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  1. shastamasta

    Linebacker Jenga

    I do wish the Colts had better talent at LB overall...and at least one established player. But the focus on fast LBs (most of who can cover) is such a breath of fresh air.
  2. shastamasta

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Or the bend. Turay is probably a better comp...but not quite as athletic. The only thing Lewis and Mathis have in common is their complete lack of interest in run defense.
  3. shastamasta

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    Fountain is much more likely to become the WR2 than Cain. He was heavily scouted by Ballard (and Reich as well)...and he was the first WR they took. Cain struck me as more of a “why not?” pick because the value was there. I think they see big upside, but will give him time to develop.
  4. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I am basing that on lack of report of him passing a well as him not being signed. But also, the tweet above from Rap says “when his foot is fully healed” and the one from Evan Massey says “when he’s back to full health.” Both would seem to imply he’s not there...yet. But back on Wednesday, Rap supposedly reported that’s he expected to pass his physical. He might have just been backpedaling with today”s tweet or he got updated info. Seems like Rap is the source of confusion here.
  5. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I know it's from two months ago. Rap said it would be a few months and ColtsBlueFL says it could be longer. And it doesn't sound like the foot is healed. From what I gather, he hasn't passed that physical yet. And one of the two teams in on him just traded for a CB instead. Until he shows he can play, I don't see how you sign him to anything...unless it's a Mewhort-type deal. But he doesn't want that.
  6. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Hopefully he's not a staunch Rastafarian. But seriously, I wouldn't sign him. Seems like that how most teams feel that way until he proves he can play. And I imagine Ballard does as well.
  7. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I guess I don't see much change in approach...he showed the same caution for expensive FAs last offseason, except for Hankins...but that was an outlier (and he got out from under that commitment after one year). The real difference is that Ballard signed a bunch of 1-2 year flyer FAs (several of which aren't even on the team any more). But he didn't need to do that this offseason because of a combination of last year's draft picks heading into year two and that he also knew he would have an even greater number of draft picks to work with this year (he ended up with 11). I also don't know if I agree that Ballard will get more aggressive in FA when he has a core in place. He has referenced having 10-12 guys as a foundation and building around your own. By the time that happens, they will likely have players coming off rookie deals. And if Ballard does what he has said he will do, then he will be prioritizing those players and trying to keep them as Colts for a long time. With a top QB contract on the books, there is only so much to go around...even with an increasing salary cap. But we will see. Ballard seems to like comp picks, but there are ways to acquire players than just FA (like trading for an impact player under contract).
  8. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    We will see. I don't think anyone can know that for sure. Yes, Ballard will sign players...but whether he can (or is willing to pay to) get a top FA to sign here remains to be seen. So far that hasn't been the case, despite obvious interest from Ballard. I disagree about this not being the time to spend some money in FA. They don't need to spend it all...but they are in a great situation to sign impact FA (or trade late picks for impact players under contract if a deal presents itself). The Colts have literally 0 players of note with rookie contracts expiring for at least three years. Three years is a lifetime in the even the Colts have shown. And a big part of that quick turnaround was Andrew Luck...who is (supposedly) returning this season. I think the further along the Colts get into the Ballard era, the less likely it is that Ballard will sign top FAs. Maybe next year...but after that they will start thinking about keeping pieces of that core 10-12 players in tact...not to mention extending Luck as well. Like I said, we will see...but it's far from a guarantee.
  9. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    Yep...this is my take as well. Obviously, Ballard can get some FAs to sign...but when it comes to competing with other teams for a top FA...we haven't seen it yet. Instead, we get quotes about backing out because the prices got too high (which could money or years...or both)...or that 2-3 big names wouldn't have filled all of the roster holes...or that the focus is the draft. It's not all on him though...the Colts are a tough sell right now. Still, it seems he wants to only sign guys to very team-friendly deals...and that shrinks the FA pool a bit. But maybe next offseason he will surprise us. I just think he seems too principled for that. Which isn't a bad just is what it is.
  10. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I don't think that many people are questioning Ballard's plan...yet. But his approach does have some drawbacks. And we have seen that play out in his pursuit of a few top FAs...unless he wasn't really pursuing those FAs. Setting aside the Hankins signing, which was somewhat of a unique situation (much like Breeland)...the past two offseasons have actually been fairly similar strategies. Last offseason, Ballard signed a second-tier FA (Sheard), a mid-level FA (Simon)...and a bunch of 1-2 year flyer deals (unless I am missing someone). He was overturning the roster and the Colts had so many holes in the roster. Fast forward to this offseason...and he signs a second-tier FA (Ebron) a mid-level FA (Autry) and a couple more 1-2 year flyer deals. But this time he didn't need all of those flyer FAs like last year because Ballard knew he was going to be able to supplement the roster through draft picks (he was always going to trade out of #3). Thinking back on it, he actually alluded to this when asked why he wasn't signing FAs with so much cap space. He said they decided to trade back instead. At the time, it didn't make sense...because the two aren't mutually exclusive. But it sort of makes sense now. In Ballard's mind, the extra draft picks just replaced a few FAs in his offseason strategy. Had the Colts been picking in the middle of the 1st round, I think we would have seen a nearly identical offseason as last year.
  11. shastamasta

    Josina Anderson Tweet

  12. shastamasta

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    I have to agree regarding Ballard and FAs. His desire for one-year deals and unwillingness to pay FAs any more than he thinks they should be paid likely won't play well with FAs overall. (Neither does having a propensity to cut them after one season even if they have a long-term let's hope Hankins was an outlier). But that seens to be Ballard's approach (based on what we have seen)...and I doubt it will change. I am fully onboard with trying to get talent through the's not a new approach (every team does it). But I do think there are times when you should pull the trigger on impact talent in FA. I just don't know if I see Ballard doing that...but we will see.
  13. shastamasta

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Because Ballard believes in "safety in numbers."
  14. shastamasta

    Sirianni's written tests to players

    That's what much of this team this point.
  15. shastamasta

    May 16th, 2018: Day 500

    I don't really have a problem with them saying this. There is tossing (sideline warm-ups for example)...and then there is throwing (live action, 7 on 7s, etc.). As far as we have seen, Luck has only done the former...and that was one time back in October. I feel like Simms sort of makes that distinction at the end as well. I think of it like pitching...even if it's not the exact same. I pitched until my early 20s...and there was plenty of structured tossing (short toss and even long toss) and throwing (BP session)...and they were definitely different activities. There was the story of Luck shredding the Colts defense in drills, but we don't really know what that entailed. So I guess that could count. But obviously he wasn't able to do so without pain. And with Luck, I am not as concerned as much about being able to actually throw a football. It's whether he can do it in live action and with no pain. They don't seem to think he might not be ready to do this...and are (correctly) being cautious and having him build up his strength.