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James Jones Colts?



James Jones told media today that he would like to come back to Green Bay, but would also like to play for Indy or San Diego. He is 29 yrs old and a pretty decent receiver, should the Colts be interested? I myself am not sure......He caught 59 passes last year out of 93 targets with the talented discount double check guy throwing to him, much better than DHB..... but is he worth the money he may seeking?


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nope....he and Decker are both #2 receivers and neither solve our need for a solid #1 or possession in the realm of Wayne.  Even if TY becomes the #1 in the vein of Marvin Harrison, either of these two guys would be a solid #2 but both want TOP #1 money.  If they came with a #2 price tag, I would see both as huge upgrades over DHB whose career should be over in the NFL after his disgracefully bad season here.  


I want a receiver over all other positions, but I want a true #1 monster, not a nice but non-spectacular #2.  If only we had a #1 pick this year and could trade up enough to get one of the monsters in this draft class to spend their career with Luck like Reggie or Marvin did with Manning.  Luck deserves another top rate receiver to go with Hilton.  Sure, defense wins championships, but with a much tougher schedule than anyone is giving us credit for this season (I think we have one of the toughest, not the easiest... those NFC East teams are going to be a nightmare for us to get past this year plus we have to play Denver, New England and Cincy, all three of which could easily beat us and don't think for a second that Pittsburgh won't regain form and be a 10-6 to 12-4 level team next year.  We are going to have to outscore these teams and with the Texans likely to get back on the saddle, just winning our division is going to be a challenge again.  TN may take one of two from us this year as well.  We need  a sure fire #1.,  I am not hearing much about Da'Rick this offseason and if he can step up to be a serious #1 or #2.  Perhaps the coaches and Grigs are keeping that under wraps.  If so, then I'd breath a little easier.  I don't think Decker or Jones or Nicks solve any problems for us and certainly not for the money.  We need a Center and CB/ILB/FS/SS in FA and with Luck, TY and our two tight ends needing to be resigned soon enough, there's just not enough money unless a true #1 monster is available in the draft after a tradeup or via an unforseen FA or trade opportunity. 

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I'm not as convinced as you that we need a #1 now - I am confident Reggie will be back with little loss in step or production for at least 1-2 years; therefore, draft a WR in the 2nd round & let them develop.  I'd be fine with Jones or Nicks (I think they would both come less than Decker) & both would fit the "possession receiver" role for 2-3 years as young guys develop.  None of the 3 is worth big money; both Nicks & Jones have said they'd see themselves enhancing the present group catching balls from Luck.  It's a good thing that people want to come here & see SB's in our near future.

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