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How will the roster shape up (QB-RB-WR)



QB: Luck-Hasselbeck-Harnish

Luck will just get better each year and as good as he was last year, should be alot better in year #2 as he fine tunes the very few flaws in his game............Hasslebeck provides proven big time insurance ............ Harnish shows promise but don't see him making the team

grade: A+

FB: Havili

A sure fire change of attitude with a true FB

RB: Bradshaw-Ballard-Brown-Carter-Wiliams

I thought we were in decent shape before Bradshaw was signed, He gives us another proven big time player who averaged just under 1,000/yr the past 4 seasons....Ballard made alot of big plays last year as a rookie and has that god given ability to make game changing plays with a intense desire to succeed.....Williams adds speed/dynamic play making demention to this group and the return units.......Not sure how or if Brown and Carter fit into the mix, Brown adds speed/game changing ability and Carter fits the big boy mentality that has been adopted, only see 1 of these 2 making the team

grade: A

WR: Wayne-Heyward/Bey-Hilton-Brazill-Whalen-Palmer

Reggie is 34, so he is on the downside of his career, but still one of the best.....Heyward-Bey brings elite speed and seemingly, a desire to finally fullfill the promise he had coming out of college.........Hilton was very good last year and as many will do, take his game to another level entering season #2............Brazill didn't get many reps last year , but needs to really be a factor for this unit to be great, Whalen has looked good and has the Stanford connection going for him

grade: B

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Read where Nathan Palmer is tearing it up and could be a sleeper at receiver.  I had mentioned this since he was familiar with the West Coast principles.


I agree on the running backs....I just would like to see Carter given a true chance....he has had 1 chance in his career...62-7 NO...:(


Hope all is well Colts7!!

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thats true Brent, Carter is big and can run, but the fumble-itis slowed his progress, thanks buddy, right back at ya :-)

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At RB I'll start with the Killer B's - Bradshaw, Ballard and Brown but if Williams shows anything then he stays and Brown is gone.  I think Carter is the odd man out.

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both backs have something to offer, Brown has the homerun type threat, Carter is a very big, powerfull back, Brown has more to offer, but not sure how he would handle being a #3 back, I think Williams is going to really bring some added spark and can be used in different ways...Ballard and Bradshaw, thats a pretty impressive duo

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July 27th my friends cannot come soon enough...I am now 20 minutes from camp...come on in to town!!!  :)

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I hope t be out there more than a couple days.  Knowing football, watching technique is huge...I LOVE watching OL...I am nuts :)

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