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  1. You don't know quality for several years; a lot of 2nd & 3rd round picks just signed big contracts in free agency. Quantity will make us better sooner. If we had 2 picks in the 1st round along with 3 in the 2nd round & say 2 in the 3rd; that's 7 chances to get not just a "good player" as you put it, but 7 chances instead of the original 3 to get not 1, not 2, but 3 or 4 quality (your word), maybe even elite players. Remember, Freeney was picked at 11; Reggie Wayne was like the last pick in the first round, Bob Sanders was a 2nd round pick, Mathis a 4th round pick, TY was a 3rd round
  2. Zac Keefer (or anyone else that could answer this) - OK, so I'm all in on retiring #93, but other players have worn #93 since Freeney left; but no one has worn #88 for 7 or 8 years & no one has worn #87 for 3 years, but neither #'s have been "retired". What's the scoop on this?
  3. A lot of not so great LB's get a lot of tackles 5-10 yards downfield in a bad defense. Morrison is not suited for a 4-3, he can't play the outside & cover & do you think he has the wherewithal to be THE MLB, essentially the QB of the defense (think Gary Bracket)? Jeremiah George will probably start at MLB & you might be right on Simon & Walker, but there is still Korey Toomer we've auditioned & might be someone else let go even as late as preseason. T. J. Green has a better chance to stick then Morrison, but I truly think he will get cut as well. Remember, Ba
  4. What if we trade down again with Buffalo for their #12, a 3rd this year & a 1st next year? At 12 we might get Ridley, best WR on everyone’s board,
  5. I think both Morrison & Green are going to be cut.
  6. A little premature to analyze a depth chart before the draft, OTS’s, & training camp. We may release guys you’ve penciled in as starters & 4-5 draftees may start. We may pick up some other teams’ cutdowns. My guess is you’ve listed maybe 50% of the final 53. It did indicate areas of concern, but we aren’t coaches who will see who fits which positions, etc.
  7. If 4 QB's go in 1st 5 picks, we should still get Chubb. The Browns will take Barkley with #4. But if Chub & Barkley are both gone, frankly I'd be fine with Nelson.
  8. It would be *ic to take a franchise QB with the #3 pick when we have one. I'd much rather trade this pick now for another slightly lower #1 pick, a #2 pick this year & a #1 or #2 next year, depending on who the trade partner is.
  9. Sorry, but the one thing that I was excited about Benedict McDaniels was his age. Ballard & a young coach together for 15-20 years is appealing. No offense, but Reich is in his late 50's, so maybe Dan Campbell at 41? Just Saying...
  10. What I like about the hire is that Ballard didn't just bring in who he has a history & McDaniels didn't just go to a team that had front office folks of some sort that he had a history with. The 2 met & apparently hit it off. McDaniels was supposed to be a guy who wanted control, but he is HC here & Ballard is GM. When Tennessee fired Mularkey, every media expert said that was the #1 job & McDaniels would bolt the Colts for the Titans, but he quiclkly said no that's not happening. Again, 2 guys hit it off & I believe will work well together. Have patience people. NE h
  11. So everyone wants, as usual, to blame the coach when the player looked to me like he didn't have a clue or wasn't trying. So he is best as a slot CB? We already had Butler playing there at a reasonably high level. So you sit down at the negotiating table & ask, "Can you play outside man to man CB?" He says, "Well, of course I can." He sucks & it's coaching. A good CB is a good CB. If they're only good when in the slot with great pass rush, then they are not a good CB.
  12. I have to disagree with a whole lot of people, particularly those who want to assess blame anywhere & everywhere. It’s not Chud’s fault every time Jacoby doesn’t look like he understands a play, holds the ball too long, doesn’t even get through 2 progressions before he breaks containment, leaving the offensive line having no idea what to do. So Jacoby runs & slides feet first 2 yards short of the line of scrimmage, which counts as a sack. That is also not the offensive lines fault. In the Jax game he did that several times. Fans all all year long have blamed every los
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