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A look back ( and ahead) QB-RB



QB-What can be said about Andrew Luck, that hasn't been said.........he came into this league with maybe more hype than any other QB and exceded expectations..........the guy's game is flawless, he is already one of the leagues better QB's and how great he will be, will be fun to watch

The only thing we know about the backups is, they looked very good in pre season and the only way we will really find out is if Luck gets hurt

next year- Luck will have experience-look out!!

Stanton is a free agent, I think they will chose between him and Harnish for the backup and let the other one go

RB- Ballard really came on in the second half of the year, averaging close to 70 yds per game in the final 11 games, pro-rated over a 16 game season would have had him 3rd in the AFC, what also stood out was his ability to finish games, Brown had some nice runs, but wasn't able to stay healthy-most of the year, Karim really added a spark to the return game. Carter seems to have some ability, but wasn't used much

next year- Ballard, with the starting job and additional carries should be one of the better RB's in the AFC, I expect those 4 to be back and be a very formidable group

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