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    I have been a long time member of the Colt's forum & a BIG Colt's fan-- but lost all my post counts when it was updated. I read it everyday but rarely post my comments. Love to read everyone's comments. Go Colts!!
  1. I would be totally thrilled if the Colts got Mike Gesicki of Penn State !!!
  2. Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    RIP Edwin, you will be missed here in Indy!
  3. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    So what if the dude knows someone? Just saying, anyone can make up anything and pass it on like they know something. I mean if it's true, that's too bad, but it's just hearsay.
  4. Name your Dark Horse HC for Colts in 2018

    I want a Mike Ditka kind of coach that can be just like the guys! ha Be a Grabowski!
  5. Ross Travis

    Yes excited about him playing, that is, if they put him out there again! Looks like JB had a connection with him a couple times then there he goes and sits on the sidelines. I'm a fan of Travis!
  6. Celebrations

    I'm hoping they get some better celebrations going on! Of course, not the little crap.
  7. Did Mack Fumble?

    My bad, yes it was a shuffle pass or pitch! He did drop it and didn't recover.
  8. Did Mack Fumble?

    It was on a kick-off return and he dropped the ball and tried to scoop it up too slow and the Titans players jumped on it faster. Bad mistake by Mack.
  9. Who is going to help QB besides Jacoby?
  10. Colts Working Out Multiple QB's Per Report

    Well let's hope they sign a QB that is taller than some of these they tried least 6'3 or so...
  11. It's going to be a long, long season. If I were Luck, I wouldn't want to go out and get sacked 10 times.
  12. Andreas Knappe tryout coming up ;)

    Sign him like right now!!! If anything, it will be nice to look at him! (for us ladies)