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  1. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    I want to see one of the reporters who likes to stir the pot (Holder maybe)...ask Pagano... "Why, not only did Mack have two carries, but more importantly, he only has 5 targets in his first five games?" And before he answers, remind him that last season, a much less talented UDFA, Josh Ferguson, who was awful in pass protection (and running the ball), was given 21 targets in his first five games. And this was with Andrew Luck at QB...not a second-year QB who would benefit even more from having the HB dumpoffs. So we know pass protection isn't the issue. Because Ferguson was terrible in that aspect. And I doubt the Colts value Brissett's health over Luck's. So what reason, other than coaching incompetence, can he give for why Mack isn't involved in the passing game? One might wonder if Mack is a Ballard pick...and not a Pagano/Chud pick.
  2. Pagano's Post Titans Game News Conference

    It's not your imagination. In the case of Mack, they have run that HB counter (or whatever it is) several times that past two games (had a lot of success with it last week). They ran it twice in the first series...with the second going for a loss...and they never ran it again (or any run play with Mack). Their misuse of Mack is baffling. It's like they are trolling the fanbase by refusing to give him the ball. And Chud iss just a terrible OC for developing/utilizing RBs. The only good run game he has had was his first year in CAR, when they had Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart and Cam running the zone read. But even that only lasted one year. If Turbin is hurt...I wouldn't be surprised if we see a lot of Matt Jones inexplicably catching passes.
  3. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    "Redneck Sundays" is already a thing...if you asked fans from other teams.
  4. Mack 2 carries

    Of course they will say that. But they also split him out wide several times, which took away any pass protection responsibility. Of course it also took him completely out of the play as well. Just unbelievably poor playcalling.
  5. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    How can anyone defend Chud at this point. It's either hubris or incompetence. Either way, he's gone. And I think IND might be his last OC job for a long least in the NFL.
  6. Grades: Week 5 vs Niners

    I agree. They don't really have a single ILB that can cover, so having two out there just exacerbates the issue. So a S playing ILB would at least negate some of this. If Geathers was healthy (or gets healthy), he would be ideal for this role. If TJ Green wasn't awful at football, he would be at least be usable in this role. So unfortunately, they don't really have the personnel for it. Another issue is that Pagano (and probably Monachino) seem to be dead set on having two-down thumpers as starting ILBs...Sheppard, DJax, EJax, Morrision, Bostic, etc. Freeman was an outlier because he was an adequate cover ILB...but they let him go. This offseason they have to change this and find an ILB (or two) that can cover (should have just signed Brown). But even if they do, I still think an ILB and a hybrid ILB/S would be the best combo...if the DL can stop the run and the OLBs can contain. They just have to have the personnel to do it.
  7. Grades: Week 5 vs Niners

    Great write up. I think the offense overall deserves better than a C+, as does Brissett (who made some big time throws in this game). If anything, the offense had some success in spite of the playcalling...which should be in the C range. The offense was largely driven by Brissett and Hilton making huge plays...and Mack's speed and ability to make plays. Chud had a better game than he has had, but there's still a ways to go: - Six targets to RBs is definitely an improvement over recent weeks. But only ONE of those was to Mack. That has to change. Mack could average a 1st down per touch in the passing game...and having to respect Mack as a pass catcher will open things up. - Chud did a better job of getting Mack in space (the HB counter on the TD run for example)...needs to build off of this. Zone read plays with Brissett and Mack on the field seem like a deadly combo. - Probably my biggest gripe with Chud (aside from the constant HB dives into a stacked DL) is that it seems like Chud has decided that Aiken is the WR2 on this team (based on targets and snap counts) and is instructing Brissett to look for well as calling multiple plays each game where Aiken is the first read…even on crucial 3rd downs. Meanwhile, Moncrief is an afterthought. In this game, Brissett completes his first pass to Moncrief for 10 yards and a 1st down. And then inexplicably he doesn't target Moncrief again UNTIL OT (where he makes two big catches). In between that first pass and OT, Aiken is targeted 7 times…only catching two for 22 yards. Overall, Moncrief ends up with 3 for 32 yards…all first downs. I don't think Moncrief's disappearing act is a solo act...and it's frustrating. For the season, Aiken has 8 catches on 24 targets for a measly 69 yards...but has been targeted 4 more times than Moncrief. Yet Moncrief has 100+ more yards...and has made big plays. This decision to make Aiken the WR2 has really limited the offense at times (it also has resulted in two of three INTs)...and it needs to stop. I get that Moncrief didn’t do himself any favors with that game against AZ, and his route running still isn’t great. But he has been clutch the last three games…catching 8/9 for 106 yards and a TD. He clearly has the ability to make plays and win 1-on-1 battles. And he’s in a contract year. So free Moncrief...and let the man earn a payday.
  8. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    I didn't want to re-sign him even before this season. Not comfortable paying a LG that much...and also concerned about his injury issues going forward. But really, I don't think he's that good of a player. Given the weak upcoming FA for OL and how much OGs are being paid, he's probably still setting up for a decent payday...even with the struggles. I would pass.
  9. Not a Pagano fan, BUT

