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  1. True...but Hughes' situation was different. The season before he was traded he had shown flashes...despite having to again play behind Mathis and Freeney. And after that season, pass rusher was a huge need going forward (with Freeney leaving). That was just a terrible move by a terrible GM. And it was made worse by the fact that pass rushing is still a need...and we are all aware now how rare and valuable pass rushers have become. If Ballard signed off on trading Dorsett...I would give him benefit of the doubt. Dorsett hasn't really flashed..despite having the opportunity to do so with Moncrief getting hurt. And with Luck at QB, it's not nearly as difficult to find a productive WR3 as it is to find a pass rusher...especially with Rogers and Aiken already on the roster. I don't think he will trade Dorsett...but he did trade Allen one year into his big who knows.
  2. You might be able to get the equivalent of a 4th round pick in a trade up. For example, pairing Dorsett with one of the 4th round picks to get another 3rd round pick. I do agree that he doesn't have a ton of value. But he does have two more years on his rookie deal...and the team trading him would only be paying his base salary...~$1.2M per year. Some team with little depth at WR would be interested. But it probably wouldn't be worth it to Ballard.
  3. Didn't he test as a LB? Just like Foster, I have to think that this is the result of trying to get weight up. Which is stupid...because everyone probably knows that is what they are it's not like they are fooling the billion dollar companies they are "interviewing" for. Will be interesting to see if it affects draft stock. I would take Peppers in round 2 all day.
  4. He is just waiting for Ballard to finalize a deal for Dorsett...and he's going to wear #15. At least that's how I heard it.
  5. It really depends on how the board falls. You could make a legit case for multiple let's do it: NYG (my favorite trade back scenario) Why the Colts would do it: Because the NYG's 2nd round pick would certainly be in play. It might require sending back one of the later 4th round picks...but it would be worth it. There are going to be a lot of good players available in the 2nd having two cracks at them would be huge. Also, while the Colts would be sacrificing 8 spots in the 1st round...many of those spots will likely be offensive the Colts will still be able to get a guy they like on defense. Why the NYG would do it: Beyond an aging Eli, the NYG are built to win now. After going on a FA spending spree, they have built an elite defense. But the offense is not quite up to that level. They signed Marshall to compliment OBJ and Shepard...but they are still lacking that dynamic threat at TE or RB. So a playmaking RB or TE could be seen as the final piece to a Super Bowl team. Or they could be looking to solidify their OL with a top prospect who they can plug in day one. Either way, a team in their position is much more likely to be willing to sacrifice a 2nd round pick to win now. Targets: McCaffrey, Howard, Njoku, Cook, Ramczyk DEN Why the Colts would do it: Because the Colts would only be moving back five spots...and would gain at least a 3rd round pick to increase flexibility in rounds 2-4. Of those five spots, only WAS appears to be a threat to the players the Colts are targeting. Why DEN would do it: Like the NYG, DEN has an elite defense...but is in need of TE like Howard or Njoku. However, their most glaring need is OL. They could just let it play out and take whichever OL player falls to them. But to ensure that they get their guy, they could move up five spots in front of BAL. DEN also has a 3rd round comp pick, which would make it much easier to accept losing a 3rd round pick. Targets: Howard, Ramzyck, Bolles, Robinson TB Why the Colts would do it: For the same reasons as they would trade with DEN. Why TB would do it: TB signed DJax in FA, but they are still looking to build up the weapons around Winston. So they could be targeting a RB, TE or even a WR. In order to get their guy or even the top remaining guy, they will have to at least get in front of TEN. And even then WAS and BAL could be a threat. So it would be best to just move up and take their guy at #15. Targets: Howard, McCaffrey, Cook, Williams, Davis TEN Why the Colts would do it: Not sure they would, but Ballard did trade with he might not be averse to trading with rivals. And the Colts would only be moving back a few spots and taking away a pick from that rival. Why TEN would do it: Not sure if they would. But if TEN drafts one of the top secondary players with their first pick (which they should do), they will be looking to get one of the top WRs at #18. Likewise, they could be looking to target Howard to replace Walker. Regardless, at WR, there's a good chance that only one will still be available at the Colts pick. BAL and WAS would both be threats to take that player. So to ensure that they get their WR, TEN would want to jump in front of they don't pick again until #83, at which point even the second tier WRs will be gone. But even if two WRs are available, they still might have a preference. Also, like DEN, they have a 3rd comp pick, which makes it easier to trade their 3rd round pick. Targets: Howard, Davis, Williams, Ross Beyond that, you could make a case for DET and OAK...or most teams. Howard is a common theme for trade back scenarios, as I think several teams would be calling the Colts if he is still there. But even if Howard isn't there, there are scenarios that put the Colts in the driver's seat. The ones I listed are just the most likely, IMO. I wouldn't put it past Ballard to trade all the way to the bottom of the 1st round, if the deal is good. Regardless, I think he will have a nice little bidding war for #15 if the draft falls favorably for it.
