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  1. Glad to see the defense finally winning a camp session.
  2. We should sign John Greco. We need as much OL help as possible due to the fact that we can never stay healthy.
  3. All in all. I don't think our defense has changed all that much. We've gotten a little better getting pressure, but not that much to make a big difference. Our run defense is still suspect (may prove me wrong in regular season). Did our OL get better? Who knows. Chuck Pagano is still our Head Coach somehow. All in all, same team different season. The only optimistic thing about our defense are the Turnovers. Without that, I'd think it was the same ole defense. Teams, drove down the field on us at will. I know it's only preseason, but the teams consta
  4. We should definitely pick up matt barkley QB if he doesn't make a 49ers roster.
  5. Johnny Bui


    Well as of now, we don't have anyone who can run the ball outside. Hopefully Mack can provide that and will loosin up the lanes inside.
  6. I wouldn't mind giving up big for Myles Garrett. Trade up Grigson. Rather have him giving up picks for Garrett than to watch him use them on WRs and back-up players.
  7. Still don't know how Walden is still on the team, not even a pay cut.
  8. We sign Steven Ridley, but Greg Hardy is still a FA. I know he's an ___, but its obvious what kind of help we need.
  9. i really hope we keep williams. he has some ahmad bradshaw in him. And Ahmad Bradshaw is one of my favorite RB to watch.
  10. like the short passing game.
  11. I think Luck can correct his mistake. I really put a lot of blame on Pep. Take a look at Chud against the broncos vs Pep for 2 years. Luck probably had his best game in my opinion ever since we lost Brucie.
  12. I say we go after James Laurinaitis if we don't resign Freeman.
  13. Courtney Upshaw Mitchell Schwartz Sean Smith
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