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Thoughts on free agency (so far)



I am sure everybody was expecting more bang, with all the bucks that were available. I like Arthur Jones signing the best, I felt DE was the 2nd biggest need area, his versatility to play anywhere on the D-line, only adds to that.

I had high hopes for Josh McNary at ILB, I felt he really added alot with his ability to rush the passer and play the pass and was going to be a key player next season, the signing of D'Qwell Jackson is going to alter that. Jackson has been one of the most productive ILB's in the league, over the past few seasons, maybe McNary will be used as a role player (3rd down type?)

I didn't really see WR as a major need area, although many did..I liked what I saw from Brazill-Whalen and Rogers, with Reggie and Allen coming back, I felt we were in good shape there, Nicks is a proven play maker,who should excell in our system. I usually root for the underdog, like to see young players get their chance to play,etc

I was really hoping to see the pro bowl center Mack snapping the ball, but we went with Costa, to battle it out with Holmes.

It was good to see Davis, McAfee and Adam all re-signed. Was surprised Bradshaw is returning ( and Brown not) . I view Richardson-Bradshaw and Ballard as power running-full time type-backs, I do think a 2 rotation system is a good and effective system, not sure how a 3 back rotation works?? and Brown added speed and break away ability that none of the other 3 have and would have been a better fit

I really expected most of the attention to be on the O-line, Thomas coming back is a plus, but there really wasnlt much activity there, as of yet.

The 1 player, I did not want to see leaving , was Bethea...safety is now a major concern, the Colts seem to think Howell, can fill that spot, its not that easy to replace a pro bowl player, who never misses a game and has led the secondary for years.

Kind of a so so rating to me, got some really good players, although didn't view some of those areas as need areas, didn't address the #1 need area (enough) and lost some really good players...there is still time for more additions, plus the abbreviated draft picks to improve the roster

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we need a good veteran safety.....Clemons or Major Wright may cost less both are quality starters, sign them to 2 years guaranteed and get a safety in the next 2 drafts.  2016 we will have to pay the 2012 class some $......Still think we need a center, Holmes needs to move to guard, we need to find another center to compete with, Goodwin, Wendall, etc...same thing sign to 2 years guaranteed so we can address this issue in the next couple years, or Holmes may be the center of the future.

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I thought we should have kept Brown was surprised about Bradshaw have the feeling at some point will be looking for another RB. You have 2rb coming of injury and Richardson (I did not like this trade ) enough said.

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Thanks again for your insights Colts7.  I trust our people in command but also wonder about Bradshaw, TRich and Ballard.  Guess we are headed to the "Ground and Pound" but I like the "Flash and Dash" that Brown brought to the table.  I also felt that it would have been TRich, Ballard and Brown. I hope our O-line jells.

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 I was as well so sorry D. Brown is gone,,,,,,,,,,,,Bradshaw and Trent have some speed

 true that was a mystery not getting the prober help at OLINE ,,,,,,,,And I certainly don't want to get in that mode of oh we'll pick and fill the holes thru the draft that is putting so much pressure on 1st year players who picked that late in the rounds probably aren't going to be 1st year starters,And we cannot fool around w/rookies at key positions we are in dire need of a good Oline,,and the coachs owner GM know this yes Oline hasn't been properly addressed Costa he is ok no superstar,,,,,,,,,an average Joe.-Betha I am glad he is gone he couldn't cover worth anything he could lay the wood is about it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I HAVE HIGH ASPIRATIONS FOR Delano Howel I like this guy,,,,,,Mack would of broke the bank but may have solitifies the Oline more,,,,,,,,Donald Thomas coming back will GREATLY help his loss was tragic last season we felt the effects the next play

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Brown did have good numbers, but if he is a feature back he will not be as effective......  He formations and style of running were different than T-Richs, lets not forget his previous years.........When Brown was running there was more chance of passing. 

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I think some people think of free agency as 'someone new' added to the mix.


I really like how Colts7 mentions Davis...Patty Mac and AV...Bradshaw.  I will add Reitz as a nice backup.  It is great to keep your family intact!!

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