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  1. guess you can say that the drug testing at the combine is an * test. You know you're getting tested, so there's NO reason it should be failed.
  2. with his talent I bet 2nd round at worst.
  3. it opens the door to a lot of things.....honestly I have NO idea what direction they'll go in. though that's part of the excitement too.
  4. based on the story it sounds like a result of him being sick and the test was "diluted". We'll see how that turns out.
  5. Bet they still draft Foster or Reddick if they're available.
  6. same here and his production wasn't just about speed it was bend, technique, counter moves, and relentlessness. You can't teach motor.
  7. you know he's not a BAD coach per se, he's just not great coach. But he's also somewhat inexperienced compared to the others listed above him. Not saying he'll ever be on their level, but there's much worse out there.
  8. I hate the Pats with a passion, but you know what, I kinda like Gronk. The family watches Crashletes on Nickelodeon and he's pretty funny on it.
  9. I would absolutely take him if he's the highest rated player on the board. You can't go wrong with loading up talent on the trenches.
  10. I'll go with a pick that was kinda panned by the fans when initially done.......Jack Mewhort.
  11. and actually having Parry in the rotation for passing downs isn't a bad idea....he does get solid push there. There was just no depth so he had to play more than he should have.
  12. sure it's one man's opinion but it's a good read.
  13. and a good amount of the fans won't remember after Thursday
  14. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing this being reported anywhere else.
  15. What if he's there and noone will trade with the Colts? Though I'll admit if they go offense at 15 I'd rather have Forrest Lamp.

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