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This team has "it" and a playoff spot (game #15)



Having watched 15 games this season, this team has got "IT" the problem is I am not sure, what "it" is.........

Game story:

Team A- 288 total yards

90 yds rushing (3.5 avg)

4-48 (penalties)

1 turnover

27 minutes (time with ball)

Team B- 507 yds

352 yds rushing ( 8.0-are you kidding me-name the last time -ever, a team won a game giving up 350 yds rushing

9-75 (penalties)

1 turnover

32 minutes (with ball)

I have watched 15 games and seen, almost very week, this team get outplayed, often dominated and in the end, come up as a winner....no need to get into the details (point differential-turnover differential,etc,etc,etc.....I said early in the season, the key to winning is..whatever it takes, there is that word again (it)

I often hear this team has heart, no doubt about that, but I don't see a significant surplus of that ( compared to THIS teams past rosters, they have always had that and always played hard and never gave up) ..so, what is "it" ? I don't think there really is a rational answer. The NFL has been around a long time and there are many ways to come up with conclusions that are time tested, except, this team , this year, Coach Arians mentioned a while back, talent has little to do with winning in the NFL, that's a new one on me, maybe that's why I am lost, I always felt that was a big part of it, yet, very talented teams ( in the past few years) seem to come up short, He has also mentioned a common cause ( Pagano's illness) as a rallying point, I get that, I know that plays a big part in it, but...........as a few members on this site can verify, if it's not logical, then there has to be a reason............still waiting for an answer to that, feel free to answer if you got one...........there seems to be this "it" thing that some teams seem to have and others can't find, because, they don't know what it is and for the record, there are only a handfull of teams, that have ever figured "it" out, because very few teams, win over a extended period of time and for the record, I know why those teams have been successfull and that doesn't apply , to this team, this year..........back to square one..........

As stated (above) the passing game wasn't steller (hasn't been for around a month) the running game wasn't steller (adequate) the defense was ...s-h-r-e-d-d-e-d!! "That" unit was....decent,ok, very good.

Luck and the passing game has been off for quite some time, the running game, shows up, at times, the O-line played better. Ballard doesn't get talked about much, compared to the other rookies, but he has won (helped-big time) quite a few games, with runs that iced the game, when a run to ice the game was needed and everyone know's what you are going to do (run) that's huge, with an assist to the maligned O-line who has to create some crease for him to run through. In the end it just seems likes somebody makes a play, when a play is " needed" even if they didn't do that, for the previous 57-58-59 minutes, I guess that ("it" ) is called being a winner, there is no clear cut definition of what that is, you just have it, or you don't and since I have no other explanation, that must be what "it" is...........

final thought: sometimes, there is no explanation ( although my mind won't accept that) and all we can do is sit back and enjoy the result.......

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