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  1. Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    if he ends up being 4th string, that means you have a good group of receivers.
  2. Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    from what I've read...sounds like he wanted the 1 yr prove it deal.
  3. makes for a good conversation piece, but glad he's not the GM.
  4. Pierre Desir is back

  5. Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge) This is a nice little write up as to what Ebron could bring to the Colts O this year.
  6. Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    it's a mostly incentive based contract...the only way he sniffs that $7.5 mil per year is if he balls out. Which is good for him AND the team.
  7. Belechik and Chubb

    and he also said, "We're picking at 31 so we have no chance to see you....good luck"
  8. Davenport has the potential to be a better pass rusher, but Chubb is the better overall player.
  9. looks like his $9.6 mil deal is fully guaranteed too.
  10. Ballard explains free agency strategy.

    That and this is a deep guard draft as well.
  11. LB Korey Toomer visiting Colts today

    Could be a solid get.
  12. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Ballard sticking to his guns.....could he have been a good addition? Possibly.....but not for highest paid center in the league money.
  14. Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    and the plot thickens