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Colts/titans and on to the postseason



Mission successfull ( hopefully-injuries?)The mission was to win, try to get some mojo back and not lose anybody to injury...check, check and wait and see, as several players left the game with injuries, didn't seem like they were serious, but with next weekends game, the goal is to be at full strength or as close as possible, we will see. I will never be onboard or understand the mindset, that we play 16 games...regardless....Super Bowl appearances are few and far between, you will be lucky to have several in your career and that is why they play the game, to be a champion. To risk that and risk injuries to key players in a game that your status will not change, win or lose, is just another in a very long line of ...are you kidding me!!!!!???????? Pagano stated that he was going to play it that way, then played it smart, kept the key guys in long enough to get some mojo back, then pulled them.

Nothing really stood out on offense or defense, the score and the numbers looked good , but that was vs arguably the worst team in the NFL. Luck played the first half and was effective, the running game was so/so...Reggie made an awesome catch and run, just to show the world ( and me) he still got it, not sure I really doubted that, but injury or no injury, he has not looked good for a rather substantial stretch. Hilton played, but was more of a decoy, than a weapon and finished with 0 catches. Fleener continued his great year and I didn't realize just how good of a year he had, he entered the game in 6th place for AFC TE receiving yds, pretty good-and even more impressive since he splits reps with Allen, he was 5-56 and 2 TD's, Doyle added the other TD

The 3 Pro Bowl or alternates, all had very good games,on defense, Jackson led the way with 9 tackles, Adams added a forced fumble to his league leading total takeaways and Davis, finished his shut down year, not giving up a TD-all year and had a forced fumble. Newsome stepped up big time, filling in for Werner, was 2nd with 6 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble, although it must be noted, he wasn't blocked on either sack. Andrew Jackson added a sack and McNary and Redding shared a sack.

Good news, bad news on special teams, Adam missed his first kick in over a year and missed having a perfect season and Cribbs, finally broke a big return.

We wait and see who we play next week, the steelers, or the bengals, not that it really means anything now, but we did dominate the bengals in a game this year and got dominated by the steelers and just for the record, we have played the steelers 5 times, in the postseason and are.....0-5!! Either one of those teams are beatable, with our A-game, but if we are able to pull that off, it's going to take wins over the *s and Broncos (most likely) to reach the 5th super Bowl appearance in Colts history. Every year, except 4, since brady's first appearance (2001) either Manning or brady (or both) have been in the AFC Championship game

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They need 2 play their hearts out in playoffs but agree itʻs possible 2 go 2 AFC title game and beyond, Pagano needs 2 pull out all his magic in his bag of tricks cause itʻs AFC championship game or BUST!!!

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