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A look at the roster for 2012 (WR/O-LINE)



WR: Wayne-Collie-Avery-Hilton-Brazill-Whalen

Reggie has quietly become of the best in NFL history with year after year of consistent production (with another 1,000 season, he would rank in the top 15 all-time). I think Collie is the forgotten man, his production the year he had concusion issues was on a Pro bowl level, before the injury. Avery brings elite speed and unfilled expectations to the team and I think he will excell. Hilton and Brazill, also bring very good speed to the position. Whalen is a decent prospect, but not sure he will make the cut either.


I believe Castonzo will show he is a top quality left tackle, Justice will be a better than avg right tackle and could even be, very good. Anderson and Foster are huge (340 lb) , Anderson will make the team, I give the edge to Linkenbach for versatility, over Foster.

G: McGlynn-Ijilana-Reitz

McGlynn has become a leader for the O-line and will set the bar for how this unit plays as a group. I think Reitz will start the year and eventually become a very good backup to Ijilana, who I think has tremendous upside.

C: Satele-Shipley

Satele won't make anyone forget Saturday, but I think he will be a very good player. Don't really see a sure fire backup, not sure Shipley is that guy, several players have experience at C and that could open a spot for Foster to make the team.

summary: there are more questions than answers for this entire team, alot of players who could excell or ...........not play as expected, which would the difference between being competetive and being out-manned, every week. Players like Avery, Justice, McGlynn, Satele, Brown, Carter need to play at a high level. I don't see any major holes on this side of the ball, providing all , or most of those mentioned perform as expected.

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Just like always it comes down to staying healthy. "IF" they can stay healthy and get continuity this line could be great. We know what Reggie and Collie are capable of,I`m kind of excited to see what the rest can do. Can`t wait for camp to start

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Good analysis!

Avery is getting a 'new lease on life.' Collie will benefit from Fleener and Allen. Reggie is....well...Reggie!! Iterested in what Hilton and/or Brazil can bring to the table in the receiving/return game.

OL is better than last year IMO. Other than the leadership of Saturday we are bigger and stronger. McGlynn can be that back-up at center if needed. I would like to see Shipley get his chance...like Saturday did at one point. He was a BEAST at Penn State.

At guard possibilities are the Monster Anderson from Georgia as well as former Eagle Jason Foster. Grigson loves 'his guys.'

Linkenbach gets a ton of heat for some of his 'follies' from last year, but has experience now and is a valuable back-up. As usual nice job Ken!!!

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