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  1. Did I quote anybody?
  2. It's a one-year deal designed to rebuild/increase a player's they can secure a long-term deal.
  3. I typically don't care about the contract...unless the player is a bad player. I care much more about value. And most of the contracts during the Grigs era were bad values...because the players weren't good. I agree that people overrate contract structure. Top tier players rarely sign low-risk, cap-friendly deals. I am a huge fan of pillow contracts...and I think part of Grigs' failure was that he didn't utilize them enough. So I am very happy to see Ballard do this. But it's not like Ballard is some pioneer in his use of them.
  4. Agree...which is why I voted "Other" as "Pass Rusher" wasn't specific enough. A true three-down dominant, versatile player on the DL is the most important (and valuable) position after QB. He can excel at rushing the passer AND stopping the run. They also happen to be the highest-paid players (on average) after getting one on a cheap rookie deal is tremendous value.
  5. I have always considered "Greatest" and "Best" to be two different (but similar) things. "Greatest" encompasses the career...personal/team achievements, win-loss records, stats, etc. Manning is certainly in this conversation. Brady has the best regular season record, playoff record (of QBs with 10+ playoff games) and the most Super Bowl starts and wins (though the last two were highly controversial). But since a good part of this is tainted by's not as open and shut as it would seem. "Best" encompasses ability and talent. Manning belongs in this conversation as well...but the title belongs to Aaron Rodgers. He has the best arm I have seen...effortless and incredibly accurate..and can throw on the run better than I have ever seen. It sounds cliche...but he can actually can make every throw. He also has great pocket presence and above average mobility (in and outside of the pocket). Rodgers is the best QB to ever play the game (to date)...and I can only imagine what a better QB would look like.
  6. I don't know...I guess I will take the lockdown CB who is 6'1 210 with elite athleticism (at least in some areas). People love the Quincy Wilson pick...partly because he is almost the exact same size as Ramsey (prototype CB). If Wilson ever becomes as good as Ramsey was in his rookie season...Ballard nailed that pick. Sorry for the snark...I just think Ramsey is a very talented DB. I think he will be a Pro Bowl CB...and would be an All-Pro S.
  7. I didn't really know a lot about Dodds or Hogan. So for anyone's some information I found: Sounds like Dodds was an area scout in the midsouth (~7 years) and then a national scout for the middle part of the country (~1 year). He then worked his way up to an executive position that covered some aspects of pro personnel and college scouting (~2 years). He played a big role in drafting Frank Clark. Sounds like Hogan was a college scout in the northeast, mid-Atlantic and southeast regions (~9 years). He was a huge proponent of bringing Cutler to the Bears, given his ties to Vanderbilt. He then worked his way up to national scout for the Western half of the country (~3 years). He was let go from that position when Ryan Pace became GM and was hired by the NYJ to be their Director of College Scouting. As for their track records, both guys seem to have hits and misses from their respective scouting areas at the timeā€¦as you would expect. I think they are both good hires, but really, it won't matter until we see them in action for the Colts Interestingly, both Ballard and Dodds were part of teams that drafted players who were arrested for domestic violence.
  8. In Grigs' defense (I can't believe I am typing that), it's not like other GMs were lining up to let this guy in the draft room. And, given the circumstances at the time, he might had thought he didn't have the margin of error to try something new and radical that could possibly fail...even despite the recent contract extension. Who knows. Ballard, on the other hand, would have that luxury. If Decker doesn't work out, Ballard can just move on. So while I applaud Ballard for wanting to try something new...I can also see Grigs' viewpoint (if he was actually the GM mentioned in the story). I do believe that Grigs hindered in Pagano is many ways...and that could have been one example. But I also believe that Pagano has had significant influence on the roster over the recent years.
  9. Won't he have two more years on his deal after this season? I think he will get at least one more of those...and wouldn't be surprised if he makes it through the deal. I know people want to see Pagano fired (me included). But Ballard, who has shown little hesitation to overturn several pieces of the organization...including the roster and scouting...hasn't touched the coaching staff. If he wanted to get rid of Pagano, I think he would have done it. So either he likes Pagano and his coaches...or Irsay is tying his hands. Both point to a plan to have Pagano stick around. Now things can change and certain guys could become available. But I don't see Ballard firing Pagano to hire someone like Toub.
  10. No...not even close.
  11. I would have been very happy with Hodges. Njoku also struggles with drops at times...and he was a 1st round pick. Hodges does need some coaching on pass catching. But he has bigger hands than Njoku and I think the upside is there to be a very good at catching the ball. Even though it was a risk, it only cost a 5th round pick to find out. Well worth it IMO. Instead, the poor guy ended up in MIN...without a very good QB and behind Rudolph on the depth chart.
  12. If healthy, he should absolutely end up with at least 500-600 yards receiving. Last season, he had 297 yds on 22 targets (15 catches). If you gave him just half of Allen's targets from last season (~26) in addition to the 22 he had...he would have 600+ yards. But, ideally, he should get ~80% of those targets from last season (~42)...which would put him at ~64 targets. He probably won't maintain that ridiculous 19.8 yds/catch, but with his RAC ability he should still get 15 yds/catch. If he catches 70% of those targets (~45 catches)...that's 675 yds. If Swoope plays like he did last season, he could be competing with Doyle for TE1 targets by mid-season. Sky's the limit.
  13. The good news is that it's going to be a better class than this it should push some good prospects down. I don't think people should sleep on Lamar Jackson. If he can add the weight...he has all of the tools to be a good QB. As someone who attends most Louisville home games, I will be interested to see what changes (if any) he makes this upcoming season while he is being scouted.
  14. I would happily take SEA Jimmy Graham. That's a borderline 1,000 yard TE.

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