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Colts/jags ( daddy Hilton leads bounce back game)



Solid all around effort from all 3 units, but with that being said, that effort was vs prob the wost team in the NFL and it took a while to get it going, the way the game started, there had to be doubts it was even going to end up with a victory

Offense: Lucks 300+ yardage streak came to end at 8 games, 2nd all time behind Brees' 9. Luck finished 21-32-253 and added 49 yrds rushing, showcasing one of the reasons, he is one of the leagues elite. New daddy Hilton got his new baby girl a TD and led the way with 4-122, including the 73 yd TD, that broke the game open. A good game by the backs, totaling 107 yds, led by Herrons 65 and a TD for Richardson. Still don't know if this O-line is going to be good enough, I thought they would get better, but that hasn't been the case, Luck was sacked 5 times, in the first half and saw a stat that he was hit, hurried or sacked, every time he dropped back, but 1, in his first 20+ attempts and the running game,even with the 100+ plus yards, was mostly ineffective, they did play much better, in the 2nd half, but if you can't consistently pass block or run block.........

3 early turnovers didn't help.

Defense: the stats look very good (vs the worst team) 194 total yards, 3/13 on 3rd and 4th downs, 3 sacks and the biggest stat-2 turnovers, Jackson had another great game, with a team leading 13 tackles and a sack. Nice game from Landry ( about time) 5 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks

Special teams: Adam went 3-3 ( still perfect) McAfee and the coverage units-great game .......AND A RETURN GAME!!!! (how long has it been? ) Cribbs took the opening kickoff 46 yrds ( how long has it been? ) and had a 80+ yd punt return for a TD called back. Makes me wonder why it took so long to add a great returner who has been available-all year?

They all count and we all know if you don't "show up" even the worst team in the league can beat you, regardless of the talent level, it was a nice bounce back game

next up: 3-7 redskins and that "other" QB- remember him and all of those who wanted and would have drafted him over Luck, amazing .......Leaf-Manning and Griffin-Luck, how easily things could have been very different in Coltland

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I didn't watch the game but by fans reaction it was an ugly victory! Yes maybe we should play/execute better but a W is a W!

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Well said!  I was just sick watching the first half.  I would have been even sicker if I had gone to the game and we didn't scrape a W out of it!

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