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Colts/redskins (Luck dominates)



The stats are a little misleading, it's not that the redskins were all that competative, but it wasn't quite the dominating game it appears to be, thanks to and endless array of big plays, the redskins were forced to play from behind, most of the game and a game that started out very similar to last weeks, with a sack/strip on the games very first play and a interception the next time the offense was on the field and the defense, much like the offense, made big plays to overcome, inonsisitent-overall play

Offense: Luck has had some great games and is having a great season, today was one of his best efforts (19-27-370 and a career high 5 TD's) and some timely scrambles. Back to back great games from Fleener (4-127- 2 TD's) including a 73 yd TD, he dropped a pass when he was wide open and Luck missed him on another when he was wide open or he could have easily had a monster game and Moncrief (3-134-2 TD's, including a 79 yd TD) continues to gets more reps and make more plays. Alot of people were talking about the off-game Reggie had last week and the 2 receptions he had at the end of the game to keep his streak alive (3+ receptions) he can still be a big part of the offense and is still reliable in crunch time, but he is not the #1 receiver anymore and Nicks is all but an afterthought. Hilton (5-62) added a TD. Herron had a good/bad game, rushing for 88 yds on 8 carries, including a 49 yd TD, but has shown in these past 2 games, that holding on to the ball, is not his strong suit. Richardson also had 8 carries , totaling 12 yds, it is OFFICIAL, he is never going to justify his being the third selection in the draft, or the giving up of a 1st round pick, he runs behind the same line that Brown did and Bradshaw and Herron and they all seem to be productive, all except him and even though our line is far from stellar, the other backs have showed success, I think they all have a little more burst/quickness to hit those tiny holes, that he doesn't and he cannot get past the line of scrimmage, on most plays, maybe behind a better line, he would be more successfull and could use his power, but it's going to be a while (or longer) before that happens, on this team...487 total yards and 126 yds rushing and 49 points.

Defense: gave up 27 points and 425 total yards, part of that from the redskins, playing catchup and throwing the ball, most of the time. The big plays made the difference and fumble recovery by Jackson , that he took in for a score, 6 sacks and 5/17 on 3rd and 4th downs. I sure hope Davis doesn't miss much time, the secondary is pretty solid, when he is ion there and the defense-overall, but when he isn't , they do not play anywhere close to the same level and the secondary, really struggles. There were some very good individual efforts, Walden had 2 sacks and forced fumble, Freeman led the way with 10 tackles (plus a sack) I am really surprised at what a high level Adams has played, all year and made some key plays today. Toler had 5 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble and almost had another interception, that was nullified by a holding penalty , on him, that was somewhat questionable. Newsome had 4 tackles, 1 1/2 sacks and forced fumble and should be getting more reps than Werner, who has dissapeared, after a few solid games.

Special teams: no field goals from Adam, but was 7-7 on extra points, McAfee and the coverage units-another very good effort and Cribbs has really added a much needed spark to the return game.

next up, the browns, who after many years of being a non factor, are playing much better and we may see johnny football, who replaced hoyer in todays game, penalties and turnovers are usually critical is the end result of a game and they have been occuring and a very high rate, that needs to be fixed, before the postseason, you don't beat quality teams, playing like that

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