  6. You have to consider the context here. That playoff loss to end the 2010 season was the closing of the window for the Manning era. Manning carried the team that season. The roster was weak...all of the stars were aging, and because of several poor drafts over the recent years, there wasn't much young talent in place to open the next window. So if you are asking if I would rather take being in that situation or the Colts current situation, even though this team didn't make the playoffs last season, I am taking the current situation. But if you are asking would you rather lose in the Wildcard round or win your last game but miss the playoffs, I am taking the playoffs. Only one team wins its last meaningful game each year. I don't think momentum carries over in the NFL...but experience does, which you don't get by being home during the playoffs. If anything, winning your last game can hurt your draft position.
  7. Haha...I thought I was the only who noticed this. I have wondered about this trend for a couple of years now...and it's definitely Pagano. The connection to the U is obvious...but beyond those players, you have several more players who played college ball in Florida (Smith, Geathers, Bostic, Morrison). I think there's something to it. Honestly, I wouldn't care...but the track record of these players is poor overall.
  8. He is. Bostic is more athletic...but has had injuries. I hope both of them do not see many snaps, outside of STs.
  9. I don't like Pagano. I don't think he is good at the in-game aspects of a HC...but I also think his talent evaluation is lacking and that he is partly responsible for this subpar roster. Regardless, I don't believe he is a lameduck HC. I think he will be here for at least two more seasons.
  10. I don't agree with this. Ballard thinks this TE class is as deep as he has seen. So he could just be looking to get good value at the position when he can. He said the same thing about S as well. And if he drafted a S early...I don't think that would mean that Geathers suddenly loses a bunch of snaps. More likely, that S was his BPA and will develop for a season and then compete with Green/Geathers long-term for a starting spot. Similarly, looking at the TE position from a long-term standpoint, Doyle has no guaranteed money past next season and Swoope will be an RFA. So it makes sense to draft a TE now and have him develop for a season or two. Then, in a season or two, they can decide to commit long-term to Swoope or let him go...or even let Doyle go.
  11. Absolutely. I wouldn't mind seeing the Colts take a page out of the NE playbook and draft a QB...have him look good in preseason and then trade him for a haul. It wouldn't hurt to have a legit backup on a rookie deal anyways. For example, if the Colts are picking in the 3rd round, and Kizer is somehow sitting there, I am probably taking him.
  12. I can't imagine either WAS or CLE making those trades. And those trades actually have Jimmy G as more valuable than Cousins...around the value of a future 2nd round pick.
  13. I hate the idea of picking Lamp at #15...and I am sticking by it. Trading back several spots and drafting him I could live with...but not at 15. And it has nothing really to do with Lamp being a good prospect. I just can't get over the opportunity cost and value.
  14. I hope he's right then...cause Ballard could absolutely kill it with these rankings: 37. Haason Reddick, DE, Temple 45. Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State 68. Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut 78. Alvin Kamara, RB, Tennessee 103. Fabian Moreau, CB, UCLA 106. Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech 120. Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson 128. Derek Rivers, DE, Youngstown St. 148. Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado That would be the most amazing draft haul and it wouldn't even require a 1st round pick. Let's dream a bit... Current picks: 15. 46. 80. 121. 137. 144. 158 Colts trade #15 and #80 to CLE for #33, #52 and #65. (1050 points vs. 1035 points) Colts trade #46 to CAR for #64, #98 and #115 (440 points vs. 442 points) Colts trade #65 and #137 to NO for #76 and #103 (302.5 points vs 298 points) New picks: 33. Reddick 52. McDowell 64. Melifonwu 76. Kamara 103. Moreau 104. Hodges 115. Tankersley 121. Rivers 144. Witherspoon This GM'ing thing is easy. But seriously, if Ballard could get 5 of those nine players, it would be awesome.

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