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Vontae Davis



Vontae Davis is asking for a contract bigger than Brent Grimes.....not surprising he is younger. I never like when players numbers are better in a contract year. He is a quality corner and can tackle, but QB's had a 98.0 QB rating when throwing his way. He had a excellent game against Denver where he got the national media pumping him up, he did play very well. I am not on the pay the man train, there is a stock pile of quality CB's in free agency. If you drop Toler you can afford to get 2 top CB's. Munnerlyn, Verner, DRC, etc... Davis wants nearly 9 million a year, add Tolers contract and you got almost 13 million invested in 2 CB's against the cap. I would choose to get 2 quality players over signing Davis and hoping for Toler to be healthy. That is just me......any thoughts?


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Davis says he wants to be here & part of this "family" so I say we offer him less than the open market rate & see how bad he wants to be here.  If he takes more money, he was all talk about "family" & if he accepts the lower deal to stay, he wants to win, be a part of something special, & was true to his word about "family."

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he is here to stay.......for a couple years, 4 year deal and he can be let go after 2 in case Colts have a cap issue when signing the 2012 draft.

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