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  1. When I was in Indy for the game in October I picked up a Chuckstrong shirt at the Proshop. Please e mail me your address and I will send the shirt for your dad. Go Colts!!! My e -mail is sharon.indianapoliscolts@gmail.com
  2. T'was the night before a new season, And all through the Stands, Flashbacks of 2011, with no back up Plan. A #12 Jersey hung in the Locker Room with care, For a new Rookie QB soon would be there. Fans of the COLTS , tossed and turned in their beds, while visions of a 2 win season, replayed in our heads. A new GM and New Coach too, 34 new players, what can they do? The phone at the Draft had rang with a clatter, the # 1 pick, will he really matter? The season has come, it seems like in a Flash, A fight every game to avoid being Last. A fresh clean slate, like Cold Winter Snow, to finsh better than last year, this was the Goal. He appeared on the Sidelines, as the Players ran out, callin their names with a wave, and a shout..Now Andrew, now Reggie, now Donald and, Vic. On T.Y., on Cory, on Adam, and Pat. Play at the Top of your game, make each second count, cause it's never over, til the Clock runs out. So out on the field his players they flew, Rookies, and Vets, the White, and the Blue. A mixed bag of Plays, some Old, Most New, to leave it all on the Field, and, do what they do. He was dressed in COLTS blue , with a 1 and a 2, down after down, he threw and he threw. Reggie kept Hauling em in, with a twist of his Head, letting all COLTS fans know this year was nothing to dread. Andrew a man of few words had gone straight to his work, throwing pass after pass, for All he was worth. With the last Game of the Regular Season left to Play We have received the Greatest News, on any Winters Day!! Our Leader has returned, No Longer outta sight, Mission Accomplished, CHUCK won the FIGHT!!
  3. Let's just get it done in Detroit... 8-4 Play off- bound. Who knew 2012 would be this kind of year!! With this duo, what could go wrong??....To all the COLTS... we got YOUR back...
  4. Recent comment by Bruce Arians may land him in some hot water with the NFL. “I’d love to have him on my team,” said Arians regarding Lions defensive tackle Ndamukon Suh. “I like the way he plays. He plays aggressive, hard, fast and physical.” The league’s anti-tampering policy prohibits “[a]ny public or private statement of interest, qualified or unqualified, in another club’s player . . . to a member of the news media. The league has declined comment on whether Arians’ comments violate the anti-tampering policy. COME ON!!! IT'S NOT LIKE HE RAN A BOUNTY SCANDAL.. BUT, a rule is a rule... we shall see...
  5. Our super squad touches down in hostile territory on Sunday the 18th. Looking forward to a " Play for the Whole 60 min's " effort. When the fog clears, and the stands are quiet who will be left standing?? GOOD LUCK COLTS!!! WE LOVE YOU!! INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs Andrew Luck 208 362 2631 10 Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs Donald Brown 88 361 4.1 1 Vick Ballard 89 314 3.5 0 Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs Reggie Wayne 69 931 13.5 3 Donnie Avery 38 519 13.7 1 COMPLETE STATS NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Passing Cmp Att Yds TDs Tom Brady 232 358 2645 18 Ryan Mallett 1 3 17 0 Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs Stevan Ridley 172 814 4.7 6 Brandon Bolden 43 234 5.4 2 Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs Wes Welker 66 810 12.3 2 Rob Gronkowski 46 611 13.3 8 COMPLETE STATS THE MATCHUP
  6. Congrats on being a We Are ColtStrong! Gallery winner!

  7. Receiving Yds: 931 Receptions 69, 123 catches He's NOT JUST BACK, HE NEVER LEFT!! Big Reggie, WE SALUTE YOU!! This is the face of a Champion!!
  8. Swept under the rug by the Football Critics, be back in the game in 2 to 3 years ( sure love to see them proven wrong). Our COLTS have given them all something to write about, talk about, and predict about. Most passing yards ( 433) for a Rookie in a single game Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne passing Edgerrin James for the third-most touchdowns (76) in franchise history. Sleeper Ty ( Tyrone) Hilton, and, Flying Vic Ballard bringing excitement and cheers. Mathias and Freeney, the list goes on and on. Primetime tonight on the NFL network I predict a 10 point win over the Jag's. COLTS fans get ready to rock it in Jville!!
  9. A lot of predictions, a lot of smack talk. Battle of the Rookies, Dolphins jumping to a lead early. Colts held to 2 touch downs. Enough already, the # 8 pick may not even play on Sunday due to that Left knee issue. Miami 30 points plus?? The Dolphins Rollin in like a tidal wave?? In Lucas Oil, I think not. Let’s take a look at what we are fishing with: Ryan Tannehill: 1,472 passing yards, four touchdowns (and one rushing score), six interceptions, 59.1 completion percentage, 75.8 passer rating Andrew Luck: 1,971 passing yards, eight touchdowns (and three rushing scores), eight interceptions, 55.6 completion percentage, 74.6 passer rating 76% of the polls say , COLTS loose on Sunday. Don't know about you, but, I don't believe in Polls.
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