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  1. Well I guess that settles that ; )
  2. I wouldn't say Ballard knows Langford any better than he does Odrick. And being familiar with the Colts system doesn't appear to matter to Ballard (see Jones, DJax, Walden, Robinson, etc.). Odrick has played for two teams...the same number of teams that Langford played for before coming to the Colts. So he hasn't exactly "floated around" the past few years. Langford did have a very good season when he first got here, but that was somewhat of an outlier. And that was with a different DC and before his injury. Yes, Odrick is also coming off an injury, but comparing their careers, Odrick has produced more consistently. So if I had my choice, I am choosing the younger, more consistent (and better) Odrick...if the money is the same. I just think it would be a very shrewd move by Ballard if he could switch out Langford for Odrick without spending any additional money.
  3. Now...sign Hankins and Brown. And then cut Langford and give Odrick a cheap two-year deal for similar money. Not that Langford is a bad player, but Odrick's a better player and two years younger. So the Colts would go from: DJax (33) --> Brown (27) Jones (31) --> Hankins (25) Langford (31) --> Odrick (29) Mathis (37) --> Sheard (28) / Mingo (26) Walden (32) --> Simon (26) McNary --> Spence Now that's how you make a front 7 younger...and better.
  4. Jones basically pays for the draft they have $30M left to spend? They could easily bring in Brown and Hankins and still carry over a ton of cap space for next season.
  5. True...and I want them both. I just think, given that it's a position on the DL opening up, Hankins would make the most sense.
  6. I hope so. Jones should have been cut regardless, but the timing is interesting...especially with a certain someone who rhymes with Spankins available.
  7. Not bad at all. I thought it would be considerably more.
  8. Reportedly, he was going to be speak with 24 teams (75% of the NFL) during his Pro Day. Beyond CIN, CLE, DET and NO, I haven't seen any other teams mentioned specifically. But given the Colts need at RB, I don't think it's a stretch to assume they were one of those 20 remaining teams. I will say this...I have no idea who Ballard likes at RB this draft. But I do expect him to draft at least one. It probably won't be Mixon, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.
  9. He definitely had a hand in drafting Peters. During the pre-draft process, Ballard flew out to Oakland and visited Peters and his parents for a day. I doubt Dorsey sends him out there if Ballard's input isn't valued. He obviously didn't make the final call, but he signed off on it (according to his quotes)...which would somewhat indicate he is willing to take a chance on players with character concerns. Not sure about Hill though. Edit: I think I misread your comment. Just ignore it.
  10. I took it as sarcasm. Was it not sarcasm?
  11. are right. He wasn't hired until May. I just assumed he was brought in before the new league started. I guess I (and many other people) need to stop including KC's 2013 offseason (FA and draft) as part of his resume then.
  12. I wouldn't necessarily say they don't prioritize it. Since 2013 (when Ballard got there), they gave Bowe a huge extension and then a couple years later signed Maclin as a FA to a big contract. They drafted WRs in round 3, 4 and 5. They also drafted Kelce in round 2 to be a focal point of their offense.
  13. Haha. I just assumed it was because he cut Dion Lewis.
  14. "Twins...Bazzle. Twins."
  15. I don't want a RB early, but Kamara in round 2 would be the exception.

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