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Colts T-Rich



Colts fans still complaining about the T-Rich trade need to get over it, we just had one of the greatest comebacks ever!!!!!! Donald Brown fumbled too!!!!! Oh and he was a 1st rounder also and nearly 27 yrs old who also had a rough start and NEVER had to switch teams mid season.....T-Rich has sputtered running the ball but another year and he will improve he is only 23 yrs old.....He is quite productive this year from a yards from scrimmage stand point though.....Here is a few players he has more yards from scrimmage than......Antonio Gates, Riley Cooper, Roddy White, Darren Sproles, Vernon Davis, Wes Welker, Doug Baldwin, Jason Witten, Benjarvis-Green Ellis, Steve Smith, Dwayne Bowe, Julius Thomas, Steven Jackson, Donald Brown, Jared Cook, Rashard Mendenhall, Greg Olsen, James Jones, Greg Jennings, Cecil Shorts, Martellus Bennet, Marvin Jones, Steven Ridley, LaGarrette Blount, Chris Ivory, etc......There are more on the list, some of these guys are in the Pro Bowl. The trade was week 3 lets talk about the amazing win and how the Colts are gonna give Brady a run for his money!!!!!!!!! Lets GO COLTS!!!!!!

footballdb.com for the yards from scrimmage stats

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On TRich's fumble yes he shouldn't have changed hands but I feel that wasn't the cause of the fumble - the cause he was trying too hard!  There's times you've got to play the game and not think about the game.  Get into the flow of the game and play!

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I agree he is putting to much pressure on himself and he looks like he stutters before his first move and allows the defense to beat him to the line of scrimmage.  Once he starts bursting off the snap he will produce much better, he has the ability to make people miss and has shown that this year.  Donald Brown used to do the same thing and now he is running great!

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Thanks Optimus (and well said 100GFB), finally people showing some support for T-Rich;-) Week after week I am too tired of seeing Colts fans ragging on T-Rich for lack of productivity, he's out there laying it all on the line for his team and us the fans each week, the least us Colts fans can do is support the man. You want to know who your real friends are go through a tough time and see how many of them stcik around, you'll agree optimus us Colts fans are better than this.


This weeks game is a great opportunity for both running backs to have 100+ yard games as the Patriots D has alot of trouble stopping the run. Looking a previous film of their games it appears to be the power running game which gives them the most difficulty, perfect opporunity for Pep to allow T-Rich to ram that ball down the throats of those Patriots defense and allow Andrew to better manage the game. God be with our team. Go Colts.

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I believe in T-Rich, Just not this year! He is a suitable back up to Donald. Maybe 8-10 touches, mostly screen plays right now! Next year he will get a fresh start learning the offence from the outset of the year with the rest of the RB squad. I still believe D. Brown is our future! This years is the first real opportunity he has had to show his capabilities. Donald did fumble, but in his defense it was a great defensive play.

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i dont think trich is as bad as he has been playing, but i dont think he is that good either. pair that with a bad run blocking oline and it spells bad news. but unless we carry 4 starting rb's next year im not sure who the odd man out is. bradshaw is still under contract i think and ballard is better than trich, imo. the problem is trent has NO CONFIDENCE right now and these are not the games for him to try to get it back. he will play but his touches need to be limited and only on the safe part of the field

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