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Colts season without Peyton Mannning

Ex Colts Fan


I am an Indianapolis native born and raised and have been a loyal fan ever since we got the Colts, but after what Irsay did to Manning I hope they loose every game and go back to how bad they sucked before Manning and after he was injured. Peyton will shine in Denver and has many seasons left in him... Andrew luck shined in an Ivy league program but he is playing with the big dogs now and when the real season starts he'll be running for his life every play.

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lol, well Peyton is all about money also. Figure if they Kept Peyton and think of more players they would have to cut. The Colts would have sucked with no Receivers he was used to, no offense line,so he been beat up. Really think on what you are talking about before saying crap. I love Peyton like everybody else, but he never would have lasted this season and been cut next year. So Mr Irsay did what he new he would have had to do when he signed Peyton to that big contract. He was going to cut sooner or hope Peyton retire.So Cry in your beer, you was never a Colts fan to begin with. GO COLTS

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  • Wow an ex colts fan trolling the colts fan forums. That is super cool of you. Chasing the all mighty dollar goes both ways. The Colts horrendous salary cap situation is a big reason many players were let go this off season. If Manning was truly in it for just the good of the team he would have taken a pay cut. That is one nuance of the story Manning- only fans forget. Manning is a hall of famer and a Colt for life but, what transpired this post season was best for the colts and for Manning.

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Nice post, really....NOT. Where to start with what is wrong with this post. For one, you were NOT a Colts fan, you are a Peyton fan. The last time I checked he is still playing in Denver and you are more than welcome to join their fan forum and rave about him there. Secondly, Andrew Luck has shined at every level of the game he has played, the NFL will be no exception. I will always respect and admire Peyton for what he has done for our fair state and the great city of Indianapolis, but it is time for the city, state, team and fans to move on form the old and welcome the new. This is a business and a business decision was made, move on or move over

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After what Manning did to the Colts and Irsay, taking $26M from the salary Cap just to rehab, good riddance.

Denver is welcome to take 85-90% of his arm, wobbly passes and INT`s galore.

I do like the Stadium and SB win.

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YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE TEAM THAT DIDN'T DRAFT LUCK !!! and you can't have 50 million in QBS ....loved ya peyton thanks for the memories...i go all the back to the mayflower with this team

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I would imagine that you have been watching Peyton in Denver's pre season games and can see he is struggling right now. Im not saying that he will not turn it around, but he is not playing at the same level as he was when he wore the right uniform. A nerve injury is the kiss of death for a qb in todays league. The passes need velocity and timing, he does not have either yet.

What Jim Irsay did was give Peyton the best chance at another superbowl, nothing more nothing less. Peyton and other players high salaries stood in the way of us getting the talent to re-load. We had been declining since 2009 and were in desperate need of young talent.

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Have been a COLT fan since 1968 Irsay did the right thing. I will always root for Peyton unless he plays us. Time to move on this kid luck looks special and im excited about the future

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I watched the PM release announcement press conference again last night, watched how many times Peyton actually got choked up, while Jimmy was talking, he's better at hiding it but it was a lot. Peyton was really cool in person, had a small part in a commercial with him, he was very personable and funny! He'll be missed for sure, but we have to look forward. I AM STOKED about Andrew Luck, and what he's shown already!! #COLTSTRONG

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I sure miss Peyton, I do wish him the best. COLTS fans are loyal and encouraging, changes happen. I am sorry you are no longer a COLTS fan. Mr Irsay did'nt just get off the boat, he had to make a difficult decision. I hope you will give LUCK and our team a chance!!! FLASHYCOLT...

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All I can say is, I LOVE THIS NEW TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing against

Peyton but I've been waiting for years for a team like this that doesn't revolve the whole team around one player making him some kind of god which he is not!!! Win or lose I LOVE IT!!!! But what else can I say, Colts fan since 1958 so the uniforms can be running around with no body in them or they can be in GREENLAND, I WILL DIE A COLTS FANS!!!



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