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Colts/browns (barely!)



A win is a win,we always hear there are things to clean up and there is a lot of things to clean up, if this team wants to go very far in the postseason, mainly the alarming rate of penalties and turnovers, with a great QB and an explosive offense ( as we have witnessed for 16 years) you will always have a shot, but it's very hard and almost impossible to win in the postseason, when you are beating yourself

Offense: Very good game for Luck (24-53-294 and 37 yds rushing) Good move drafting a QB with great size and athletic ability, a mortal QB, would have been in a body cast by now, cannot believe the hits this guy has taken in his career and still plays at a very high level. After a very unproductive first half (1-9) Hilton lit it up in the second half and finished with 10-150 and 2 TD's, Fleener (5-56) was solid, What is going on with Reggie, his streak came to an end and he has not looked good, dropping balls, it's too early to write anybody off with a track record like his, but this has been going on for a while now. Moncrief didn't have alot of reps, but had a huge catch, to keep the game winning drive going. The running game wasn't much of a factor, Richardson and Herron totaled 56 yds (in only 15 attempts), but Herron added another 45 receiving yds and made a game saving spectacular run on 4th and 1, to keep the game alive, after getting hit in the backfield

Defense: kept the game close, while the offense struggled with a solid team effort, Jackson and Freeman led the way with 9 tackles, Walden had the lone sack, Adams continued his very good season, with an interception and Gordy, ended the game with a pick. Solid effort from he DB's. who have struggled before, when Davis was out. The numbers look good...248 total yds and 4/15 on 3rd downs, but the Browns, left a lot of yards on the field.

Special teams: wasn't their best game of the year, but still solid, Adam hit both field goals, McAfee ( I think) was the leading tackler on coverage and they made a big play, before the final drive, forcing the Browns to start deep in their own end.

Next up: the 2nd place texans and a chance to clinch the division, there are only 3 games left in the regular season, it's time to get focused in and fix those problem areas

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Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Before and after the draft, a lot of offensive linemen out there we could have used. Got Mewhort in the draft, which is good, but it should have been multiplied by four. A lot of undrafted free agent offensive linemen out there we should have gotten and today the possibility of using tight ends on the offensive line was thought of. 

Hello! Andrew Luck is your quarterback. How come money wasn't spent on offensive line depth? 

Is Luck going to make it out of the regular season in one piece? 

New England spends $72 billion on an offensive line and Brady doesn't get or rarely gets touched.

Just sayin;.

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I agree, a solid O-line is a must have for this off season.  Seems like Colts every year are having a O-line carousel.  You lose continuity switching players that often through the season, nice to see guys step up but great teams have a solid line that start every week together.  Wayne has a undisclosed torn triceps injury that no one has talked about, with a banged up elbow and a knee surgery....I think OLD boy could use a week off to get him healthy for playoffs, good luck getting him off the field though.  Either way he will step up in the playoffs....REGGIE!

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I agree O-line, Luck has 2 throw 2 win n needs 2 b protected at any n all cost, letʻs face it heʻs the future of colts n we need a RB n Trent is not the answer so maybe AP or draft a RB

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the o-line issues are really getting old, its not like they arent trying to improve, getting cherilous and thomas, who hasnt played for 2 years and drafting holmes,mewhart,thortan, but its not enough, this is a pretty solid team, other than that problem area, they need to really focus on the line, until they get it right, even if that means drafting, nothing but...linemen, luck is lucky to still be standing, no pun intended, he takes a beating back there and he is the franchise, that needs to change!!

as far as reggie, i heard after the game, pagano saying he isnt healthy, if he isnt healthy, like it or not, he needs to be sitting and  watching and getting healthy, we are loaded with weapons on the offense, there is no reason for him to be in there, if he isnt 100%

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