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Mother Goose



It's that time of year again when I am suffering from football withdrawals and amuse myself by creating National Day blogs.

Today is National Mother Goose Day. As a child, I only owned one book. It was a Mother Goose nursery rhyme book. The pages of that book became ragged as I read and reread those rhymes.

That inquisitive child often questioned some of those rhymes which drove my mother nutz :nutz: Let's take Humpty Dumpty. I would ask:

Why was he sitting on a wall? And, if he took a great fall; doesn't that mean it was a very high wall?.

How could the king's horsemen put Humpty together? Horses don't have thumbs and fingers. They have hooves.

And, how dumb were the king's men to think that the horses could help?

However, I now know that history tells us that Humpty was really a cannon used during the English Civil War.

And, I don't even want to think about poor Jack and Jill. :mindblow:

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omigosh I can totally picture you asking those questions! :)

I loved mother goose as well. Also I have a very old copy of the real grim fairy tales. Let me tell you, they were very Grim! They were really sanitized over the years

Grim lessons were brutal. I think they felt the need to scare children into being good. especially girls!

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I ask a ton of questions too shecolt. It is a sign of a sharp & inquisitive mind. Quite clever too. I might add. Well done!!!

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