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  1. PeterBowman

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    regarding Emtman....I'll always remember his game sealing pick 6 against Marino.
  2. Chuck's a good guy and it's easy to see why the players loved playing for him. And they did play hard for him. He just wasn't the best x's and o's guy and eventually was his undoing with the team. Though a coach lasting 6 years with a team doesn't happen much anymore.
  3. Freeney going out killed the team....he was absolutely destroying them that first half.
  4. PeterBowman

    Roster Moves

    Great season over.
  5. PeterBowman

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    well that picture he looks like post-serum Captain America...last year around this time he looked like pre-serum Steve Rogers.
  6. Hell this could be the best o line the TEAM has had in ages.
  7. PeterBowman

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    Not saying the team wouldn't still be in this position, but I think that's what hurt the Grigson era the most. Winning too much too soon. They never had a chance to do a proper rebuild.
  8. PeterBowman

    Quenton Nelson Press Conference

    Had to fly to Oklahoma City a few times for work and they'd always go to Dallas first then up to OKC......this is exactly what it was like on those flights lol
  9. this is after Schefter reported this could very well be the case too. Things could get VERY interesting if this happens, based on the rumors of the Giants taking Darnold if he's there.
  10. That's the second major football reporter saying that Mayfield is going at #1 after Schefter. Things could get very interesting if that's the case.
  11. at 6: Chubb if he's there or Roquan Smith---honestly he's a perfect fit for the D they're wanting to run. Trade down: maybe Edmunds if he's there at 11 or 12 or Derwin James---love Geathers, but he's not been reliable injury wise and James is a faster/ better version of him.
  12. If Mayfield goes 1st then I think there's a very good chance the Colts will land Chubb.
  13. PeterBowman

    Dwight Freeney Retirement Press Conference

    Jonathan Ogden is still having nightmares of being abused by Freeney. And he's a hall of famer.
  14. one thing to consider based on what Ballard has said...they're cool with the 6th spot. Only open to trading back if they're offered something incredible.
  15. and it's an understatement to say Wagner's "pretty" good.