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  1. Mack at 100%

    Interesting. I was mostly just looking for an excuse to watch that clip. Nice to know the story though. Thought Brown might've slid his protection to the incorrect side, away from the LT's one-on-one.
  2. Mack at 100%

    Addai and Rhodes were pretty good, were they not? Donald Brown, on the other hand . . . NSFW:
  3. Had the pleasure of watching Nelson closely all year. Leader Extremely intelligent Loves football Was coached by Harry Hiestand ND o-line won the Joe Moore award Nasty, physical, mauler Would make the Colts' o-line instantly better
  4. Holder's in New England trying to get info on McDaniels

    That's dedication. Holder is a good guy. Very even-keeled.
  5. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    Can you play QB? With that terrible attempt at humor out of the way, thanks for taking the time to share that info. Pretty impressive that you were able to tough it out through all of those rehabs. One is hard enough. But 3? Well done man. Tore my labrum (partial) my FR year playing college baseball. It's not fun to throw after that.
  6. Pretty good at Temple . . . I agree . . . but that's a bit of an understatement. Temple football was a dumpster fire and Rhule made it something. I also admire the fact that Rhule was not intimidated by how daunting the Baylor situation was. The guy must have a lot of quiet confidence in his abilities. During the Alabama-Clemson national championship game a few years ago, one of the ESPN channels had a broadcast where current CFB coaches watched the game live and provided commentary. Rhule absolutely stole the show. He was very intelligent, well-spoken, and seemed genuinely passionate about football. The more I learn about Rhule, the more I am intrigued by the possibility of his hire.
  7. Matt Nagy to interview with Colts on Sunday

    So the Chiefs have been to the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years (the one year they missed out they still went 9-7) with Alex Smith at QB. Only other AFC teams with consistently like that? Pats and Steelers. They have these dudes named Brady and Roethlisberger. Whoever they are.
  8. Beginning of the end for New England [Merge]

    Started a new thread because the article was finally published early this AM. Absolutely fascinating read. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/hotread180105/beginning-end-new-england-patriots-robert-kraft-tom-brady-bill-belichick-internal-power-struggle
  9. The Mack stiff arm on Clowney

    I don’t believe there exists “targeting” in the NFL. Just various personal fouls for unecessary roughness, roughing the passer, hit on a defenseless receiver, etc. The collegiate targeting rule is a farce though. So I’m with ya there.
  10. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    Good questions/thoughts on your part. You tend to lose a little weight after a surgery. Luck basically had to shut down his upper body lifting for a while. That said, I haven’t personally experienced something as drastic as we’ve seen in these photos* (* = under normal conditions with no post-operative problems).
  11. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    No way. It has nothing to do with his shirt. You’re alone on that theory now, I’m afraid. He looked gaunt this summer. You could see his collarbone easily. Traps had receded, for lack of a better word. Face was much thinner too. Drastic weight loss everywhere.
  12. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    And how about now?
  13. Tom Cable...

  14. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    Fantastic post and completely agree re: the diagnostic scope. It would be the most straightforward way to assess the best plan of action going forward. It seems like Luck is surgery-averse, which is understandable.
  15. Andrew Luck to Address Media after Friday Practice

    Correct, no one has confirmed that Andrew's biceps is 100% a problem that requires surgery. However, it is undisputed that labrum repairs in athletes such as QBs or pitchers oftentimes require tenodesis: the repair of long head of the biceps/superior labrum. The shoulder is a complicated joint, and when you play with a chronic labrum tear, as Luck did for several years, the mechanics of the shoulder change over time. Due to the physiological changes (changes that can cause serious post-operative pain), sometimes tenodesis is required. That procedure consists of cutting the biceps tendon from its insertion into the shoulder and reattaching it to the proximal shoulder in a new location. Hope that helps.