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Colts vs. Bengals



DaRick seems like a big target and I hope he can continue to grow with Luck......Once again we started the game looking like a high school football team, Pep is a terrible OC..... to be a offensive coordinator he must actually coordinate some offense. T-rich looked a little better and I did like the screen passes at the END of the game.....Do we ever run a draw play or a toss?????? It seems like we run up the middle every time and it would be nice to see a stretch run of somesort, I was really dissappointed in the loss but I was fully expecting it. Toler should be back this week which will help, Butler got torched a few times out there along with Davis....Defense would be better if the offense stayed on the field longer in the first half of just about every game......Unless they fix some serious issues do not expect this team go anywhere in the post season, they are young, injured, inconsistent and still a few or more pieces short of a complete team. The NFL is crazy....if they get hot at the right time you never know....Right now this is a really hard team to watch......but I do every game.....Go Colts


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