    My take...Pagano's inability to manage the clock and make adjustments has been apparent for a long time now...yet he survived getting fired the past two offseasons (and even got an extension). So I think there is a good chance that Irsay isn't evaluating Pagano the same way we do. A big issue for Irsay seems to be the GM and HC having a symbiotic relationship. The dysfunction the past couple of seasons might be the reason that he actually moved on from Grigs...not just the disappointing 8-8 seasons. And it has been reported that Ballard worked with all of the coaches to learn the types of players they were looking for. So if the defense shows improvement and the young guys (on both sides of the ball) show might be seen as a success. And at that point, who knows what will happen. If Irsay thinks he finally has both his GM and HC on the same page, he might be inclined to keep that HC (since he obviously doesn't want to fire him).
  10. Cam Newton - Sexist

    If he hasn't followed up with any explanation, then it's pretty apparent what he meant.
  11. Cam Newton - Sexist

    Stupid thing to believe or say. And given Cam's personality, he deserves to get some backlash. Looks like he is going to lose some sponsorship money over this. But what if he had said "strange" instead of "funny"? Or "refreshing"? For someone who works and speaks with predominantly men several hours each day several days per might actually be strange to hear a women talk to him about things like routes. Or it might have been refreshing. Not that I am trying to defend him at all...I just think that word "funny" plays a part. It's disrespectful and condescending. About the only thing worse would have been "cute."
  12. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    It's incredibly flawed. And it won't happen. If the Colts are sitting at 2-12...and Luck still isn't back, then you can talk about how much he plays...but he is going to play.
  13. 2 Blowout losses and one thing remains true

    I agree they will sign a WR. But I don't think Moncrief will be here regardless of what they do. I also want to sign established FA OL. But this past offseason was the time to do that. There were several options available...but Ballard did nothing. They will probably still sign someone next year...but the group won't be nearly as strong. And this probably means the Colts will end up paying Mewhort $7-8M/year...ugh. Most likely Ballard will look to address the OL in draft. Unfortunately, DL is probably the strongest position in FA next season. And with the group the Colts already have (including guys on rookie deals), I don't think Ballard will look to spend more on it. Fortunately, the ILB group has some depth in FA. I have no idea why Ballard didn't make more of an effort to sign Brown, but he will be available will a few other players. The Colts desperately need to upgrade the ILB group. Likely, they will need to draft one to get a great one, but they need to do something. Bostic and Morrison aren't NFL starters...especially when the Colts (and most teams) run nickel defense 60% of the team. They also need a RB to pair with Mack. Fortunately, next year's draft is deep at the position, as it was this past season. I think you will see a focus on the offense in the offseason/draft...mainly OL, WR and RB. And on defense, the focus will be on getting LBs and a CB. Between FA and the draft, I think they can bring 7-8 new players that can fight for starting spots across the offense and defense.
  14. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    No, not directly. But Irsay absolutely wants the fanbase excited for this weekend and a full house for the game. Video of Luck "practicing" serves that purpose.
  15. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    Fair enough. I can understand that typically they don't film practice. But then why film any of it? There are plenty of members in the media that can report they saw him throwing warm-up passes. Or if you are going to film just a small bit to create excitement (I assume this was the reason since the Colts Twitter account tweeted out the video), then why not film him completing a legit pass or two to a WR? After all, this is what they said he would be doing. So IF he can and is doing that...then why not briefly show a couple of those. That would certainly be much more effective at creating excitement with the fans than this pointless video. IF he isn't at that point yet where he is throwing those passes, then why even bother having any video? I hope that's not the case. But I am just not sure. It just seems somewhat contrived...especially given the significance of this week. And I think he could be a long ways off from playing.