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  1. 3 minutes ago, Samu-Rye said:

    Why is everyone so sure that Arizona is not willing to trade back for more picks? Not much difference between 33 and 34. Not trying to poo-poo on everyones theories, but the teams know Ballard will wheel and deal. So if I were set on a certain guy, I would call Arizona first. And I believe Arizona would not be against having more picks. So if a team is going to give up big picks to move up, I would bet they go to Arizona.

    Probably more than one team willing to trade up.

  2. What I am seeing is that Ballard is sticking to his long term plan and not falling into the trap of getting a head of schedule and start swinging for Super Bowls before you have a proper foundation in place.  


    The Colts might take a step back this year for years of future sustained success.  


    Thats what Ballard is building for IMO, setting this team up for long term success and he knows the best way to do that is with draft picks and then using your money to re-sign guys you drafted and only using free agency to get a guy here or there.  


    He also knows the more picks you have the better chance you have to get more special guys because you aren’t going to hit on every pick.  


    Hes sticking to his plan and it might not be popular but if you look around the league it’s what most teams who have sustained success do.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    If that happens this place will explode because we won’t get a player until 46.

    I can live with that the last time the Colts did something like this the first guy they drafted was Bob Sanders.  That worked out ok.

  4. I think Ballard will listen to all options there.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see him trade back again with the Broncos or someone else.


    mike chappell was on twitter saying this could be like 2004 when the Colts traded back twice before getting Bob Sanders.

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  5. 11 minutes ago, DerekDiggler said:

    I can see the Bengirls wanting to move up to get a QB.  So that is the trade I think would happen.   We could get their  42 pick and 72 pick and possibly more. Because the Raiders are a team that could be looking at QB at the 35 pick.   Drew Lock is still there.


    Never know 

    Or the Dolphins.  Teams that need a QB are down to trying to get Lock or trade for Rosen IMO if you want a starter.

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  6. Just now, NorthernBlue said:

    I don't like the Value but I trust Ballard so honestly I'll wait till the team is bad to get mad at him.


    Also I just saw End Game so I'm in a really good movie haha 

    No spoilers!  That’s worse than what people think about this trade.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Peterk2011 said:


    Sure. However, if there was only a few of them available I would only trade back a few spots, not 10+. It's too much if I DO want one of them. 


    But if there was still most of them available, then they must be mostly 2nd rounders. And then, I understand why he traded back.

    Well he took the offer that was there.  The fact that Ballard had the 34th pick in his back pocket probably played a role in it too,  he knows he can still get one of those guys at 34 in all likely hood.  If he didn’t have the 34th pick maybe he doesn’t make the trade.  

  8. 5 minutes ago, Peterk2011 said:


    I think he would've picked someone at 26 if there were anyone of his 8 available. He didn't, so I believe all were gone. 


    This year's draft class was very thin at the top. Last year there were more than 40 (according to some analysts, almost 50) players with first round grade. This year there were cca. 20 of them. On the other hand, there's a tons of players with 2nd to 4th round grades. In other words, there's tons of Turays and Lewises available (still available), but only a few Leonards, Smiths, not to mention Nelsons. You don't pay $200 for a luch, if you can get the same luch for $100. Ballard traded back and will pay $100 for that lunch, that's it.


    (I also see why he elected to take the 2020 pick instead of for example a this year's 3rd rounder. The Colts still have 9 picks, and I think, this year no more than 6, maybe 7 of them will survive the roster cuts, because this years roster is a lot deeper than before. There's depth almost everywhere. There was no point to take a 10th mid rounder pick for 2019.)

    Well Ballard said the opposite in his presser and said some of the 8 are still there.  Could that be a smoke screen?  Sure.  However, he wouldn’t be the first GM to trade back if there were multiple guys still there that he liked knowing he could still get one of them and add an extra pick.

  9. 2 minutes ago, stitches said:

    Too bad they didn't ask him if one is still available NOW... 

    That’s what the first part of that quote is saying.  Some of those guys are still there.  How many?  We will never know.  It could be all 8, it could be just two or anywhere in between.

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  10. 1 minute ago, stitches said:

    I would LOVE them. If you get a future 1st for 34, that's another gold mine. 

