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Colts/cowboys ( a clinic on how to lose a football game)



Haven't seen too many games over the past 16 years, that looked that bad, a complete domination in all 3 phases of the game. Still not sure what it means, teams can look really bad, one week, then look dominant, the next, but this was really bad and so complete, I think there has to be something made of it, nothing surprises me anymore in the NFL, it only takes 3 wins in the postseason to get the Super Bowl and even teams with holes, can play really good, for a short stretch, I think one other factor that has to be considered is our record this year vs (probable) playoff teams. In the 5 games vs new england-Denver-pittsburg-cincinatti and the cowboys, our record is 1-4 and most of those games, were blowout losses, the other 9 wins came vs teams with a combined 42-92 record. I read a while back, how this team has beaten up on the weak and really struggled vs the really good teams and that seems to be the case. You never know..................but I think it looks like it going to be a while, before this group is ready to play with the big boys, what I mean by that, is not just making it to the postseason, but going deep into it and having a realistic chance to win

I also haven't seen many games where there wasn't something positive that happened, usually it's individual efforts, in a loss like that, can't really say I saw anything positive in todays game...zero!

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I remember one. The Colts at New Orleans what was that 62- to whatever?

This one remind me of that.

I think I'm going to be a Bandwagon jumper now who should I jump???

Question questions..

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CʻMON COLTS!!! When are you gonna learn that we donʻt have a REAL RB, knew it was goin 2 b a disaster, really runnin 3x on 1st series. LUCK IS OUR FRANCHISE GET HIM A REAL O-LINE REAL RB AND A REAL OFF-COOR AND DEF-COOR, now Iʻm gonna get wasted and try 2 forget this ever happened but probably wont 

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It all starts with fundamentals, and GM is responsible for building a team around a potential great QB! O line, what a joke, RB, are you kiddie ins me!, D, mediocre at best! Only upside TY and Coby. I mentioned this last season and was criticized for my comments about Grisham and Pagano. Perhaps we may get lucky and win a PO game, but watching yesterday it gonna be a uphill task! Totally gigged by my Dallas buddies, much growe eaten and as I always do on Monday morning watched post comments of Coach, and as always a redundant choice of words," all fazes of game" oh really!!!! Come on Irsay make some dam moves!!!!!

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