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  1. 1 minute ago, DougDew said:

    Additionally, we haven't gotten a lot of impact from our last 4 first round draft picks, in part, because of the positions they play.  When you have a franchise QB talent....not the guy you get at pick 20, but the guy who's worthy of number one... you don't have to be especially concerned about positional value.  The entire roster can be seen as a supporting cast to the QB.


    When you don't have a franchise QB...who knows if we will ever get one again...you have to be more concerned about getting impactful talent dispersed throughout various positions.

    I disagree with that Nelson has made a huge impact as has Kelly.  I agree with you they don’t play sexy positions but they have made big impacts.

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  2. Just now, rockywoj said:

    Curious, not a word about the new kicker?


    If it had been Vinny that missed that last FG, right now I am pretty sure there’d be a very popular “replace Vinny, he lost us another game” thread.



    Because he hit five other kicks and oh yeah the defense gave up 38 points despite winning the turnover battle 4 to 1.  Youd have to blind to blame the kicker for this one Chase or Adam.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Ratking said:

    I got a feeling Frank has nothing to do with the offense. By your logic sean mcvay is also a bad/conservative coach? 

    When did I say Frank was a bad coach?  He isn’t perfect though and his play calling the last three games and refusing to adjust from things that aren’t working are a problem.  He needs to adjust.  He has the ability the question is will he.


    Also he’s the head coach.  He doesn’t just get to take credit or blame foe the offense.  He’s accountable for the defense and if you don’t think he’s involved in game planning for defense you have another thing coming.

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  4. 1 minute ago, HectorRoberts said:

    It’s odd. Chase missed that field goal that would have given us a tied game but no one is calling for his head? If vinny had missed that kick we would be blaming this whole loss on him. No Way Reaction GIF by Absolutely Ascot

    This season Vinny would have probably missed one of the other five kicks Chase hit.  With that said, the Colts still had the lead after that miss.  The defense let them down.  That’s not really debatable today.

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  5. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    "if you takeway the two passes for 96 yards", why would anyone even post something like that. That is like saying if Hines spun out of tackle and scored a TD instead of fumbling we would've won. If Michael Jordan misses the game winning shot against the Jazz, Jazz win the championship. One can't play the take away game. JB made those plays and threw for 251 Yards, he also had another 55 yard net gain on an interference call on a well thrown ball. I get it though, we lost and most people in here thinks he isn't the answer anyway so it is what it is. 


    I just wish we would put Kelly in now, tired of reading the JB stuff on here. Even when the dude plays good he gets bashed. 

    Because the point I was making is that he had two very good plays.  They are out-liars when you look at his overall performance today.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    Leonard has really progressed the last 4 games and I must say he is up there as is  Kenny Moore. However what other young talent on the D or O is inspiring confidence in u moving forward?

    I like Willis and both Walker and Okereke.  I don’t know if either will becomes a stud but I think they are the kinda guys you need on teams when you can’t have superstars every where.  Rock is getting better.  Turay was really coming along before he got hurt.  


    The two guys ive been the most disappointed in are Hooker and Desir.  Maybe it’s just injuries for Desir and maybe Hooker is better than I give him credit for but to this point I think he’s been a disappointment.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Defense has given up double digit leads in the last three games. Good defenses don’t do that.


    What makes me mad is how conservative Reich gets in the fourth. Keep doing what was working. This has been going on all season.

    Now that I agree with.  The Colts offense comes down to first down. If it works he gets creative and aggressive.  If it fails second down is a run, and teams have figured it out so they stuff it and then third down is a screen and teams are figuring that out and are stopping it.  

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  8. 33 minutes ago, IinD said:

    People loved it at the time. But as per usual you suck if you're not great right off the bat.

    Well to this point he has sucked, there is no other way to say it.  Now does that mean he is a bust?  Too early to tell but he has been a huge disappointment this far.  It doesn’t mean he should be written off yet.  Like I said in another thread I’d give him an incomplete due to all the injuries if I was grading him.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    That fumble probably did cost us the game.

