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  1. Would You?

    I believe this is correct. Doesn't mean that CLE won't try to trade him though.
  2. Do The Colts Need Another TE?

    I was expecting big things from sucks he got bit with the injury bug. Now he has to be a question mark going forward...even though I assume the Colts will give him one more year. Even with Swoope, I really wanted to see them draft a TE in this past draft. It was a very deep class...and there was good value to be had in the middle rounds (when they were busy throwing away a pick on Banner). Still disappointed that Ballard didn't grab one. I wonder if Ballard will be looking at TEs in this class.
  3. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    Mewhort is one of the big reasons why I really wanted to see the Colts get involved in the G FA group this past offseason. I didn't want to rely on Mewhort going forward...let alone give him a big extension. And he's just not that good. Ideally, they would have signed a G this past offseason...and then let Mewhort walk. Warford made so much did someone like Cooper as a buy-low. But they stood pat and now they are still stuck at square one.
  4. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    I think you are right. He's also not going to keep any of these players for the sake of continuity. IF Mewhort did come back, it would on a one-year pillow contract to rebuild his value and prove his health.
  5. After OL, ILB is the Biggest Need by Far

    Yep. I wasn't trying to say Manusky was thriving...just that Brown has been good...and I think he would have been good in Indy with Monachino. The dude's a warrior and has been playing through multiple injuries (though that is likely somewhat motivated by his impending FA). Unfortunately, it looks like it might have might have come up to him.
  6. They aren't winning another game this season. DEN will shut down this will BAL...even though they were terrible against PIT last night (because of course they's the Steelers in primetime). The HOU game could be a win...but Tolzien might be starting that one after BAL and DEN.
  7. I agree 100%. The positional value of an OG ends the conversation about taking one top far as I am concerned. Sure, if the NFL didn't have a salary cap, the Colts would have the luxury to take a non-premium position like OG that early...because they could spend whatever they wanted on other positions. But that's not the positional value is huge. And your best chance to get a cost-controlled premium position player is the top the of the draft. And if you get one, the surplus value of that rookie contract is almost priceless. DEN was able to build a Super Bowl team because of one of these players. Plus, there are legit OGs available every offseason in FA...because of positional value. And the Colts could sign a top one for ~$8-10M/year. That's not cheap...but if you drafted an OG like Nelson in the 5-10 range, his rookie contract means he will already be costing $4-5M/year. So, even if Nelson is as good as the established FA (no guarantee), at most the Colts would only be saving $4-5M/year. That's not chump change...but it's not huge surplus value either. And you have to consider the risk that he won't be as least not right away. On the flip side, there are very few great premium position players (top tier OLBs, DEs and OTs...elite secondary players and WRs) that make it to FA. Even IF the Colts could sign a top player at one of those positions, it would likely cost ~$13-16M+/year. But if they drafted one in that 5-10 range, it would cost $4-5M/year...which means the Colts could save $9-11M+/year in cap space. Now that's surplus value that could be put to good use (maybe even pay for that OG FA?). But like I said, those top premium position players are seldom available in's typically the next tier that makes it. And the cost of these next tier players is inflated by supply and demand. So now the Colts are overspending on a merely decent player, which doesn't really help much (see Sheard). And because it's the next tier of position players, there's actually a decent chance that a top 5-10 pick could actually be better than that next tier player. So not only could the Colts have saved more cap space, but they could also have a better player. For example, let's look at NO last season. They had well-documented needs on the OL...and let's say they loved Forrest Lamp (who was last year's Nelson). But they also needed secondary help. Would they rather have signed a next tier CB like Logan Ryan and drafted Lamp....OR signed one of the top OGs available like Larry Warford and had their pick of a top premium position player in the draft? Well they signed Warford, who has been great, and was able to draft Lattimore, who was a DROY candidate until he got hurt. And the combined surplus value he will provide will be huge going forward. Not to mention they got better players at both positions. It's not an either/or...I am just illustrating positional value and availability. And when it comes to having a top 10 pick, OG shouldn't be on the table.
  8. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    Sonova...I didn't think of that. What if they both have the same strategy? That's going to be really awkward meeting. They will both be convincing each other it's not Pagano's fault...and Pagano will think thy are patronizing him.
  9. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    I figured italics was an acceptable font style for sarcasm on this site.
  10. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    While I agree regarding the turf, wasn't Simon's injury his shoulder? Between him, Luck and Desir, maybe they should get new pads while they are at it.
  11. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    So many guys going on IR. It's all just a ploy to give Chuck the ammo he needs to have Irsay/Ballard give him a pass for this disastrous season. Luck being out wasn't going to cut it, so Chuck is upping the ante...with Swoope, Desir and now Simon all being put on IR. I fully expect to see Ryan Kelly join them next...and Tolzien to be starting games by Week 15 at the latest.
  12. How many of our recent free agents will be back?

