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Colts vs. Houston



I don't know about everyone else, but I think that TY, DaRick, Fleener and Whalen provide Luck with more weapons than any other line-up we have thrown out there.....(without Wayne). I would like to see them come out firing, I was also impressed with how they involved T-Rich in the passing game in which he did great at. The running game will come easier I think once defenses are of balance, we have been running better in the second half of most games because of the play calling. I hope the coaching staff/Pep is starting to see a pattern of success on certain drives, that we can use to our benefit. These last few games are much needed practice, we will be needing to score at will if we plan on getting anywhere in the playoffs.....It will also help our defense when they can get a break or 2 with some long drives, I am hoping to see some BIG numbers this week because we have nothing to lose.....OPEN up the playbook and let it FLY.....GO COLTS!!!!!!


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That game was decent......defense was great!!!!!  I wish they would have kept that pace in the second half.  It seemed like they started trying to eat the clock which is typical, but for a team that has been struggling offensively they should be using this as practice for the playoffs.  Still a GOOD win!  Now lets beat those Chiefs!!!!!!

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All around very solid performance. The difference yesterday was effective play calling. I liked the uptempo style and there was a comfort level with the guys that I hadn't seen at least in a while. T-Rich continues to impress with the catch and run. One issue that lingers is the effectiveness of this running game, particularly in third and short or short yardage situations. Even late in the game, (a game that the Texans had clearly and visually given up on by the third and fourth quarter) we could not effectively accumulate or grind out yards. There were the occasional bursts of 12 or 14 that were great to see, but the fact remains in my mind that a game which our opponent was getting beat down in all other phases, was able to contain the run without much difficulty. Running T-Rich into a brick wall for a yard is not going to help us much at Arrowhead this Sunday...I know it's been discussed time and time again on this board, but the run game still has quite a ways to go to be effective, or more importantly, "Dependable". 

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It seemed like the running game is better suited in the shotgun formation..........T-Rich and Donald Brown have better stats while running in this formation, now I won't say to run this formation all the time..... but whatever it takes to keep defenses on their heels, they seem to stack the box whenever we are in the I formation.  The No huddle also has been successful, I would not mind to see more of that.  T-Rich by the way will only get better with his experience with this team and with off season additions.....If Pep can find a balance of power/finesse I think we can be more UNPREDICTABLE.....I would love to see a statement game against those Chiefs, TIME FOR A RUN!

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