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Chuckstrong (game #16)



I have watched all 16 games this year and have watched a team that is the only team in the playoffs with a negative ( significant) point differential, we all know that turnovers are game wreckers and we are at the bottom of the list, all year I have tried to figure it out.......and the bottom line is winning, so............what does it matter

I have not been shy about sharing my thoughts on the changes, never will agree that they needed to be made, that is neither here, not there, they have happened and it's certainly not the first decision that was made without my consent (:-) nor will it be the last.

The changes, regardless of the reasoning had to be....quality...they were filling the shoes are some of the best the game has ever seen.

The hiring of Grigson appears to be quality, he has a great eye for talent, not all of his moves have paid off, that's not realistic, the draft class has done very well and will be graded years down the road and there have been some great "finds" the (year after year) next man up, has really been intrumental this year, today's starting D-line.....Mathews-Guy-Tevaseu...huh? It's too early to tell what his philosophy will be, but once again, it's about winning.

Hiring coach Pagano, was one the few changes I was 100 % onboard with from day #1, he is an lifer and football is what he does, I knew that move would bode well. His illness has become a big part of this season's story and I think has alot to do with the outcome, starting with his foundation of what it takes to win in this league and continuing with his fight, which carried over to the players on the field, that's hard for others teams to match.

Drafting Luck............ who I feel will be the best QB to ever play when it's all said and done and another move I wasn't and never will agree with, regardless of the success, it has nothing to do with him, but the way a team goes about winning (team)............... has paid off, having one of the best leading your team will always be a plus and as we have seen before, we will always have a chance.

Coach Arians stepped in and what he has accomplished is beyond remarkable.

The sucess of this season can be attributed to all of these moves, Grigson putting together a roster of winners.....Coach Pagano laying the winning foundation and the coaching staff they put together and Coach Arians keeping it all going without a hint of distraction and the entire roster of players who have ALL played a part, doesn't matter how much talent you have, how well you are coached, if they players don't deliver. Despite all of the negative stats, this team has won and is in the playoffs, because the players delivered, not all game, every game, but when they "needed" to.

The future of this team, can be summed up by taking a look at the QB, what seperates him is not only does he have the physical ability, but the mental side of it, combined with athletic ability AND off the charts intangibles, that's why I think he will be the best-ever, that's called the complete package and then some.....this team may not be the most talented...yet...... but if they can be this successfull with a team that doesn't match up (on paper) then how good can they be when they have aquired more talent? When that talent is added , over the years, with this kind of leadership (Pagano/Grigson) then the sky is the limit and like our QB, has the makings of the best-ever, what's left to be seen, is how they respond......

Congrads to the entire coaching staff, the entire roster and the man who put it together (Grigson) for a job well done (understatement) and for earning everything that was achieved, by being winners!

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