hopefully he can bring something to the table and help our O-line.

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Ijalana has elite ability and could be a factor anywhere on the line, he is prob the best linemen we have, at least potentially, he just has to stay healthy and get reps

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Ijalana has elite ability and could be a factor anywhere on the line, he is prob the best linemen we have, at least potentially, he just has to stay healthy and get reps

Two years away....bad knees....rust rust rust!  I think I saw he lost 20 pounds too.  I hope it helps.....Good luck to big Ben for sure. 

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Not too big on Ijalana - he's not the same able-bodied athlete as when he arrived in Indy.  Justin Anderson, however, intrigues me.  Looked like he was playing RT at the OTAs, and the versatility to play RT or RG might be the factor that gets him the final OL spot.  I don't believe that McGlynn brings versatility (he was horrible at center last year, and now we've got Donald Thomas or Khaled Holmes to better back up the position).  Barring injury, the 9th OL spot seems to me to come down to a competition between McGlynn and Anderson...

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what I was referring to with McGlynn, was leadership, which is something the
Colts place alot of importance in, he seemed to be the leader of the O-line, much like Saturday was, I really wasn't that impressed with his play, but the impression I get is, the Colts seem to be

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