    Why would they do this? That would be very it would signal to me that they aren't trying to win.
  13. Eric Swoope to stay on IR

    Agree. He has one more year of they will give him a shot. The TE depth chart on this team is very weak right now. Swoope has shown that he has potential and could be a big weapon.
  14. I just have a feeling that once we get to the DEN game, Tolzien will be starting again. If that happens, I don't think they will win another game.
  15. Joe Philbin

    What evidence do we have that he is actually a good OL coach? Going back to 2009, below is how his teams ranked across a few stats. Philbin wasn't the OL coach specifically for all of these teams, but given his background as an OL coach, I think it's fair to look at them because his finger prints are all over the OL in some form or fashion (his scheme, his coaches, etc.). 2009 (GB): 8 (QB hits allowed), 1 (sacks allowed), 11 (yards/carry) 2010 (GB): 23 (QB hits allowed), 11 (sacks allowed), 27 (yards/carry) 2011 (GB): 18 (QB hits allowed), 11 (sacks allowed), 27 (yards/carry) This was during his time with Aaron Rodgers as QB...a very mobile QB with tremendous pocket presence. Yet they were still mediocre in pass protection. And despite having arguably the best to ever play QB, they couldn't run the ball. Philbin was the OC during this time, but it was his scheme...and he had previously worked with their OL coach for years. 2012 (MIA): 24 (QB hits allowed), 14 (sacks allowed), 20 (yards/carry) 2013 (MIA): 7 (QB hits allowed), 1 (sacks allowed), 20 (yards/carry) 2014 (MIA): 5 (QB hits allowed), 10 (sacks allowed), 2 (yards/carry) 2015 (MIA): 5 (QB hits allowed), 8 (sacks allowed), 10 (yards/carry) Philbin was then hired by MIA to be their he actually hired the OL coaches to install his blocking schemes. He had two OL coaches during his MIA tenure...Jim Turner and John Benton. Turner was fired after the "Bullygate" scandal involving the OL (which all happened under Philbin's watch)...and is now back at A&M as the OL. Benton is now the 49ers OL coach...the only team with more QB hits than the Colts this season. Not exactly a great coaching tree there. 2016 (IND): 2 (QB hits allowed), 5 (sacks allowed), 20 (yards/carry) 2017 (IND): 2 (QB hits allowed), 1 (sacks allowed), 28 (yards/carry) We all know the story here...but since Philbin showed up in Indy, the OL has been nothing short of atrocious. They are in a three-way tie with SF and CLE for the most criminal pass protection over the past two seasons, but those teams actually have top-tier run games, while the Colts have been a bottom-tier team. So I think it's fair to argue that the Colts have the worst OL in the NFL since the start of the 2016 season (when Philbin got here). I have yet to see any indication that it's going to improve. I just don't know what proof there he is actually a good coach...especially on the OL. In GB, he had a very talented offensive team, including a HOF QB and several good-great OL players (Chad Clifton, Scott Wells, Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang, Bryan Bulaga)...and the OL results were still mixed. I would like to think he had a hand in helping at least coach up some of those individuals, but we have yet to see any of that on the it's hard to say for sure. In MIA, he yet again had some decent talent on the OL (Mike Pouncey, Branden Albert, Richie Incognito)...and again the OL wasn't very good. And then you have IND...where he doesn't have talent and the results are terrible. Much like Chud, I have no doubt Philbin is respected in some (or more) NFL circles. But at the end of the day, the Colts need to get this guy out of here.