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Colts/*s-that was embarrasing



Offense: the passing game was good, Luck (23-39-303) just barely continued his 300+ yardage streak, Hilton was the targeted "takeout" and was held to 3-24, Fleener (7-144) was the winner of the who gets the reps, had a career game and looked like a BETTER gronk-*-ski (just a note, what a classless player, he should have been ejected from the game, with his driving block on Brown, which was waaaaaaaaaay out of bounds) I sure hope the defenders who wear the horseshoe remember that and retaliat-BIG TIME!!! because there is no excuse for a player acting like that, in the NFL!!! then tops it off, by running his mouth about it. Reggie (5-91) had a good game as well. The running game-Richardson and Bradshaw teamed up for 14 carries.....4 yards, that is UNACEPTABLE!! Not a good sign, with Bradshaw now out for year, who was the most productive of the duo. Herron has looked good, with limited reps.......time to step up and time for Richardson to dig deep and make it happen! It was a combination of several factors, but the bottom line is.....that CANNOT happen. Needless to say, the up and down O-line wasn't very sharp

Defense: looked clueless....501 total yards-244 rushing yards-9/12 on third downs, the *s could have had 300+ yards running if they choose to. Did not matter what play was called, we were defensless. Adams had a monster game, leading the way with 11 tackles and 2 picks. May have been the worst effort from a Colts defense I have ever witnessed. When you play on primetime TV, against one of the best teams in your conference and look that bad, you need to be embarassed. you need to be called out-UNACEPTABLE!! I know Brown has earned the right to start and Landry has been a major disapointment, but.........he would have probably been a better matchup, in this game vs the jerk TE and vs the power running game they used.

Special teams: pride of the team-Adam hit both field goals, including a 53 yarder, is still perfect on the year, another great game for McAfee and the coverage units, a couple of great plays for McDonald. Welcome to Indy Josh Cribbs ( that would qualify as an explosive returner) one of the leagues best, in recent years.

Summary: another very in-effective performance vs a top tier team....it should be a wake up call, but teams go from slumps to on-a-roll, each and every week in todays NFL, all games count, division titles and home field is on the line, but if this team gets hot and starts rolling, a month from now and keeps it going in the postseason.......none of this really matters

Next up: thank you schedule makers......the 1-9 jags

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I would include the cheerleaders as looking good! All kidding aside Colts7, it was not a game to be proud off!

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Gronk is as classless as they come never thought I would  wished an injury on some one but he deserves it GO COLTS 

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