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  1. He's still bitter because he was told by Dungy that the Colts would draft him in the first but Polian overruled and drafted Addai instead.
  2. the time between the draft and the start of training camp is the worst part of the year. So little meaningful football news.
  3. now most likely this is all draft day smoke blowing, but you never know. And if they go OL in this area, I'd be happy with him.
  4. this is why (in these instances IF the allegations are proven to be false and frivolous) that false reporting of a rape should carry a penalty equal to that of an actual rape. They can totally destroy someone.
  5. gotta give Grigson credit that was a great draft potentially and his best draft since the first one. Unfortunately for him, it was the 3 years in between that killed if for him (among other things)
  6. trade down and get Davis or Harris....or take them at 15 still
  7. I'm thinking either Jarrad Davis, Charles Harris or Forrestt Lamp.
  8. no, his crappy play cost him millions
  9. guess you can say that the drug testing at the combine is an * test. You know you're getting tested, so there's NO reason it should be failed.
  10. with his talent I bet 2nd round at worst.
  11. it opens the door to a lot of things.....honestly I have NO idea what direction they'll go in. though that's part of the excitement too.
  12. based on the story it sounds like a result of him being sick and the test was "diluted". We'll see how that turns out.
  13. Bet they still draft Foster or Reddick if they're available.

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