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Greg Toler



Greg Toler has been out for nearly 5 weeks, Jay Cutler returned from a groin injury in 2....We never was informed of the severity of the injury..... Every day for last month I see him on the injury report....If he is unable to go then replace him, he is taking up a roster spot. I would hate to see him wait all this time, only unable to play. I know he is not the best corner in the league, but our pass defense has suffered since his absence....

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I really like Toler and I would hate to think he'd be shut down for the playoffs. His presence seemed to impact the performance of this defense immeasurably. I keep waiting for this guy week in and week out. Kind of confused by the "Not 100%" comments. Clearly, the severity of this must be more than the Colts want to disclose. A guy who was an impact player and clearly a defense which has struggled in coverage in his absence- you would think they would have done everything possibly to get this guy back on the field. This is a concern moving forward as well.

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I don't think it's big concerns they paid him now there is no need to rush back because he gone get paid either way. I see that they bench Cassius Sunday from CB lol I guess they don't want him to break the bank this off season....

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