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  1. he was actually a pretty solid player before breaking his leg. Too bad.
  2. hmmmmm help with the D or possibly set up the O to have a potential Dallas quality O Line with a stud at a draft as deep with D players as this, I'd have no problem with it. Ballard even said if all things are equal he'd most likely go with the trenches.
  3. that draft class set back a lot of teams.
  4. there's really no way to tell if Ballard's plan will pay off until the players take the field. Though I do see what he's doing now and I like the idea of making the players work for it.
  5. nice little depth I'd like to see an update on Aiken.
  6. top 10? hell they've pretty much set up residence in the top 5
  7. We shall see....What I do know is that based on where they pick and how DEP the draft is, the Colts will get a very good player at 15 to start. But I'd be all for Reddick for sure.
  8. makes you wonder if they can sign Hankins now.
  9. Seattle still owns his rights
  10. too late but it's looking like Hankins has priced himself out of many states.
  11. not too familiar with him.
  12. now we just need to see what's up with Minter, Brown and Hankins. I know Jenkins is visiting today, but he'd be more of a depth signing.
  13. Per Rotoworld... Seahawks are open to trading Richard Sherman
  14. was just about to say this

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