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How will the roster shape up (D-line/LB)



DE: Redding-Moala

Redding adds much needed leadership and experience for a young team..........Moala has played well and could get more reps going forward

NT: Franklin-Chapman-Hughes

I think Franklin will open the season as the starter, but see Chapman taking over, sooner, rather than later.....Hughes is a force, just waiting to happen and has elite-level ability (potential)

DT: Jean Francois-Nevis-Mathews

Jean Francois is another player who provides leadership and experience and is a proven player from a winning system....Nevis has shown flashes and could be a big factor if he puts it all together.....Mathews is a decent player who adds depth and versatility

grade: C

ILB: Freeman-Angerer-Conner- Sheppard

Freeman and Angerer are big time players and very productive, can't wait to see them both on the field, at the same time and healthy.....Conner will get plenty of reps and there won't be much of a dropoff when he's playing .....Sheppard adds depth and is a quality backup

OLB: Mathis-Walden-Werner-Sidbury

Mathis is elite and one of the best..............Walden has shown the ability to excell vs the run , but hasn't shown the sack ability that is needed.......Werner has been as advertised and should very soon, be a force oppisite Mathis....Sidbury is a quality depth/backup

grade: A


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