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    COLTS FOOTBALL! Exercising, especially throwing some iron, good eats, and family!
  1. Matt Overton & Jabin Sombrano thought we were too Coltstrong to pass up a photo with!
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    http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/gallery/image/798-0816121551a/ COLTSTRONG
  3. I watched the PM release announcement press conference again last night, watched how many times Peyton actually got choked up, while Jimmy was talking, he's better at hiding it but it was a lot. Peyton was really cool in person, had a small part in a commercial with him, he was very personable and funny! He'll be missed for sure, but we have to look forward. I AM STOKED about Andrew Luck, and what he's shown already!! #COLTSTRONG
  4. For those that say 'preseason doesn't matter, I quote Mark Schlereth; "It may not COUNT, but it DOES matter. Many players get their starts because they got to shine in preseason, including myself." Quote ME on this: For a team that went 2-14 the year before, overhauled the coaching staff as well as most of the team, including the loss of future Hall of Fame QB and offensive genius Peyton Manning, has MANY rookies as starters, and has struggled to maintain a loyal fanbase...it DOES matter. You're going to tell me that preseason doesn't matter to this team? You're completely out of touch, and an occasional fan. It may not matter to you, but this is like watching your kids grow up, not just wanting to fast forward to them being 21 so you can go out for a beer. This is just the beginning of the Rise of The Blue Nation. If 'preseason doesn't matter, than you can sit down, while I rise with it."-The Legion
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    ColtStrong 2013+

    Tailgating and gameday pics
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