    No it didn’t because they got the ball back right away and got very conservative after that missed the field goal and STILL had the lead until the Bucs picked the defense apart to score and take the lead.  Add in they still had a chance to drive and at least get into game tying field goal range and failed to do so.  There were several things after the fumble that cost the game.  There is also the fact that they should have never been in position for the fumble to matter in the first place but where because the coaches stuck with a defense that was getting torn apart.  Saying the fumble alone cost them game is as ridiculous as saying Jacoby alone cost them the game.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    This is what I mean by winning is all that matters. I am not buying the JB criticism this week. He threw a TD pass and a 2 point conversion to put us up 35-21. He also had a pass of 46 for a TD, a pass of 50 for a long 1st down, and another pass that was actually on the money where interference was called which was a gain of 55 yards. He threw no INT's once again too. If your defense can't hold a 35-21 lead late in the 3rd that on the defense. Hines also had a crucial fumble as well.

    While he should not be blamed for the loss and was not their biggest problem it’s hard to say Jacoby played well.  He was just 19 of 36 throwing the ball, got worse as the game went along, and if you takeway the two passes for 96 yards threw for just 155 yards and one TD on the leagues 31st ranked passing defense.  Sorry that’s bad.  Again, he’s not why they lost and saying he is would be wrong.  However, if we are going to independently review Brissett he wasn’t good either.

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  11. 14 minutes ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    Why.  Name me an elite player on that D?  The secondary is very young.  The D tackles r old and cannot get any pressure. This D's lack of performance is more on BALLARD. For some reason this forum acts like he is the second coming.

    Leonard and while not elite anymore Houston has provided the spark at pass rush that was so badly needed and Moore is as good of a nickel corner you will find in the league and has at times this year looked like a star in the making.


    Still the problem today was not the lack of playmakers (they got four turnovers) it was the blitz heavy soft zone scheme they stuck with even though it was getting shredded.  That’s on the coaches.  Now do you fire the coaches over one bad game?  Of course not that would be ridiculous.  However, these coaches are showing across the board to be very stubborn and sticking with what they want to do regardless of what’s going on on the field.  That will lead to them getting fired at some point if they don’t learn to adjust.  The Colts have handed the defense double digit leads in the second half of three straight games I believe and lost them all.  Something isn’t working in the coaching because the Colts can’t finish anyone.

  12. 10 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Let’s go ahead and blame Jacoby when this is the third straight week the defense hasn’t been able to hold a lead.

    But yet we still put up 20 points in one half on offense. He had a frickin 14  pt lead with just over 4 minutes.

    That post didn’t blame Jacoby, they very clearly explained while Jacoby wasn’t good today out side of a couple of throws the defense was bad too,  their entire point was not just one person or thing can be blamed.  Saying Jacoby wasn’t good when he wasn’t is not the samething as saying he’s solely to blame for the loss.

  13. I’ve yet to see anyone really blaming Jacoby for the loss like the OP said.  I think they invented a narrative that’s not there today.  What people have done is say hey Jacoby didn’t play great but there were bigger issues today.  That’s not the same as saying the Colts lost because of him.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, stitches said:

    I loved Campbell. I thought he could be special. I thought we got a steal in him. Now... I'm not closing the door to him being a good receiver... he's been injured and he's a rookie in an offense without consistent passing game so hopefully he has better year next year, but the early signs are not great. 

    Yeah I feel Campbell has been an incomplete if you were to grade him this year.  He’s been hurt too much to really grade him fairly.

  15. 5 minutes ago, stitches said:

    Here's another disappointment for me not only this game but this whole season - our absolute and utter inability to involve Campbell in the offense. This is the last time I get fooled by a gadget guy from college. If you take ~100% of your snaps on gadget plays or slot plays, there probably is a reason for it. Namely - you cannot win regular WR reps, which he seems to not be able to do now in the league too. It's so frustrating watching Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, Micole Hardman, DK Metcalf, Hollywood Brown, etc all produce for their teams and we have undrafted guys and people off the streets play better than our second round pick. 



    I really wanted them to take AJ Brown over Rock in the draft.  With that said Rock looks to be developing but man so far Campbell has given them nothing.

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