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Thoughts on the talent level of the team



I have read quite a few opinions recently about how the Colts have an average to below average team and how Luck masks some of that, it's not a new opinion, heard it a few times during Peyton's tenure. Having a great QB, will mask some issues, but I always wondered how they would come to that conclusion, we as fans, tend to elevate our players and think they are the best, but it still didn't really make sense to me. We just had 5 selections to the Pro Bowl and have 2 additional players , who have a good chance of going,who are alternates (if we don't play better and have quick exit in the postseason, a Super Bowl appearance will not include any Colts in that game). How I see it:

QB- already considered one of the best in the NFL, is his third year

RB- well, not exactly elite, can't help but think of how much better this team would have been, had Richardson lived up the potential. Herron is solid and over a 16 game season, would have respectable stats and Bradshaw was playing very well, before another injury

TE- both are very good, but since they are both very good, neither one of them will have the individual stats other TE's have, their combined stats are right on par with the * from new england

WR- Hilton made it, Reggie isn't the Reggie of the past, but has been one of the best in league, for many years and still is valuable, Moncreif has shown signs of becoming a very good player in the very near future and could be as good as Hilton, in time and Nicks is a very good receiver who just doesn't get many reps.

S- Adams is 1 of the alternates and was talked about as having a Pro Bowl type season, Landry, who is only a few years removed from playing in that game and Brown, split time at the other spot, they both bring a set of skills to the position and as a duo, at least decent

CB- Davis made it and finally took that next step, Toler is a good player, not great, he has his moments and at times, looks very good and at times...not, I have always felt Butler is a very high quality #3 CB

OLB- Walden has been solid, Werner had some flashes and is still growing, hard to speculate on where he will end up and Newsome has had a good rookie year

ILB- I think both Jackson and Freeman are close to that level, Jackson had a really good year and if Freeman can elevate his game, just a tad, I think in any given year, one of them could go,Jackson is an alternate

There is a reason I made the 2 lines last, it is where the game is won,or lost

DE/DT- Jones was the big off season addition, he has missed most of the year with injuries, so we will have to wait to see how good he is going to be, Redding has been solid and Jean-Francois and Kerr had their moments and Kerr is a rookie,as a group, pretty good

NT- Even more important than the line play, as a whole, this postion is critical to the overall defense, it's needs to be played a farely high level, Chapman and Hughes, like many others have shown flashes, but flashes , need to develope into production, at some point

T- Costanzo and Cherlius have both been solid

This is where the problem is and where it has been for quite a few years:

C- a constant shuffling of players, trying to find somebody who will take over and win the job, I like Harrisons skill set and measurables, The Colts seem to think Holmes is the future and I have always noticed the line seems to play better, when Shipley is in there

G- I think Mewhart will be at least, a solid player and maybe.....

The line has been dealt a big blow, the last 2 years, with Thomas missing both years, still don't know how good he is, Thortan may develope and may not, the rest of the players are short term solutions

K- Adam is still one of the best and arguably, the best ever

P- McAfee is a beast , so glad he finally took his game to that level, as a punter-kickoff specialist, tackler and on side guy, he is a real weapon

LS-Overton, made it last year, have no idea how you really grade that position


5 Pro bowlers

2 alternates

3 players with recent appearances

1 Pro Bowl caliber duo (TE)

( that is close to half the starting lineup)

Some good looking rookies and some good solid players

That does not equate to an average or below average starting group, in my opinion

Grigson really needs to make sure the O-line is not only a priority, but a neccessity, this team has a great core of young players and is still growing, with an improved O-line and the development of some players (hopefully) the future looks bright and the sky is the limit


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