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Fine from the NFL for showing support for Chuck....



Whats wrong with this picture?? 13 Passes for 212 yards. The game winning TD. Not the focus in this photo of our beloved Reggie. By showing support for our leader Chuck P wearin an orange mouthpiece, and, gloves ( the color that signifies leukemia awareness) the NFL is more than likely imposing a fine for violation of the "no wiggle room" player uniform code. Shame on you NFL...



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can't he wear orange and pink (like he already is) and support both pink and coach pagano/leukemia? makes no sense...

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I had heard that there would not be a fine. This was a tweet by Mike Chappell:

Mike Chappell@mchappell51

NFL will not fine #colts WR reggie wayne for wearing orange gloves in sunday's win vs. GB. appropriate non-call, so to speak.

Not just a tweet - he wrote about this in the Star two days ago.


There are enough reasons to say "shame on you NFL" without fabricating them.

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I appreciate all input. This was the info I got earlier, never wish to post invalid info as I always research all postings.

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I'm glad they are not, they would not want the negative response that it would inspire of fans, even if they were to impose a fine, I bet Reggie would of just rolled with it and stuck to his tribute! Go Reggie! #ChuckStrong

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All colors that support cancer and the fallen should be accepted just as numbers on helmets and black bands when an NFL family member has passed.

Reggie has been with coach Pagano for a long time. Kudos to the great 87!

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