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Colts sign former Patriot Dion Branch



Colts sign Dion Branch and put Fili Moala and Greg Toler on IR.....Let me say, Toler could be let go next year due to his career being injury prone and I think he blew the coverage on the Donnie Avery play.....He really has some talent but can't stay on the field and that is a frequent problem of Colts lately....Moala is a first rounder that never amounted to much and he is what he is (played all 16 games this year though)....He will be a Colt next year just for continuity and a cheap price tag....

Dion Branch we be a interrogated for Patriots information and will be on the field very little unless there is a injury I am unaware of...Hopefully not we just got these guys starting to score some touchdowns, we will need to score at least 30 to beat Brady. Rogers will be a big target with Belichick putting Talib most likely on TY Hilton or Fleener, Talibs size leads me to believe he will cover Fleener but Belichick like to shut down the best player on the field. TY will still have a good game but I think Rogers, and Whalen may have a chance to have great days. We will need to run the ball little better to keep the defense honest and weather may also prohibit some passing plays.


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Branch may have his swan song Saturday! Let's pray Landry plays and Trent is compelled with divine intervention! My wife and I visited Boston back in November , first time for me and the weather was gray and cold,however; I visioned my colts returning this year for a run, and it was a good feeling! Once again as I mentioned before I have the same last name as coach Pagano and this has to mean something , so coach perhaps you will read this and I can share some mojo I have to propel the team to world champs!

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Mr. Spygate is gonna thrive on our weaknesses, if you want to know what the Patriots are gonna do......Just figure out what the Colts have problems with and that is what they will want to exploit.  They will try to pound Blount up the middle and seldom take deep shots, if we stack the box they will just audible to a screen pass.  I would play Brady like we would Manning by disguising or defenses before the snap, they will audible if they see our formation.  Luck needs to due the same.  Suppose to be wet cold and rainy so I hope our O-line is ready to make some running lanes too!  I just hope its a game, nothing worse than watching your team get blown out, unless its the Patriots of course....

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He didn't blow the coverage Bethea did when he got caught looking in the backfield and I could question toler wasn't 100% healthy so why was he out there.

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Regardless if Dion Sees the field or not, I like his signing! He can assist Reggie with the on field veteran leadership needed with our young receiver corps!!!

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I think Dion should have been signed a long time ago. He has great hands and can get open. Great 3rd down man.

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no fumbles,do your job,focus on the BIG PICTURE and its yours to TAKE --- get it done so we the COLTS are # 1 !

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I think if Branch plays it will be on plays that most players understand simple formations etc.....that would make us predictable at that point.....I hope if they do use him that it is on a unorthodox play that they would not expect.   No one is gonna learn the playbook in a week, I know he practiced with them a month ago but there is no way to absorb that much information in a week.

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