    That’s normally the cost for draft picks in the draft.  You have to give up a round higher in the following year for that years pick.  If the Colts do a straight trade.  More likely would be they move back in the second round and an extra pick or two later in the draft or next year.  Still having two seconds this year means they could trade it first next year If they find a partner. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, stitches said:


    Mike Mayock just said that before the Pats made their pick(32) he already had 2 offers for their 35 pick! What's the chance that those same have not called the Colts for 34 too? There WILL be serious interest for this pick. It's possible we get a haul for it too... 

    It’s not impossible that Ballard just straight up trades the 34th pick for a first next year and walks away from with this draft with two seconds and two firsts and two seconds in next years draft.  Then how will people feel about his trades?

    3 minutes ago, TheNextGM said:

    I’m not going to bash Ballard because obviously he knows more about these players than I do.. but man, we could of walked away with Sweat and Brown at 34. 

    I think from the way Ballard was talking Sweat was off their board due to his heart condition.  That’s just my opinion though.

  12. If they take one I hope it’s Brown.  I would have been happy with him at 26.  I think him and the kid from Oklahoma are the best two WRs in this draft.  I also think Brown is a lot like Reggie Wayne and we’ve seen how successful that style of WR is paired with TY.  We also saw how much of a security blanket that type of WR was for Andrew too.

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  13. 1 minute ago, stitches said:

    Yeah... it's even possible one of the 8 he loved at 26 is still there... 

    I don’t think he “loved” any of them or that would have been the guy at 26.  I think he likes 8 guys and he knew when he traded back at 26 that one of the guys he liked would be there at 34 so he let the draft make the decision for him.  That’s what smart GMs do.  If there is still more than one there at 34 i wouldn’t be shocked to see him move back again.  

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  14. 6 minutes ago, LockeDown said:

    Yeah because we all know Ballard is on the hot seat ....oh wait...

    Yeah bring back the guy that signed all the big name free agents and was willing to deal his first round pick for a running back or who can forget drafting that stud end Werner or WR Dorrsett in the first round!  Why on earth did we ever fire him for Ballard in the first place!...(checks the teams records.) ok I am good with the Ballard guy.

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  15. Just now, krunk said:

    We had 3 2nd Rd picks last year and i believe he traded down with one of them to acqure extra mid round picks or pick. Wouldnt be shocked to see him do that again.

    The Colts actually traded back into round two last year and ended up with four 2nd round picks 

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  16. 4 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I thought as much. If Ballard wanted him, he would of got him. Oh well.

    Yeah as he was falling I was thinking I bet he’s off teams boards because of the heart condition.  I think he was off the Colts too.

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  17. Say the Colts come out of this with the following:


    34.  OT - Ford or CB Williams or CB Murphy 


    46. S - Rapp or DE - Winovich or WR - Brown 


    59.  CB - Love or CB - long or WR - Bonkin 


    plus have a second rounder next year?  


    I think most would have signed up for that at 26, 34 and 59 without the trade.  


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  18. 2 minutes ago, krunk said:

    The trade back is solid. I have a feeling we will select an OT with one of those picks in RD 2.

    That’s where I thought Ballard was going earlier this week when he talked about the LT spot.  He seemed to be hinting AC isn’t the long term answer there.

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  19. 1 minute ago, Indyfan4life said:

    Anyone think we take DK now with three 2nd round picks?

    I hope not.  I don’t get the hype around him.  Honestly, if they go WR the guy I hope they get is A.J. Brown.  He reminds me some of Reggie and I think that’s what the Colts need to go with TY.  

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  20. 1 minute ago, Chloe6124 said:

    He won’t trade back down. Second round is the sweet spot.

    He could move down in the second round depending on what his board looks like.  I doubt he will too but I wouldn’t rule it out, especially if a team wants to come up and get a guy like a Lock.  

  21. 1 minute ago, Chloe6124 said:

    People complaining before we even draft anyone. Ballard did not like Tillery or sweat. Give it up.

    Or he did but also liked others still there too, normally if there are multiple guys like about the same you look to move back to let others make the choice for you.  


    Having the 34th pick made it easier to make this deal because if you had multiple guys liked at 26 having a pick 8 picks later means you are still probably going to get a guy you liked and you get to add more players later.  

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