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  1. Pagano didn't say we will have to wait and see. Keefer tweeted that Pagano said Swoope should be ready by the opener. And it's not the first time he has given a very optimistic and incorrect timeline on a player. So, naturally, I don't believe that he's correct in his assessment. And, as you pointed out, he's not a medical that's another reason. And the nature of the NFL is to historically withhold injury information, so that would be yet another reason. You keep bringing this back trust and honesty into this. That is not what what I am talking about. I have never implied that Pagano is doing anything sinister...just that he's incorrect.
  2. I never mentioned the word trust. It's not a trust issue...which is why I said I don't know if he's lying...meaning I don't really have an opinion on that. What I said is I don't have reason to believe that his opinion/outlook is correct. And given their track record on injuries, I think it's a more than a fair position.
  3. I am not upset with Pagano. Not sure how this delved into an argument about Pagano.
  4. I don't know if he's lying...I am just saying I don't trust that he's right...given all of the "opinions" he (and this team) have had in the past.
  5. I don't like it either. But Langford was much older than Swoope. There are players who have come back from knee scopes (Ryan Kerrigan comes to mind). And not all arthroscopic surgeries are the same. Pagano said he thinks Swoope will be back by the first game. I have no reason to believe Pagano...but I am hopeful. I am one of the Swoope's biggest fans and I think he could have a breakout season.
  6. That's how I took it. And if you saw that shot of Luck during the game, he definitely looked much bigger/stronger than he has all offseason. So I think it's safe to say that he has been able to do strength training without limitations. But that doesn't mean he can throw at that level yet.
  7. I would keep my eye on CBs who get released. I would expect Ballard to explore adding depth/insurance to the position. They can't have enough good CBs...and right now they probably don't even have two (Wilson has a ways to go).
  8. What about F. Scott Fitzgerald? I wish Irsay didn't speak on the team so often. I don't believe anything he says publicly...he's usually either misdirecting people from bad news or softening them for other bad news. If Irsay is talking about having a bad season, I would think it has to be tied to Luck's health then. I would also think that neither Ballard or Pagano wants that. So the only way it happens is if Luck is out for an extended period...which would suck.
  9. Did I quote anybody?
  10. It's a one-year deal designed to rebuild/increase a player's they can secure a long-term deal.
  11. I typically don't care about the contract...unless the player is a bad player. I care much more about value. And most of the contracts during the Grigs era were bad values...because the players weren't good. I agree that people overrate contract structure. Top tier players rarely sign low-risk, cap-friendly deals. I am a huge fan of pillow contracts...and I think part of Grigs' failure was that he didn't utilize them enough. So I am very happy to see Ballard do this. But it's not like Ballard is some pioneer in his use of them.
  12. Agree...which is why I voted "Other" as "Pass Rusher" wasn't specific enough. A true three-down dominant, versatile player on the DL is the most important (and valuable) position after QB. He can excel at rushing the passer AND stopping the run. They also happen to be the highest-paid players (on average) after getting one on a cheap rookie deal is tremendous value.
  13. I have always considered "Greatest" and "Best" to be two different (but similar) things. "Greatest" encompasses the career...personal/team achievements, win-loss records, stats, etc. Manning is certainly in this conversation. Brady has the best regular season record, playoff record (of QBs with 10+ playoff games) and the most Super Bowl starts and wins (though the last two were highly controversial). But since a good part of this is tainted by's not as open and shut as it would seem. "Best" encompasses ability and talent. Manning belongs in this conversation as well...but the title belongs to Aaron Rodgers. He has the best arm I have seen...effortless and incredibly accurate..and can throw on the run better than I have ever seen. It sounds cliche...but he can actually can make every throw. He also has great pocket presence and above average mobility (in and outside of the pocket). Rodgers is the best QB to ever play the game (to date)...and I can only imagine what a better QB would look like.
  14. I don't know...I guess I will take the lockdown CB who is 6'1 210 with elite athleticism (at least in some areas). People love the Quincy Wilson pick...partly because he is almost the exact same size as Ramsey (prototype CB). If Wilson ever becomes as good as Ramsey was in his rookie season...Ballard nailed that pick. Sorry for the snark...I just think Ramsey is a very talented DB. I think he will be a Pro Bowl CB...and would be an All-Pro S.

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