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Sport's Illustrated ABC's



I haven't written a blog for a long time and this is one that may only be appreciated by those with young children or grandchildren; but I wanted to share the story of the smile my grandson, Luke, put on my face today.

He was told that he could pick out some books at the library and one of the books he choose was "Sport's Illustrated Kid's Football ABC's".

Good job, Luke! :thmup:

When he saw a picture of Andrew Luck wearing his Colt's uniform; he said, "Colts".

That really made me smile because I have been working for months to get my almost two-year old grandson to say, "GO COLTS". :colts:

The only problem is that he can't figure out why a football is called a ball because he thinks all balls should be round. :scratch:

So, grandma still has a lot of work to do; but I am hoping that my story may have put a little smile on the faces of anyone who reads this . . . and . . . GO COLTS!!!

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