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A look at the roster for 2012 (QB-RB-TE)



With all the off season programs in full swing and training camp around the corner, a preview of each position and where we stand:

QB: Luck-Stanton-Harnish

If Luck plays the way I expect he will, I think he will, when it's all said and done, be the best QB this league has ever seen, he has everything in takes to be that guy, with his makeup, along with his talent, would seem to indicate he will. I really don't expect a big learning curve, he should excel from day #1

Stanton is the best backup QB this team has had in a long time

don't see the Colts keeping 3 QB's, but Harnish is worth keeping around

RB: Brown-Carter-Ballard-Karim-Evans

Brown has shown flashes and gotten better each year, he needs to prove he's the man and will need to be, Karim is a quality backup. Carter and Ballard are the power backs, Carter has looked good with the exception of his fumbling issues, which I am confident he has learned from and Ballard has been talked up as a "steal" in the draft and could push for a starting position. I like Evans, but not sure he makes the cut.

TE: Fleener-Allen-Smith (Miller-Jones)

Fleener and Allen will both be big time TE's in this league, sooner than later. Not too high on the other 3 and don't see much a difference in talent level, but I think there will be 3 TE's on the roster next year, I went with Smith.

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I appreciate this summary. I'm going to need a roster in front of me for some time in order to learn all the names and numbers.

And as far as QB goes........better safe than sorry I say.

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Thanks for posting...I agree with Maureen, I'm going to need a roster for a while.. :)

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I cannot say I disagree with anything here.

At QB, I feel Harnish at least is on the practice squad readying him for a possible Stanton departure at year's end and as insurance for injury.

At RB, I am really wondering if Brown or Carter may be on the block for a CB. We just picked up Mewelde Moore as a nice 3rd down addition, and we added Deji Karim as well as draft pick Vick Ballard who I feel is gonna bruise some folks.....something is up here. Stay tuned LOL.

Good points on Fleener and Allen...I pick Smith too for his blocking. Since we may see 3 TE sets, my thoughts are Jones makes the team a as a 4th and we have yet another on the practice squad for injury backup. Love to speculate...thanks Colts7!!!

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They will keep 3 QB's - most teams do, and without proven, durable starter will need the extra insurance. Hopefully Luck is able to stay in and we won't need the back-ups. I agree about Stanton being the best back-up in years.

The running back situation will be interesting to see. I still think Carter could have a big upside - last year wasn't a good year for him or the team to show that.

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