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  1. John 242, I couldn't disagree with you more...in fact there are some ridiculous statements in there (and your spelling or spellcheck ability lacks greatly). "They need to find a gm who knows how to pick 3rd & 5th round gems." Really? Hilton was a 3rd round pick; so was Henry Anderson this year & David Parry a 5th round pick (but really, how many 5th round gems are there?) What is the Bellechick (spelling) rule anyway. So Bill never signed Corey Dillon or Rodney Harrison or Junior Seau? Lastly 2 beauties in back to back sentences - Josh McDaniels? He has already failed miserably as a head coach, you know, he's the one who not only picked Tim Tebow in the 1st round, but traded up to do so. He's a coordinator, that's all. And the icing on the cake...consult Bill Polian? The guy who single handedly (well, with a little help from his nepotistic butt't GM, Chris Polian), sunk the franchise & forced Grigson to go the free agent route a lot more than I'm sure he wanted to. Polian knew Peyton was having neck surgery but failed to get a back-up other then Curtis Painter until the season started than got 40 year old Kerry Collins off the scrap heap, who lasted about 2 weeks. One last comment by me - we never, never want to follow the style or hire a disciple of Bill Belichick or anyone associated with the Patriots. We are & hopefully always will be a class organization, you should be ashamed. (I would have put this into an easy read/multiple paragraph format, but since you didn't, I thought I'd let you fight through mine like I did yours.)
  2. The Browns are hoping someone signs Mack - they get 2 compensatory 1st round picks next year - picks 33 & 34. I doubt they match any offer. Try a fair, not high offer & see 1st if Mack takes it & if he does, does Cleveland match it.
  3. Go after Mack, without breaking the bank; again, guys want to be here with Luck & be part of a winning organization. Grigson will be fair but not stupid. Ask Jeff Saturday about Dietrich-Smith; he supplanted Jeff in GB & Jeff will tell us if he's worth it. Of the receivers, I'd go for value there also; none of the possibilities are going to be a #1, so don't pay #1 money. If they want to be here they'll take a little less. I have a hunch on Nicks. No way I'd go for a OT to play guard. We need a C first, then maybe a G. We'll be ok there with Satele gone.
  4. Davis says he wants to be here & part of this "family" so I say we offer him less than the open market rate & see how bad he wants to be here. If he takes more money, he was all talk about "family" & if he accepts the lower deal to stay, he wants to win, be a part of something special, & was true to his word about "family."
  5. I'm not as convinced as you that we need a #1 now - I am confident Reggie will be back with little loss in step or production for at least 1-2 years; therefore, draft a WR in the 2nd round & let them develop. I'd be fine with Jones or Nicks (I think they would both come less than Decker) & both would fit the "possession receiver" role for 2-3 years as young guys develop. None of the 3 is worth big money; both Nicks & Jones have said they'd see themselves enhancing the present group catching balls from Luck. It's a good thing that people want to come here & see SB's in our near future.
  6. You can't be serious. Let me summarize. You don't like Grigson or think he has done a good job: you claim you want Polian back, we need more Freeman type players (that Grigson found), & we lost to NE because their talent pool was better than ours. 1st, Polian decimated this team with his nepotism of having his son Chris as GM elevating himself to President. Since 2008, he had a series of dud drafts; overpaid several players; he was totally unprepared for Peyton's absence even though Polian knew he had 1 or 2 surgeries. He put us in salary cap hell. He had long overstayed & talk about pompous with the media! 2nd, we need more Freeman type players, diamonds in the rough. That's exactly what Grigson does by signing a rugby player & a West Point guy that no one else even looked at. Grigson built a team that exceeded expectations 2 years out of 2. Yet you 2nd guess the moves that may not work without praising the ones that do. You have no idea how to do his job, but act as if you could not only do it, but better. Ridiculous. 3rd, NE has had the same coach & system for 14 years & they have a better talent pool than Indy after 2 years of total reconstruction. That one gets a big, DUH! The rebuild job here in 2 years was from small, fast guys in a Tampa 2 4-3 defense to a bigger, tougher 3-4 & offense from a "keep Peyton off his butt" to move the chains style. Not to mention losing our OC after 1 year (previous OC was here 12 years - Peyton had Tom Moore his entire tenure). Belichick has put players that fit his system in place for 14 years; we are still trying to build the base or core. The game was in NE; they finished 12-4 & 8-0 at home. Yes, this was your blog, but you don't speak for even the average Colts fan, you're negative, impatient, spoiled, & frankly I wish you'd take your attitude elsewhere. Pick another team, we deserve better fans than you.
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