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  1. I would really not like this move. You would have to give him a big deal to get him to sign (because he wants to go to FA next offseason)...and you would doing so based off some flashes in a season where he missed games due to a PED suspensions and a concussion. Oh...and it costs pick #36...which is very valuable. DAL won't be able to keep him...they put the 2nd round tender on him hoping someone takes him. Ballard is far better off waiting until he is a UFA next offseason and going after him then. At that point, he will have a chance to show he can play a whole season and play at a high level.
  2. Buffalo?

    I think Ballard might just trade back agian. I think BUF can offer enough to get his attention without decimating their draft. According to the draft trade chart, trading back from #6 to #12 and getting two mid-2nd round picks is a steal. Same with just getting #22. I also think he could be looking at future picks as well. At the very least, I wouldn't mind seeing the Colts add one more day two them 5 total. I think day two has starters at several positions and having five cracks at it should at least yield a few.
  3. Buffalo?

    I would be ecstatic with James if they traded down again. The athleticism is off the charts. has an NFC exec saying he might be a better prospect than Adams and their player comp is Eric Berry. And, much like Fitzpatrick, he seems like the type of player Ballard wants in the locker room. I think the Colts need another great S for this new defense...and I think both James and Fitzpatrick are going to be great players.
  4. Glad it wasn't the Colts.
  5. Not a fan. He has off-field issues and was surspended for PEDS. And you only get him for one year before he hits which point he will cost a ton to keep. And if he doesn't play well, you wasted an early pick. If Ballard isn't willing to give up a future 2nd round pick for Marcus Peters, then I can't see why he would give up one this year for Irving.
  6. Why does it seem the Colts are anxious to sign a Center

    I am not sure why the Colts aren't re-signing Mike Person. He was solid in backup duty and would cost next to nothing.
  7. Why does it seem the Colts are anxious to sign a Center

    Trust me (I know from experience)...very few people are going to agree with you that Kelly was a bad pick...or at the very least a reach. I sure wouldn't mind Darron Lee or Myles Jack right around now.
  8. Why does it seem the Colts are anxious to sign a Center

    He's not cutting Ryan Kelly. But it would be interesting to watch people here simulatneously try to justify Ballard maing that move...and still say it was a good pick.
  9. This was my preferred draft strategy all along. I have a handful of players I like in the 1st round...I want whichever is the best combo of talent and additional picks.
  10. Hankins Released

    That's what I am curious about. Ballard didn't just decide to transition to a 4-3. He knew when he took the job that this was the direction they were headed. I assume any FA he handed out a long-term deal to would be able to make that switch. This is why I think this might have been Hankins requesting his release.
  11. Hankins Released

    That would a terrible move.
  12. Hankins Released

    Something must have changed because they could have just released him early on to show some goodwill and let him get the best deal out there. It would have made sense to hold onto him until they picked up another player...but they have yet to sign anyone. Autry and Hankins don't play the same position.
  13. Hankins Released

    I just assumed Hankins was signed because he could make the scheme transition. I wouldn't be surprised to learn he requested this release. Ballard is big on players that want to be here and if Hankins even mention the possibility, I am sure Ballard would send him packing. As for why Hankins might do this? Maybe it's scheme-related or maybe he thinks he can get a huge deal in FA rather than be tied to $8.5M/year during his age 26 and 27 seasons.
  14. I am greedy...I also want two picks in round 3.
  15. And that is where Ballard has focused his attention thus far. I think we will still see a signing or two. I also think interior OL is a target on day two, but I do think he will look at RB and WR.