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I'm Back



As some of you may have read; Friday, June 29th was my mother’s 91st birthday. The only thing she wanted for her birthday was rain. She got her wish and we did receive 8/10 of an inch of rain that day, but paid a heavy price for the rain.

That afternoon, the sky started to look rather ominous; so I turned on my TV to a local radar channel and saw a storm heading our way. This time it didn’t look like it would miss us as it has done so frequently the past few weeks and I was so excited. Finally, RAIN!!! :dancing:

Then the winds started to pick up and all kinds of stuff starting flying through the air. I found myself thinking, “This must be how Dorothy felt”. :omg:

At 3:11 p.m., we lost electricity. My first thought was to head to the basement; but I knew there was no way I could get my mother down those steps and there was also no way that I would abandon her.

When the storm finally subsided, I ventured outdoors to survey the damage. My yard was polka-dotted with shingles that had blown off our roof.

The awning that is over a bay window on the south side of our house resembled an accordion. The hail made the screens and window air conditioner on the west side of our home look like someone had used them for target practice

On the north side, there was very little siding left and the big sliding door on our pole barn was hanging in three parts with the fourth part blown away.

Two big trees had been uprooted. One landed on my ornamental pear tree. :Cry:The other landed on my son’s car. t-h-u-d

There was also a lot of debris in our yard which included several pieces of shredded cable. As I picked that up, I wondered where in the world that cable had come from.

Since this storm wrecked a lot of havoc in the area, there was a long wait to have our power restored. It wouldn’t have been quite as bad if we had a generator, but we don’t and couldn’t afford one even if we had been lucky enough to find one.

The worst thing was trying to sleep at night. No air conditioning, no fan, and no breeze lead to very miserable evenings and very little sleep.

As many of you may already know, this storm was considered a land hurricane because there were wind gusts up to 91 mph which were equal to those of a category 1 hurricane. The technical word for it is “super derecho” . . . a widespread, long lived windstorm that accompanies rapidly moving thunderstorms.

Four days, two hours, and fifty eight minutes later; our power was finally restored. The crews that restored that power were ones that had come here from Oklahoma. Those workers have a special place in my heart :heart:and when they finally return home, I’m sure they will tell everyone about the crazy lady who was standing in her yard blowing them kisses when they restored her power.

Today, I sent that power company in Oklahoma (OGE) an e-mail to thank their workers. At times like this, so many complain; but few remember to show their appreciation for those who worked long hours in the sweltering heat so that others could live more comfortably.

However, I was still without the internet. Those hunks of cable that I picked up turned out to be the cable that brought the internet into my home. :slaphead:

On Wednesday, I drove to the library thinking that I could spend a little time online. Duh is me! I didn’t think about the fact that it was the 4th of July and that the library would be closed. It wasn’t until yesterday that I was finally able to get the repair done which meant that I went 6 days, l hour, and 15 minutes without internet access. :drama:

The man that came to my house to make the needed repairs was greeted with a cold pack for his forehead, a bottle of partially frozen water, and my gratitude. Since he had dealt with so many angry customers, he was amazed.

However, I learned a long time ago that kindness pays off. When he left, he had adjusted my bill . . . almost cutting it in half. That ice wrap, water, and gratitude cost me about $2; but saved me $150.

Now I am working on the disgusting :barf: task of emptying two freezers and a refrigerator/freezer full of rotten food. My insurance will cover the cost of this food (up to $750), but I have to make a list itemizing each item along with the cost and a picture.

Trying to find the silver lining in all this has been hard. I realize that I should be thankful that none of us were harmed and know that others across the US were affected more severely. And, many of those who just had their power restored near my home were knocked out again yesterday by another storm.

So, on the bright side; I will end up with two very clean freezers and a refrigerator. I also lost those five pounds that I have been trying to shed because I had no appetite during all this. I just drank tons of lukewarm diet Coke.

Anyhow, I missed all of you; but, I’m back. :thmup:



Glad you are back,but much happier that you all survived and no one was hurt. Have had no rain here yet, looking like maybe Sunday. Had a big wind storm last Friday but not that damage that you went through. Glad once again that you are all ok.



Jul 07 2012 05:21 AM

You see, kindness does pay literally in more ways than one. I am relived to hear Shecolt that you and your mother survived the storm in one piece and that your insurance company is understanding and helpful too during your recent stormy ordeal.

Nice to have you back safe and sound SheColt and I hope all your friends and family are safe now too. Welcome back my friend!!!



Jul 07 2012 08:26 AM


You still sound like your upbeat self and not even a little bit crabby

I am so glad that your family is ok and I hope insurance covers everything



Jul 07 2012 01:38 PM

Welcome back :) We've missed you.

I saw where that storm went through and all of the people without power. I was hoping you were not one of them but glad you've got your power back now and everyone is safe.

Crazy weather this year!


Susie Q

Jul 07 2012 05:59 PM

Welcome back and glad that everyone is safe and glad you have your power back. We also had a storm but not nearly as bad as what hit your area. We had quite a few without power but I was not one of them. All I had was part of a tree from the property behind me fall in my back yard and that will be cleaned up next week. This heat is taking a toll on my asthma and I am having to stay inside and praying the ac doesn't conk out. Rosie is saying doggie prayers also because she doesn't like this heat at all.

Stay safe and maybe this heat will subside soon. I'm hearing that next week it will be in the 80's. Thank heavens hope their correct on that prediction.



Jul 07 2012 10:53 PM

Thanks to everyone for your kind words.

We had a visit from an adjustor today and everything went very well.

They will be replacing the roof and residing the south, west, and north sides of my home. They will also replace the shutters, awnings, gutter, window screens, shop door, and air conditioner.

I don't know how much it will cost us for tree cleanup, but he gave us the maximum which is $1,000.

I hadn't gotten around to itemizing and taking pictures of all the spoiled food because I didn't know how to dispose of it. Our trash service doesn't come until Tuesday, so I hated to put it in trash cans given the heat as the stench would have been so bad.

However, he took one look at the contents of my freezers (the food has been refrozen) and gave me the maximum of $750.

They will also pay the bill for the needed repair to give me interent access again.



Jul 08 2012 05:09 PM

Glad to see you back!!!! Look forward to alot more of your posts!!!


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If anyone is reading my blog and think it looks strange, that is because I goofed and posted my original blog in the wrong place.

I now have my blog posted properly (I think), but didn't want to lose any of the kind comments that all of you have made. So, I just included them in my blog.

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We had some nasty storms here in MD about 2 weeks ago, glad you and your Mom are ok. Wow, 90+ m.p.h winds, thats crazy..and scary

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Didn't read this until now. Glad you are OK. When nature cuts loose, it is as unsettling as any feeling in the world. Mankind's biggest scares are puny in comparison.

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Glad you and your mother are safe, and that your home will be back soon. Your act of kindness during the ordeal is truly awesome and inspiring...I'm also glad to have you back online and with your Colts family here...whenever you are gone, you truly are missed.

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